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Amazon Swimsuit Shopping: Expectation Vs. Reality

           As Summer is fast approaching, I wanted to find an amazing swimsuit, or maybe two, to wear out once the beaches open. I looked high and low. From Forever 21 to Nordstrom, and even indie brands, all the swimsuits were either WAY too high priced considering how many times I would really wear the swimsuit, or very suggestive with half of someone’s bum sticking out. This left me hopeless at finding a swimsuit until a lightbulb went off! I order from Amazon ALL THE TIME!

           Here is/was my criteria: no thong, not high rise (where you see the hip bones), and of course something cute! This wasn’t difficult as Amazon has TONS of options! I would like to make it a point that the same options I saw on Amazon were on eBay, too. Anyhow, I picked out a striped one piece that featured a wrap like upper piece (very flattering on my body type), and a ruffled red/coral one-piece, since I liked the color! The size charts said I should be a Small, as my waist is a 27′, my hips are 35′ and my bust is 34′! I added all items to my cart and selected Prime second day ship. All seemed good as I waited until Saturday, today, for the packages to arrive.


A swimsuit that fit’s almost like my bodysuits do. Nothing showing my bum cheeks, at-least too much, and nothing riding up so you see some golden treasure. The models in the swimsuits look pretty decent, and all criteria’s seemed to be met!


Bum not showing? Check. No vagina peeking out? Check. Looks the same from the image? Check. Only one problem, THEY BOTH WERE WAY TOO BIG AND look cheap (in my opinion).

Expectation vs. Reality

           Let’s start with suit one! This is called the ‘Soyml Women Ruffle Swimsuit Monokini Tummy-Hide One Piece With Cross Tie Back”, a link to it is here:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077G2W7XT/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (non-affiliate). Now, I wasn’t looking for “tummy-hide” which is disturbing to me that all one-pieces have that in the titles, I was looking for something cute, and more on the modest side. Anyhow, In the review section, several people were barking about how they needed to size up, then some were going on about how they needed to size down. As confusing as that all may seem, this made sense to me as Asian sizing is normally 1/2 up or 1 size up — they make clothes TOO SMALL in comparison to American sizing. However, boy was I wrong. The suit fit’s but it is ruched from extra material not working on my 5′ frame :(. According to the listing, “…excellent elastic and durable soft fabric that comforms to your body ,Few foldded fabric design on the Tummy hide the extra Belly just perfect show the right amount of your curve.” Yeah, it just looked like extra material since I am petite. Also, the typo’s I left in because that is word for word their item description.

You can see from here how much excess material there is. This isn’t flattering. The folded fabric is something I will pass on, especially since the model (see comparison image above) did not have “ruched” swimwear on. On a different note, the color is MUCH more of a red/coral in person, and the suit looks cheap. To further ignite a flame, it doesn’t fit my body right…at all. Curves? Where are you?!

Expectation vs. Reality

This was worse than the other swimsuit. This is the Fantastic Zone “White Black Stripe One-Piece Swimsuit”. Click this link to go directly to the webpage, this is non-affiliate: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BBHNV83/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1. One, holy plastic bag affect #beatoutplastic! The top part fit amazing, as surplice styles make my chest look nice and defined, however going down, in my opinion, it seems like I’m wearing a big bulky diaper! Eeek! The size chart reads as follows:

Size S(US 4-6): Bust: 32″-34″, Waist: 24″-26″, Hips: 34″-36″, Cup: A-B Size M(US 6-8): Bust: 34″-36″, Waist: 26″-28″, Hips: 36″-38″, Cup: B-C Size L(US 8-10): Bust: 36″-38″, Waist: 28″-30″, Hips: 38″-40″, Cup: B-C Size XL(US 10-12): Bust: 38″-40″, Waist: 30″-32″, Hips: 40″-42″, Cup: B-C Size XXL(US 12-14): Bust: 40″-42″, Waist: 32″-34″, Hips: 42″-44″, Cup: B-D

I would be a Small BASED on this, however the small fit like a medium. I generally am a XS to small in swimwear. My cup is a C, but I don’t count this as I have a longer torso, considering my height, and need material, rather cup!

     This is the smallest size…which according to reviews and size charts should have fit, but no my Jeaniez, it does not. There is way too much extra material around my tummy area, which gave me an unflattering shape, and absolutely no definition to my waist! I don’t care HOW CUTE a swimsuit is — if it doesn’t fit, and doesn’t glue to your body, it’s a no from me.

All in All

     Amazon is great! I contacted their Live Chat and I already have a return going in motion, however, it is saddening since I did want adorable swimsuits for the Summer at a good price! C’est la vie. I suppose if you’re anywhere between 4’10” and 5’1″ size according to how you normally buy clothing. IF you don’t see your size there…move along. For example! I have a 27′ waist, but generally, fit in 25-26′ jeans. Also, do be sure to always check reviews, but reference how you normally see yourself in clothing. Everyone said the suits’ were too small, which isn’t a reality for me!

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