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Happy Tuesday love bunnies! If you get just as overwhelmed by makeup selections as myself, this blog post shall be a good reference point for you. Down below is a comprehensive list following brands I feel are the best for the accompanying makeup products! For example, there are numerous brands for eyeshadow, but which is the best? In my opinion, with suitable proof, the best brand would be Urban Decay Cosmetics, however I do know some would differ. Opinions run both ways! Just as said towards the beginning of this introductory paragraph, ONLY use the options below as a reference point — develop your own conclusions, in other words, by testing out products I hand selected. Trust me, I know how bothersome it can be walking into an overcrowded store such as Sephora, or even the local drugstore for that matter! Not being able to find a shade, for starters…then becoming succumbed to anxiety from hundreds of brands…I get it, and I’m here to help. Just so all of you are aware, the list is NOT biased to one skin type. I realize there is a full spectrum of conditions, so fear not, read along. Hope all you love bunnies enjoy, and can take out a few pieces of information cited below. All opinions, and statements are my own words, no endorsements were made, and all products purchased with my OWN money! Let’s get to it, XOXO, your Lilz.

**Best Cosmetic Brand(s) for FACE makeup shall be the first post.

I will alert all followers when the eye makeup/lip product post goes live.**

Best Brand(s) For Primer

DRY/SENSITIVE: Marc Jacobs Beauty – Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer $44.00

DRY: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Vitamin Enriched Face Base $58.00

If you loves remember, two months ago I did a posting strictly on dry skin! Be sure to visit this link to yield in depth information about the products provided above: Best Products For Dry Skin Types. Moreover, dry skin is definitely a difficult skin type to handle, since the displeasing results some products cause are much more visible than with oily skin! Dry patches…COMMON. We all have been there. For those with super sensitive, and highly reactive skin, I’d suggest investing in the Marc Jacobs Beauty Perfecting Coconut Primer. The soothing coconut, and protective barrier created between the skin layer, and makeup layer is extraordinarily effective, unlike most gimmicky high end primers out there! This surly will hydrate the stubbornest of patches, and keep your skin ample all day long.

For those who just have dry skin, but don’t have allergic reactions to most products, I’d recommend Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base. This jar will last ya’ a LIFE TIME, I still am on my first jar…and I purchased it last year (always remember expiration dates in your cosmetic items). Simply said, the same barrier effect is created as with the Marc Beauty Coconut Primer, just with the slight difference of ingredients included. Although advertised for oily skin, I can assure you beauties, this would slick off of ANYONE with severe oil conditions! While I realize the prices are quite expensive, look at each product as an investment, worth your while. PLEASE test out EACH product before you actually apply it to your skin, this is called patch testing! It’ll save ya’ the freaking out tendency of “OH MY GOD. THERE ARE TINY BUMPS ALL OVER M….AHHH”.

OILY: Dr. Brandt Skincare – Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer $17.00 – $60.00

OILY/SENSTIVE: Murad – Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 PA+++ $65.00

DRUG STORE ALTERNATIVE: Maybelline – Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser $6.99

Oily skin is no joke! Before combatting my mom’s insanely oiled skin, I watched before my eyes the foundation, blush, and setting powder I previously applied, smear off her youthful skin within hours. With the right primer, anything is possible! For her sensitive skin in particular, I noticed Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield base was the most effective as it protects against environmental factors, and calms down excess oils from exuding out. In the contrary, this product is also VERY expensive, so I normally purchase Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Primer as you can buy samples, that in all honestly, last months! Both formulas have a silk like texture that almost melts into your hands, but definitely is effective in doing its job. I like to go by these two simple mottos: Have large pores? PORES NO MORE. Have excess oils? Shield away. Catchy, right? The drugstore actually has more products catering to OILY skin, than dry skin, so be sure to check out Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. While not many are fond of this product, I will say it does live up to the advertised effects. Matte skin all day long, with a natural sheen! Not quite sure about the hydration given throughout the day, but I’ll leave that up to you beauties to decide.

