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Becca Ignite Liquified Highlighter REVIEW 2020 | Lillee Jean

Hi Jeaniez! Welcome back. Today I tested out the NEW Becca Ignite Liquified Highlighter, which retails for $38.00, and comes in an array of shades. Below you will find my review, and the product video!

Straight off the bat, the smell is SO amazing, and transformative! Think woodsy, beachy, with notes of cinnamon. I love it, however it can be seen as too strong, as it doesn’t fade throughout wear. Upon opening, the cap is on really tight, and sorta “slides” off, rather pulls off! This was a bit of a con, since I actually twisted the cap off while opening. The shade I tested out, Passion, was indeed a bit too dark for me. I would have liked Becca to come out with a pearl, that would have been stunning. The formulation is creamy, and actually waterproof. I didn’t find it transfer-proof, however, as whatever I touched or got near me, was shimmered. Perhaps this claim and work for the fact nothing had gold, just reflects!

Upon applying the recommended 2-3 drops, I realized it’s simply not ENOUGH, and I am petite. You need at least 8 pumps, as you go. I also found it hard to blend with a brush, BUT amazing with my fingers! The formula did cling to dry patches on my collar bone, though don’t take this to heart, I have psoriasis. For my face, the color is too dark, but makes everything look radiant, and very beach kissed, without trying! I think it would look nice mixed in with a foundation.

To remove the product was a bit hard. I had to use Apple Cider Vinegar, and a bit of Tarte gel makeup remover, to get ANYTHING off. My typical soap, did nothing. This could be because I had to apply so much, not sure! After stepping out of the shower, seemed back to my normal complexion. Thing was I had two breakouts on my right arms, and 3 on my left…thus a reaction. I also had red splotches. This could be from the fragrance, of course. I then to cleanse the areas for calendula application, use a toner, and BOY was there excess! SO much that didn’t wash off. I think that if this didn’t break me out, I would still give it a go for events as the radiance is so superior to other brands!! It’s just the color, and the break outs…not for me.


DISCLAIMER: Influenster sent me this product in exchange for review. I am not paid.

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