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3 Dewy Skin Mistakes You're Making | Lillee Jean

Dewy Skin On Lillee Jean
Dewy Skin On Lillee Jean

Dewy skin is not for the faint of heart. There are several components that make the coveted DEWY skin look, including skincare, and even MOTIF! See below for my top 3 tips on ACING dewy skin, along with a video reference.

1. IDEA: You're Not Prioritizing Skincare

Skincare is the BACKBONE of dewy skin! Whether you have oily, dry, combo, or a bit of everything skin, you must include SKIN CARE. Not one product, a ROUTINE.

An ample routine of a GLYCERINE included toner (redness essence would be good too), collagen-boosting serum, and deep hydration cream will do the trick! It's important to suit your skincare, to YOUR needs. See below for a glowy skincare routine for dry skin. Always consult with your derm before trying new products!

2. ABILITY: You're Applying TOO Much

Your journey to dewy skin is not just skincare, makeup, and you're set. It very much takes on the ideals of French Girl Beauty, and Kbeauty -- LESS is truly MORE. One mistake is you're applying TOO MUCH product.

Too much concealer = patchy, and will look heavy

Too much foundation = removes the purpose of looking skin-deep

Too much powder = no dew, looks artificial

The key is to apply with gentle pressure, and to go SLOW with oil, or cream-based products!

3. MINDSET: Dewy Skin Is Natural Makeup

This one always gets me! Do you know that meme where "natural makeup" takes up MORE products than regular glam? Some people think that dewy skin is natural makeup. These motifs and mindsets are limiting, and in fact, dewy skin can be a bonus to creative glam looks, and yield a softer touch to traditionally powdered high glam effects.

Free your mind, and allow yourself to meditate down, and immerse into "the beaute".