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Aspen Kay Naturals Soap

Is it possible for a soap to change your life? Before you answer that, let me tell you about Aspen Kay Naturals. Aspen Kay Naturals, much like the brand name suggests, is a NATURAL and ORGANIC soap company run by a woman, and woman owned!


I first discovered Aspen Kay Naturals on Amazon about three months ago. I was in search of a good soap, that would help my hives, and lather up good! Previously I was using Herbivore Organics French Clay, but the cost, and product size just didn’t add up. What struck me about Aspen Kay, first, is the different color soaps and formulations — especially since all the ingredients were 100% NATURAL, or gotten from fair trade. From there, I began using the Calamine soap, and magically my hives soothed down, and I became less itchy on my back, and arms! Although everything mentioned in this blog post is MY OPINION, this indeed a sponsored blog post, with paid product, however I was not paid to do this post, nor paid to share my thoughts! Also all links are NOT affiliate, thus you will be going right to Aspen Kay’s website. Enjoy Jeanie cats xo.

Bar Soaps

Bar soap is a serious thing. Did you know your average bar of soap has either artificial fragrance, or harsh chemicals that strip the skin of natural moisture?  Thing is, many people don’t! For those sensitive like me, research for things of this caliber is needed, but I do look at it in the light of I can teach people. Anyhow, below is some images of the soaps sent to me! I have all 9.


Retail: $8.99 (generally)

Size: 4.5 OZ

Included Products:

Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal 

Aloe Vera & Calendula 

Turmeric Soap 

Lavender & Goats Milk

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey 

Neem & Dead Sea Mud 

Arnica & Mint 

Oatmeal & Aloe (CALAMINE)

Coffee & Oatmeal 

As you can see Aspen Kay gives you an AMAZING amount of product for the price, which I love! It always stymied me why organic is more money, when you can grow it out back, for less money, than spending dough on creating chemicals. Pictured above is the Oatmeal & Aloe CALAMINE bar soap, the Lavender & Goats Milk bar soap, the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey bar soap, the Aloe Vera & Calendula bar soap, and the Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal bar soap.


Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to soap! A whopping 4.5 OZ is an amazing deal for essential oils, that moisturize the skin, and naturally add fragrance to the air. Below pictured the the calamine soap, to demonstrate the thickness. I also put Herbivore’s French Pink Clay soap on top of the Arnica & Mint soap by Aspen Kay Naturals, to again demonstrate size, and how amazing this deal is! Just to let you love’s know, these double as body AND face soaps.

Goal, and Reach

Aspen Kay Naturals aligns with my beliefs. The thought process of cruelty free beauty, being natural, and being organic. What I love most about this brand, however, is their strive to make soap the traditional way — cold processing! This is the method of mixing oils (olive, coconut, palm), with alkali (Sodium Hydroxide; Aspen Kay removes traces), which is called saponification. Here oils change to create a bar of soap! Pretty cool, huh? Will you be checking out Aspen Kay Naturals? Let me know in the comment section below #jeaniez.

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