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Lillee Jean 5 Foundations For Fair Sensitive Skin

       Finding a foundation is hard, right? Especially when it comes to finding one that matches your skin tone! We already have the woes of “is this brand cruelty-free?”, but to this date brands STILL, mess up foundation colors. Either there is not enough darker shades or not enough light shades! Fortunately for you love’s, I compiled a list of fair skinned girl friendly foundation(s), that also happens to be workable for sensitive skin. It sucks when it find a good match and…hours later you’re a huge pimple.

Feeling fabulous with a dotted mo’el and a good foundation match!

         So you Jeaniez know, NONE of the brands mentioned I have an affiliation with, rather I enjoyed and personally used the product! Towards the bottom, I mention two brands with large shade ranges that I have NEVER tried before, but since this is about fair girl friendly shades, give them a look, too. Please feel free to share this list with your family, and friends :)!

When you swatch the shade, it comes out like a fair porcelain color — Cover Fx is one of the only brands that has nailed neutral undertones, in my opinion!

Cover Fx

Pressed Mineral Foundation

$38.00 | 0.4 oz/ 12 g | over 10 fair shades

This line is AMAZING! Simply amazing. Not only do they have three undertone bases (P for pink, G for golden, and N for neutral), but they cater to the fairest of beauties to the darkest of beauties, which I LOVE, because that my friends is diversity. I am the shade N0, which is fair skin with neutral undertones! As an added plus, this brand is cruelty-free.

I have been using this for a week now, and the shade Geisha is AMAZING! I was stuck between that and Avignon, which is for neutral undertones. Geisha is not cool toned — it’s a neutral to yellow foundation, despite descriptions!

HoneyBee Gardens

Pressed Mineral Foundation

$10.00 | 7.5g/0.26 oz. | over 3 fair – light shades

I actually found this brand on Amazon, and was drawn to the natural ingredients base! If you’re super fair, check out “Geisha”, which is a match for me, someone N0 in Cover Fx. Geisha is a light neutral shade, that can be built up, or sheered out! This company is cruelty-free.

This is the shade Alabaster, the lightest!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Stick Foundation

$25.00 | 0.32 oz/ 9.1 g | over 7 fair skin shades

When this product first launched there was a TON of mixed reviews, however to my surprise the formulation actually agreed with my skin, and the shade’s ‘Alabaster’ and ‘Ivory’ both fit my skin tone beautifully! This brand is cruelty-free. See my review of this foundation here: http://thaeyeballqueen.com/reviews-swatches/anastasia-beverly-hills-stick/

This is the shade ‘Fair’, and as you can see it’s AMAZING for us gals with lighter skin tones! This can be built up in coverage, and you can feel happy knowing you’re getting a mini facial every time you apply this thanks to the PHYTO (plant-based) pigments.

Juice Beauty

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation

$44.00 | 1 fl oz. / 30 mL | over 3 light shades

PHYTO relates to plants — Juice Beauty created this serum foundation which goes on smooth and is perfect for those with sensitive skin! I personally fit into the shade ‘Fair’ which is for VERY light skin with neutral undertones. I love how this range even adheres to those with peachy undertones!

Here is Formentera SF1 which is suited for fair skin with neutral undertones! This is easily buildable, and VEGAN.

ILIA Beauty

True Skin Serum Foundation

$54.00 | 1oz/ 30g | over 3 fair – light shades

At first, when I saw this I was confused, as I’d never heard of a serum foundation until I realized this is a product that gives people the best of both worlds! Skincare + coverage. I also like how ILIA is cruelty-free, and this product, in particular, is free of dyes and is VEGAN. They have over 3 fair – light shades, but I think SF1 and SF2 would be your best bet if you’re within the MAC Nc10 – NC20 range.

Other Brands:

Here are some brands that have great shade ranges, but I have not used the given product(s) for either ingredient being poor for my sensitive skin, or just not testing the product out yet. I will say that I also am NOT a fan of full coverage foundations that are liquid or creme, as I like to be as free as possible with my skin. However, if you have an issue with breakouts, I do suggest taking a look at this list!

I cannot use this product due to the ingredients list, however, if you have fair skin, give it a peek!

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (offers several fair shades in neutral, cool, and warmer undertones)

Screenshot of how Jouer organized their shade range! I have yet to try this line out, but I thought it would be worth it to share it with you loves in need of a new foundation, or for those who cannot find a shade match for their fair skin.

Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation (offers VERY alabaster skin tone options)

Now you can feel amazing in style :)! No more “this is too orange” or “this color is too dark”. LET IT GO!

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