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4 Winter Beauty Tips To Follow Into Spring 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

March is next month, but, that doesn't mean you should forgo your creamy moisturizers, midnight masking sessions, or powder makeup alternatives you've followed all Winter long.

Winter skincare, as well as makeup, tend to make us care a little bit further, about how we look. When we enter this transition between common Winter chills, and, March morning dew, I tend to continue using products that are balmy and creamy, as well as those that hydrate a bit deeper. Discover 4 Winter beauty tips you should follow into Spring 2022 below.

4 Winter Beauty Tips To Follow Into Spring 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
4 Winter Beauty Tips To Follow Into Spring 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

Tip #1 - Balm, Cream, Oils? KEEP THEM.

In the Winter we tend to use balms, heavy creams, as well as hydrating oils. March still generally, in New York at least, yields chilled weather, and thus, it's best to SLOWLY transition your products out.

Perhaps, instead of a heavy Winter day cream, you can overnight mask at night. Keep that one in. Instead of a heavy oil, or serum, swap that step in for a midnight treatment, and instead, use a light grapeseed oil infusion to hydrate, and plump skin, during the day. In this post, I explain skincare-infused routines.

Tip #2 - Hydration Is Key + Makeup Hydration Mist

4 Winter Beauty Tips To Follow Into Spring 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
4 Winter Beauty Tips To Follow Into Spring 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

One Winter beauty tip we all follow is "hydration is key." That being said, continue using hydrating facial mists to refresh makeup during the day! This will make your skin look fresh-faced, plump, as well as very soft, and, supple. Get look details here.

"I love using Mario Badescu Lavender Spray, and Peach & Lily's Glass Skin Refresh Spray. Both Really leave a pleasent skin look that's hydrated, and pretty!" - Lillee Jean

Tip #3 - Upgrade & Change Your Makeup Based On How Your Skin Looks

I have several concealers, and, foundations depending on how my skin looks. During the Winter, skin can one day look dry, and, the next day, with a rash that needs minimal touch, thus fewer products. One tip to follow into Spring, is "listen to your skin."

If your skin in the early Spring feels hivey, or rashed, use water-based, calming formulas. If your skin in the early Spring feels dry, from lack of hydration, HYDRATE UP.

Tip #4 - Exfoliation

Exfoliation is highly important, NO MATTER the season.

In the above video, with CEO of StackedSkincare, we exfoliated with a dermaplaning tool, which helps promote cell turnover, and, yield brighter, softer skin. Exfoliation is done HEAVILY in the Winter, so remember, Spring should follow suit. Spring exfoliation helps with clogged pores, blemishes, and even dark spots.


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