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Lillee Jean Pink Makeup 2022


We invite you to write for us! We publish, original beauty and health-related articles, on topics of interest to our readers. From makeup tips to skincare routines, and, product reviews, we've got it all!


All submissions should be sent in .doc or .docx files. You can include videos or images to supplement the text (check media licensing); please submit video links or .mp4s, and all images as .jpeg or .png. Please include hyperlinks to other sources that might be useful for readers, including, but not limited to, other Lillee Jean, or Lillee Jean Beauty articles. For citation, we prefer MLA Style. We accept other citation systems, especially APA.

Your submission

  • Should be saved as a .doc or .docx file with any images saved in .jpeg or .png format. Please name files according to the article contribution, including media files. WORD, Google DOCS, and PAGES accepted. 

  • Should be 800-1000 words in length;

  • Should be on theme with Lillee Jean Beauty ideals;

  • Should include a brief cover letter introducing your article contribution, and its title;

If you are submitting several articles, videos, or composing a multi-page hyperlinked text, please e-mail Lillee Jean Beauty ( directly, for specific instructions, and intake.


  • Beauty; tips, tricks, and broad beauty-related pieces. Various topics can be covered, from "Favorite Top 10 Products", to general beauty knowledge, such as the ingredients in products and their benefits;

  • Skincare; skincare-related theme. Best new products, best products for dry skin/oily skin, etc;

  • Makeup; from eyeliner tips, too, new makeup looks, this topic is based solely on makeup products;

  • Health; feminine health, green beauty awareness, ingredients in products, etc;

  • Trends; newest trends;

  • Hair; best new colors for a season, top cuts, and more. Beauty product lists, any hair-related topics;

  • Fashion; seasonal outfit arrangements, best shoes, top trends seen on runways;

  • Lifestyle; eating habits, good exercise routines, mental health awareness;

Publishing Agreement

Prior to publication, authors are required to complete our Publishing Agreement. Writers are given a profile, in which their name, and, socials are displayed under their written contribution. Please our see privacy policy here. Please only submit original content, and original ideas. Submissions Go Here.

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