COMBINATION/OILY: Smashbox – Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer $16.00- $36.00

COMBINATION/DRY: Josie Maran Cosmetics – Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm $36.00

Ohhhh you combination lucky’s! You might be taking a step back and thinking to yourself, “lucky?! What does this chick know about luck?” Well, uh… A LOT. In all seriousness, combination skin is easier to combat than specific skin conditions! Why? You cross two sectors, and are closer to being a normal skin type, than most. Combination oily is where your t-zone contains excess oils, but the rest of your face might be normal, or dry! For you loves, I’d go with Smashbox’s Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer! This is probably one of the most coveted brands of primer, as it’s in every makeup artists kit. With a silky blend of vitamins, all those skin woe’s will be solved instantly! Do be noted this primer contains silicone, thus it FILLS the pores, this might be downside to some, however it does yield light diffusing effects, and skin blurring ideals. You CAN buy a sample size costing $16.00, almost half the price of the original product, so please don’t worry, Lilz gotcha’ covered.

Dry skin…but sorta oily? A favorite of mine is the Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm. Much like the Bobbi Brown Skin Base, as mentioned before, this too will hydrate the skin, but the catch is the product is much thinner as it’s whipped, thus you won’t achieve an overly hydrated skin effect, hence a perfect balance. This one is a little less known of, since many go for the raved products, but I feel you loves should give it a shot, especially if you’re at your wits end! The best part is this bad boy is LOADED with skin benefits. From plumping Caprylyl Methicone, to conditioning shea butter, and argan oil, this truly is worth the price.

NORMAL: Make Up For Ever – Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer $17.00 – $37.00

Normal skin is one of the easiest to handle, skin type wise, since you don’t need much, however you do need a primer for long lasting effects. Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Skin Equalizer is top of the line! If your skin is neither oily, nor dry, yet looks a little dull and could use a touch of primer for a balanced skin effect, the Equalizer collection is for you. At the time when this line first came out, I was apprehensive to try it out being the price was $37.00. The catch here, is you receive a FULL 1.0 Oz of product, in perspective, that is QUITE a lot of product, and the good thing is you won’t need more than a dime sized amount to achieve the results you desire. Another reason why I mentioned this product, out of all, is any color correcting seekers can cheek out MUFE, as well! Just be noted the green color corrector BROKE my skin out, other than that, it worked speldidily.

Best Brand(s) For Foundation

DRY/SENSITIVE: Marc Jacobs Beauty – Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation $48.00

DRY: Nars Cosmetics – Sheer Glow Foundation $45.00

The good thing about foundation is many formulas can be manipulated! This concept, however is saved for another day, and another blog post. One of my ALL TIME favorite, holy grail quality foundation’s is the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel! Giving my skin an ideal clarity, and radiance, thus yielding a wide range of coverage, it truly is everything and more. For foundation’s I look for products that can cover well, light and high coverage, and that can give my skin a natural glow, without looking too dull! Dry skin beauties, glowing is your key to great skin. On the other hand, if you have dry skin that isn’t too sensitive try Nars’s Sheer Glow! While many dry skinned followers of mine have said the Sheer Glow foundation didn’t live up to their expectations, hear me out. Number one, this too, has a wide range of coverage…not to mention color selections, and is VERY long lasting! If you apply the foundation correctly, according to how bad your skin is, you’d be amazed on the affect application can have on overall finished foundation appearances. STIPPLES ON THE DRY PATCHES, it’s as simple, as that!

OILY: Estee Lauder – Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup $39.50

OILY/SENSTIVE: Lancome – Tient Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick $42.00

Foundation can make, or break your overall look of the day! Have straight oily skin? Try Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation. You’ll find the super buildable coverage to be a blessing, trust me! Not to mention the fact this foundation WILL NOT clog your pores, and WON’T cause a drying effect over the course of a few hours. Containing a silky smooth texture (smells like Mac foundation ALMOST), and a long wearing mattifiying effect, don’t take this one of granted. It might stay in place, but I cannot assure you it’ll stick on, since some people have extremely bad oily skin, and oils are not predicable, like dry skin, that remains dry. If you have tried this foundation out, give Lancome’s Tient Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation a shot! I personally LOVE stick foundation’s since they’re quick, but what makes this one stand out from the rest is the 24 hour matte finish yielded. It doesn’t look cakey, nor matte on the skin. Actually, one achieves a VERY natural effect, that combat’s oiliness on the spot. Hidden gem, perhaps?

