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Batsy Claro Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean

Welcome back, Jeaniez! Opening up the next makeup tutorial apart of my Monster High series, here is Batsy Claro. Batsy is an exchange student from Costa Shrieka (hehe). She is daughter of the white vampire bat, and even possesses characteristics quite similar to those of a bat! For example, Batsy can communicate with other jungle animals, and she can fly just like a bat due to her super cute white wings. Personally, I think this ghoul is amazing, because it offers diversity for people of all races, and backgrounds (Batsy is Spanish)! Although she does have a HARSH demeanor and can seem off-putting, Batsy is simply to the point and apologies later. Below is my rendition of the character using makeup! The only thing I didn’t change was my eye color, because I prefer to ADAPT rather CHANGE. If you’d prefer using contacts, or if you have pretty brown eyes, go for it on making Batsy your own ghoul!

Batsy Claro Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean
Batsy Claro Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean

Ahh, Batsy Batsy Batsy — now tell me you didn’t read that in Harley Quinn’s voice, hehe! First off, the final product is a meshing between the official doll, AND the cartoon image. The doll is shown with a cut crease in vivid lime green, and jungle green! However, the cartoon is drawn with fully lime smokey eyeshadow, and more of a pinkish blushed skin tone. To adapt this I mixed both styles together with a cut cut crease, a little smokey eye on the outer corners, and a heavily red blushed effect under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose just like Batsy! Pick your favorite style and stick to it, loves. OR follow along with my lead.

Cover Fx – Total Cover Cream Foundation, P10 

Batsy has a pink skin tone, so I suggest choosing foundations with STRONG pink undertones, or choosing foundations that are straight pink and mixing in a heavily white base!

Nyx Cosmetics – Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk

Used on my cheeks as a brightener for the pink based foundation, AND used to mimic Batsy’s white tribal markings. An eyeshadow will do, however I find eyeliner more pigmented when precision is in question.

Too Faced – Love Flush Blush, Love Hangover

Dusted below my eyes with a concentration towards the lower lash lines, and blended under my nose, as well as between my eyes slightly going towards the bridge. If you want, you can also add a light blush to your cheeks and to your forehead — I preferred to keep the reddish pink pigment concentrated instead.

Batsy Claro Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean
Batsy Claro Monster High Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017 | Lillee Jean

AHH! The eye makeup look amazing when the brightness is turned down. Make sure for this portion of the makeup tutorial you have prepared a BRIGHT lime green eyeshadow that is a pigment or pressed pigment, along with a jungle green color that also is pigmented and bright! You really want your colors to blend out well, and be multipurpose.

Urban Decay – Electric Palette: Trash, Freak, and Slowburn

Trash was used on my eyebrows, and as an all over eyelid-crease shadow. Freak, on the other hand was applied to the tail ends of my eyebrows, and on the top half of my lips! This shade can also be applied damp, in which I took advantage of and formed 2 streaks down the natural curve of my cheekbones, just like Batsy’s. Feel free to use an eyeliner brush, or even a pencil brush — whatever is most comfortable for YOU! Slowburn was used to create the little red bat center of the green square lines.

Suva Beauty – UV Hydra Liner, Dance Party

As said previously, Batsy is portrayed TWO ways! The first with a cut crease, and the second with smokey green eyeshadow. Once I had Trash fully blended out, I took Suva Beauty’s Dance Party UV liner, applied water and first began by drawing a cut crease “eyeliner” styled line adjacent to my natural crease creasing. I then applied the color with a different brush to my lower lips, and I went over the two slashes for a brighter and more UV effect.

Sephora Collection – Waterproof Eyeliner, Black Lace

Nyx Cosmetics – Jumbo Eye Pencil, Black Bean (waterlines)

Ciate London – WonderWand Mascara

Sugarpill Cosmetics – Eyelashes, Plush

I cut plush in half, and ONLY applied the outer flair part. ALSO, do try to find lashes with brown and black mixed, this way it’ll compliment the vibrant green tones without looking TOO harsh.


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