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Lillee Jean Dark Wonder Woman Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

Lillee Jean Dark Wonder Woman Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016
Lillee Jean Dark Wonder Woman Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

I am pleased to say my miniature breakouts are fading away rapidly, in all honesty I am convinced I had a chemical burn of sorts on top of my brow bone because once I put aloe on top it started bubbling then it scabbed over! With that being said I’m taking it light on the skin care regime, if you happen to have an everyday routine be my guest to complete it, for me however this is what I did- as dumb as this might sound all I did was turn the hot water faucet on and allowed it to gradually get hot, while it was getting hotter and hotter I continuously splashed the water onto my skin UNTILL it became boiling, at that point I stopped and patted my face dry. I then applied a light coat of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face, more so on area’s needing that extra hydration! In the midst of the oil sinking into my pores I took a tweezer and pulled off some of the scabbing, though I do not recommend peeling off dead skin in this manner its a pain in the ass to apply makeup over. Definitely be sure to check in on my March haul blog post, I updated it last night with my new feelings on each skin based product!

When I think of Wonder Woman I think of dewy and flawless skin, it really depends on the view point you want to take this look from. For example, if you prefer her goddess warrior look right after a fight scene perhaps adding a tad of oil to the primer of your choice will be your best bet, on the other hand people like me who prefer the clean cut sexy son of a gun look, Natasha Denona’s Face Glow Hydrating Primer will be for you. To apply this primer since it is presented in a jar container, I like to take my finger and dash tiny amounts of the product on the high points of my face! Economically speaking, it is MUCH better to start with tiny amount across different parts of your face rather a huge lump sum on the tips of your fingers that blends out to too much product, at that point you’re screwed. Anyhoo, once I had the primer placement set I then moved into blending it in with light dragging motions starting from the center of my face out towards my hairline. Be sure to NOT miss the hairline, uneven wear time will occur due to this, plus the fact the products coming after the primer will not be at their full potential! You could either choose to allow your primer too set for a few minutes, or you could be like me and get right into the next step. I always found waiting extra amounts of time to mess up my makeup, however I know for most it is the opposite! Being I wanted my skin very glowy I decided to use my Tarte Water Foundation in Fair Light Neutral. Water foundations are THE BEST for anyone’s skin, this is due to more of a concentrate of minerals-water-skin benefits! With exactly ONE beaker full of product (as much as the beaker will allow you to pick up, about 2/4 full for me) I gently began to stipple on the foundation starting from my left cheek using Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush. I personally like to work in sections rather from the center of the face outwards, does anyone really use that method? I mean in reality all of the face should be coated, foundation is the foundation of any makeup look, duh…you can’t have gaps in the wear. It always makes me cringe when beauty bloggers say “for the most natural look apply the foundation to the center and fade it out to the hairline”, one’s skin is naturally ONE color, not a fading of two (since the outer edges will have less coverage). Besides my miniature rant, I basically kept up with the stippling motions until my face was full coated and glowing! If you need extra coverage work in layers, NEVER a huge amount of product, this is the SAME concept I was explaining with the primer above.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve ONLY used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, almost 2 years in fact. I originally wanted to use my basic N0 to highlight and N100 by Cover Fx to contour until I realized it would dull my skin out contrasted against the black-red tones, make sure you know your products, and if you don’t know there is always room to improve, even for me! Using my Urban Decay Vice 3 brush and the shade Banana I firmly pressed the brushed down onto my skin and drew a line down the side of my nose extending out towards my hairline, this should form an inverted triangle. I then filled the shape in (replicated on the left side) and moved forth in highlighting the bridge of my nose, my forehead, and my jaw line’s! To contour I took Cinnamon and gently drew two lines down the sides of my nose (connected at the tip), singular lines in the hollowing of my cheeks, and one line under my lip followed by single lines on both jaw lines. Keep in mind these are areas I like to brighten and chisel, it is NOT the same of everyone, if you want to have more of a “Wonder Woman” vibe perhaps you could define the cheeks more or shrink the nose to a smaller scale, I wanted to still look like myself so I went along with my basic technique! When it comes to blending I have two major motions, stippling and buffing. One thing you will notice is CIRCULAR motions are NOT in that description, why you might ask? I find circular motions to make the product wear faster and plus it does not create the most flawless appearance! With that being said, using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I followed through with stippling motions and occasional buffing motions for the blending of product out towards my hairline. I continued to blend until everything was fully evened out.