COMBINATION/OILY: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Stick Foundation $25.00

COMBINATION/DRY: Clinique – Superbalance Silk Broad Spectrum Foundation $25.00

Combination foundations are much more forgiving, than the rest. One that I have grown fond of is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation! For my in depth review, with product descriptions, and an ingredients list, please click this link to be redirected to that page: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review and Swatches. What I liked most about the ABH stick foundation is its concentrated pigment formula, and easy blendable texture! Ever have a stick that is literally, and painfully, a pain in the kaboose too blend (staggered blending from non-silky textures)? Then, you know what I’m talkin’ about. A popular choice for combination skins, especially those with slight dry properties is Clinique’s Superbalance Silk Foundation! Understandably so, liquids work well with dry skin since the liquids can be manipulated with added primer, and such. At a much more affordable price than most foundations, it wouldn’t hurt trying this one out! The packaging is sorta’ like Estee Lauders Double Wear, but the formula is nowhere near. It specifically caters to people who need a control of oil, and dryness.

NORMAL: Make Up For Ever – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation $43.00

Normal skin types can look through the foundation section and pick out whichever they please, but…which one out of an array of brands?! Make Up For Ever’s new, and revamped HD Invisible Foundation is probably one of the most brilliant products ever products on the market. With 4k touch lighting effects, and insanely pigmented minerals, how could one not fall in love with this foundation? Want light coverage? NO PROBLEM. Have a slight break out? Wait for the foundation to dry (thicken), then spot correct. As you can see, it is VERY versatile, thus an investment to be made!

Best Brand(s) For Concealer

Cover Fx – Cream Concealer $27.00

Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Eclate (Radiant Touch) $42.00

Spending extra money on concealer is in my opinion unless, because if you have a well suiting foundation it should cater to all your woes, but I do understand some undergo terrible acne situations, and others enjoy a few lightening effects! First off, Cover Fx cosmetics really hit the ball out of the park with their Cream Concealer. Unlike other creams, this one is NEVER heavy and truly does cover without slicking off during the day! Definitely happens to be apart of the more affordable high end range of products. Another concealer you loves should look into is Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch! PLEASE DO NOT use the Radiant Touch as a concealer for acne…it’ll illuminate it and magnify the effects 10X over as this is a radiance booster. Simply use it around the highlighting points of one’s face, and notice a natural sheen bounce off! BYE BYE FATIGUE.

Best Brand(s) For Blush

Cream Blush: Nyx Cosmetics – Rogue Cream Blush $6.00

Powder Blush: Mac Cosmetics – Blush $17.00 – $23.00

Oooh! You made me blush!! The two best brands in the blush world, in my opinion at least, is Nyx Cosmetics and Mac Cosmetics. Both brands produce spectacular products, but specialize in two main categories! Cream blush being awarded to Nyx, and powder awarded to Mac. Cream blush is less prevalent than powder simply because most prefer the powder texture, and most have OILY skin! If you’re seeking an affordable, yet high end quality blush, look no further than Rogue Cream. This stuff has the most INSANE pigment, yet is easy to sheer out and build up with a long lasting formula! On the flip side of things, Mac produces beautiful powder blushes. I tend to steer clear of powders, because my skin is dry, but however Mac formulates their blushes, no dry patches are ever clinged to. Talk about magic! In a blush I look for something silky, and versatile, these are two things each brand encompasses, despite the different formulas.

