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3 Easy Updated Red Lipstick Makeup Looks for 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

Symbolizing female empowerment, confidence, and a shade of beauty, red lips always set the mood.

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Laura Chouette © Upsplash

Essentially, the challenge is how to update classic red lipstick to yield chic, as well as modern results in 2022. You'll find three easy red lipstick looks beneath, all very different, that will show you how to rock a scarlet, or, dare I say fire engine pout, below.

#1 Go Tonal - Rose Red Lipstick

Lillee Jean - Romantic Emily in Paris Shimmering Pink Makeup Look 2022
Lillee Jean - Romantic Emily in Paris Shimmering Pink Makeup Look 2022

The trend of going tonal with rose-red tones and shimmering pink eyeshadow makes red lipstick even more fashionable! If you're someone who enjoys making a statement, but, still, wants an element of soft femininity, this will be for you. Softly blend a soft matte liquid lipstick, or, blurred color with a lip brush to yield the desired look.

#2 - Vampy Glow - Berry Red

Lillee Jean Too Faced Lady Bold 2022
Lillee Jean Too Faced Lady Bold 2022

Sometimes your lips should truly do all the talking! Based on European beauty tricks that propose dolling up the eyes, or, lips but not both at the same time, this trend follows a fierce technique. Simply wear a bold pout, and keep your skin clean, and fresh! You can add a hint of a high-shine glow to your cheekbones, or eyelids for a subtle nod to "glam" makeup.

"Pair a decadent bold burgundy, or brick red with glowing skin, and soft fluffy lashes. False eyelashes are not required. Allow your own beauty to be contrasted and shine through" – Lillee Jean

#3 - Graphic Eyeliner + bright red

Lillee Jean’s Easy Red Lip & Graphic Eyeliner Glam
Lillee Jean’s Easy Red Lip & Graphic Eyeliner Glam

Fire engine red lipstick is playful, as well as daring! Have fun with this classic lady bold shade with eyeliner dressed in graphic lines, across your eyelids. With simple techniques seen in Dior's Spring/Summer 2022 runway show, this look is glamourous, while not being too played.

The look is simply effortless.

You can also find pleasure in wearing several clothing pieces with this look as well! See above how a primary color designer coat was contrasted against this fiery hue of lipstick, on Lillee Jean.


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