ABH’s contour creams dry VERY fast, no wait time is needed which is a major pro for me because I have a habit of getting cream product onto the powders and ruining the texture! For a natural bronzy effect I took my Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light across the temples of my face, to the hollows of my cheeks, and around to my jaw line using Mac 168 brush. I actually went across the “3” of my face TWICE with two light layers to ensure the most natural blended effect would occur, I stuck to side to side blending motions. Unless you’re using a matte bronzer it is very important you DO NOT apply a bronzer to the sides of your nose containing shimmer, this will widen the nose. To set the cream contour fully and to define my features a bit more I then went into my Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powder in Mirage Filter and with the same Mac 168, I brushed the dark bronze shade across the sides of my nose and in the hollowing of my cheeks with fluent upward side to side blending motions.

The same conundrum happened to me again with the blush- I applied it after illumining my face. I literally got so damn exciting to do the eyeshadow I forgot the blush completely. Though it didn’t create much of an issue towards the end appearance, I like to have my routine in place. Besides this flunk up, the first thing I had done after contouring is applying Nars Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana to the high points of my face. With exactly a DOT sized amount onto the back of my hand I gently brushed on the glowy dew using my Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush to the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, on my cupid’s bow, and on the center of my chin/forehead. To set the liquid glow I took Opal by Becca and heavily brushed it onto the EXACT area’s the liquid touched. As you can see from the main photo above I am VERY glowy, to achieve this I then took Natasha Denona’s Shimmer Powder and brushed it in two light layers across my cheek bones! LASTLY, I took my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and stippled it into the tip of Nars’s Multiple in Portofino, the product was then re-stipplied onto the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline. It is super important the blush you choose compliments the rest of the makeup! For example, if you go forth in using a baby pink blush the same sultry effect WILL NOT occur as with a coral blush, a softer and lighter appearance will take place.

Lillee Jean red lips

YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I WAS TO ROCK CHERRY LIPS!!!! I have not done a red lip look in FOREVER, and being red is my favorite color its quite saddening. To achieve this perfect red pout the first color I applied was Spicy by ABH, this sort of balanced out the heavy blue-red tones American Doll gave off! Then, as you might of guessed I layered on American Doll, everything was finalized with a light coating of Lime Crime’s Candy Apple ;).

Lillee Jean Dark Wonder Woman Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

Lillee Jean Dark Wonder Woman Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

A TON of colors were manipulated with this eye makeup look, you must make sure to blend out everything perfectly while also having strong brows to accent the look well too! With such a dramatic look strong and defined eyebrows should follow, not the inverse where you have noodle brows- not welcomed here THANK YOU. To get my QUICK and simple brow formation I took my Morphe G11 brush and lined the top+bottom of each brow with firm fluent tug motions! I then lightly filled in the outline with upward flick motions, this way it mimicked brow hairs indefinitely. If you’d like, you can use a spoolie to evenly disburse the product across each brow, I find due to the shape of the Morphe brush it on it’s own evens things out! When it comes to primer for this look in specific, make sure you have a black base or cream eyeliner present along with a skin tone shade as well. The skin base I chose was Nyx’s Milk, I smudged it across my lids and brow bone straight from the stick and blended it in. Due to me having foundation on my lids from prior skin steps, the milky white turned into a relatively pale color close to my natural skin coloring! As for a black base, I took Black Bean by Nyx and smudged it ONLY onto my lid area, I gently blended it in while concentrating the color strictly on the lid.

For any extreme black smokey eye you want to make sure you have the basic pallet- black, black, and more black. Basically black. Out of all matte black shades my favorite is Makeup Geek’s Corrupt, though it does have scarce amounts of shimmer the color is pure carbon! Using my Mac 239 brush I gently patted on Corrupt to my entire lid area using very light patting motions, I made sure to work in layers for the time’s I felt more pigment was needed. Right after adding Corrupt to the lid I went into the big guns, Poppy. Poppy is an EXTREMELY vibrant orange coral which means the color would need some altering to receive a complimentary hue. To do so I took my Mac 217 brush and gently eased the color in my crease using side to side motions, while this was occurring I also was blending up the lid shade WHICH formed a light mauve with red tones! Before adding any drama to the eye’s I took Sephora’s #27 Brush and lightly dusted over the crease to ensure it was fully blended in, keep in mind Poppy is a transitional shade it should be gradient (light to dark). For some extra pizzazz (more of a last minute addition) I went into Love+ by Sugarpill and blended it right into the inner V following similar side to side motions as what was used with Poppy. The next and last color up for the crease is Muse which happens to be my FAVORITE deep red shade! Starting from the outer third of my lid I lightly YET firmly blended in Muse using my Mac 217 brush, if you must build up pigment try to stick to the natural creasing of your eye socket, it’ll give a more precise blending appearance. To finish up the upper eye makeup completely I dusted Aura across my brow bones using mu Sephora #27 Brush, in the midst of this I also gave an extra blending maneuver to the crease to insure everything was not only vibrant but smokey!


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