Best Brand(s) For Highlighter/Illuminator

Liquid Highlighter: Nars Cosmetics – Illuminator $30.00

Cream Highlighter: Rms Beauty – Living Luminizer $38.00

Powder Highlighter: Becca Cosmetics – Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed $38.00

I am a HUGE glow junkie! It actually was pretty difficult narrowing my choices down to these top three. Before you beauties look at the prices, please realize these items contain a TON of product and will last a few months before expiration dates are met! First off, Nars makes hands down, the BEST liquid illuminators. Take it from a sensitive skinned beauty lover. With a silky smooth, entrenched in fine shimmer texture, you will not glow like a disco ball, you will GLEAM from the inside! For those curious, I found this product very long lasting without setting powders, and I found it to glide on easily with a NON-STICKY finish. The best part is just like Becca Cosmetics, Nars offers a wide selection of colors fitting each skin tone. Speaking of Becca, they house the BEST powder highlighters! Now, I collect more powder highlighters than liquid’s or cream’s, so this was a tough decision to make. Becca is known for their creamy and highly pigmented formulas, it’s a no brainer this made the top 3! My favorite shade is Opal, since it yields a bronzy, yet luminous complexion without chunks of glitter. You can tell the product was produced with love. As far as cream’s go, RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer is actually a model secret! While makeup artists generally use gloss’s for that wanted sheen, RMS Living Luminizer is such a hidden gem, it’s unbelivable. The best part is this product is ALL vegan, with natural ingredients, thus it’s friendly to all skin types! This product does NOT dry down completely and stands alone, try to avoid applying ANY powders on top, use this as a finishing balm of sorts.

Best Brand(s) For Bronzer

Hourglass Cosmetics – Ambient Lighting Bronzing Powder $24.00 – $50.00

Make Up For Ever – Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer $36.00

While I am NOT the hugest fan of bronzing, Hourglass does produce a mean bronzing powder. If you’re looking to invest in something that will look natural, yet visible to the extent it yields the effects you desire (not flat, dimensional bronzer), this baby is for you! Do keep in mind with all high end brands, the prices will be crazy, but this is the benefit of going to cosmetic carriers, you can test the products out. Another bronzer I consider top of the line is Make Up For Ever’s Pro Bronze Fusion! This too is created under special conditions, with the exception of Pro Bronze being a gel formula. Color is never flat, thus powdery finishes will NEVER be achieved. Depth and dimension can be created by using a variety of the powders mentioned above, but as always I DO NOT condone changing the face shape, nor molding it into another through lighting tricks!

Best Brand(s) For Setting Powder

Nars Cosmetics – Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder $37.00

There is only ONE brand to me that can manufacture setting powder the best, and that is Nars Cosmetics. Believe me, I have gone through an array of powders. From Make Up For Ever, to Bare Minerals, each product either broke me out, or didn’t do it’s job well enough! The Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, on the other hand, is extremely lightweight on one’s skin, and yields a silky yet touchable complexion. Formulated without Parabens, and curated with a fragrance free formula, my sensitive dry skin is in heaven. Just like with the bronzer, I DO NOT condone the method of baking, unless a high end photoshoot is being done — use the powder as a setter, not a molder!

Best Brand(s) For Finishing Spray

Mac Cosmetics – Prep + Prime Fix+ $12.00 – $23.00

Urban Decay Cosmetics – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray $14.00 – $30.00

Finishing spray is just as important as primer, if not more important. Without it, you might find your makeup to slick off, regardless of taming that oiliness. You might find your makeup to flake, regardless of waterproofness. Ya’ MIGHT even find your lipstick to fade faster, without the addition of setting/finishing spray into your routine. My two favorite setting spray’s include Mac’s Fix+, and Urban Decay’s All Nighter! Both are formulated with ingredients sensitive enough for people with highly reactive skin, and both allow makeup to look as it was just applied hours prior than it truly was. While Urban Decay does produce a weightless product, I find Mac’s Fix+ to be MUCH more beneficial to my skin type as it contains certain vitamins, the UD doesn’t such as calming Aloe! This one is up to you beauties, it really depends on your preference of ingredients, and how your skin reacts. To test run a setting spray, ONLY spray a slight area on the side of your jaw, not your entire face! Many recommend spraying the body, but I never found this method effective.

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