• Lillee Jean

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss Swatches and Review

Hey guys!

Yesterday I had just received my Anastasia Beverly Hills order which consisted of 3 full coverage lipgloss! I bought the shades Melon, Barbie Pink, and Vintage. After doing a few swatches and wearing each shade for 2 hours, Vintage has to be my favorite! It matches my natural lip color well and unlike other pinkish browns it truly leans like a natural rose shade! Despite it being a unique color I do find it to be comparable to Kat Von D Cathedral, with the only difference of ABH Vintage being a lighter pink. According to the site these are” ultra-smooth, [have a] weightless formula [that] combines the intensity of a stain with the mirror-like shine of a gloss. ” These defiantly pack a punch in pigment and after I present the swatches you’ll see how creamy these babies are!

The lipgloss comes with a flat sponge-tip applicator. I have found this applicator to provide even coverage and create sharp lines! Unlike other lip glosses this comes with a longer tube top which prevents messes, which I doubt will occur being this is a super creamy and thick formula.

This is in natural lighting. Shades from L to R: Vintage, Barbie Pink, Melon.

This is in warm lighting. Shades from L to R: Vintage, Barbie Pink, Melon.

I took this photo under a warm light so you guys can get an idea of what it looks like under certain lightings! Vintage leans more brown while Melon leans like a true tangerine shade!

This is with flash. Shades from L to R: Vintage, Barbie Pink, Melon


Creamy Formula, High Coverage

Before I give an overall summary of this shade in specific I would like to annunciate my grading on lip glosses! I like to go by the coverage (how opaque), the staying power (how long it maintains color), and application (how easy it is to apply).

Coverage: 8/10

Staying Power: 8/10

Application: 10/10

Overall Melon is a lovely bright coral shade that will change color depending on the lighting. For example, based on my swatches above Melon can look extremely orange in warm lighting and in flash photography completely peaches and cream! I would like to say these lip glosses have very opaque coverage HOWEVER you need to swipe a few times so the color is evenly distributed. I noticed due to its thickness it lasts much longer than most lip glosses! Compared to Mac’s Lipglasses these defiantly are creamier, last longer, and don’t stain…at least Melon doesn’t!

Barbie Pink

Creamy Formula, High Coverage