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Best Hair Care Products for Wavy/Curly Hair | Growth, Restoring, Hydrating

        Ohhh the horror! You wake up and see your hair has split ends, it is frizzy, and entirely a big ball of fuzz. EEK. Well, sharing with you Jeaniez today, here is MY favorite grouping of hair care products that within three months have turned my hair from a frizzball to sleek ribbons of silk (see photo towards the end of this blog post)! Please note ALL products used in this blog post have been purchased by myself, and please note this is not a sponsored blog post. Every idea expressed, or any experiences are neither influenced nor paid! That being said, read along below to see my top 8 faves in the hair world xoxo.

       As background, my hair has been dyed three times since June, and as you can imagine was taken through the mill. However, funny enough the before photo you loves shall find at the end of this post is before my constant hair dying, and honestly even I must say it looked brittle and a mess! Luckily for these gems I have scouted out, my hair is back to being its glorious shimmering self. I hope this can help any of you out who are experiencing the same thing or are just seeking new products to test out.

      Let’s begin with SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER! Alright, so generally when someone has curly hair or even wavy hair it’s best to use super hydrating formulas that quench curls together. Right now my favorite combination is from Maui Moisture! I had originally begun with their curl system, which by the way is out of this world, however after using the Bamboo Fibers thickening and restoring system I can never go back. It’s almost like my split ends bind together, and create new strands of love after a througough shampooing and conditioning! I also have noticed immediate hair growth, which never was my concern, however, a little growth doesn’t hurt. Formulated with aloe vera juice, pure coconut water (love me some coconuts), neem oil (hair stimulator and growth agent), castor oil (shine, strength, growth), my hair has just looked GLOWING!

Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers Shampoo and Conditioner.

Hair masks are my most favorite aspect in any hair care routine! Two I have been loving include Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, and Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Mask. Both equally are sensational and have added much need hydration to my hair!

On the top, the white creamy consistency is Shea Moisture’s Masque! It is intended to repair damaged hair whether that be from hair dye or heat damage and is intended to intensely hydrate with promoting growth. The main three ingredients used include sea kelp which smoothes hair cuticles, argan oil which promotes hair elasticity, and shea butter which deeply conditions the scalp! I like to plop this ocean smellin’ delight on my hair from root to end for about 30 minutes twice a week to REALLY hydrate my scalp. I have psoriasis, so as one could imagine, I do have a flaky scalp! I have noticed with using this the flakes have become less itchy, and more “free”. Anyone with dandruff or psoriasis knows how blockage and build-up can become annoying!

   On the bottom, the yellow thick consistency is Garnier’s Nourishing Mask! OOOH has this been a favorite of mine for ever so long. It is formulated with avocado oil and shea butter. Yeah, I’m sorta’ a shea butter nut…no pun intended! I like to coat this on my ends, and especially near my scalp. It safe enough for everyday use, and turns my curls into bouncy ribbons of silk! While I have tried the honey mask, which is good too, I highly recommend the nourishing mask simply because it adds volume and softness to my follicles.

       While I do not generally reach for “leave-in” conditioners, this one from Garnier is a keeper! Due to the fact it contains cocoa butter AND coconut oil it really does hydrate the hair and really does create soft swirls that are easily manageable and smell AMAZING. Within the few times, I have used this product I have noticed that it lets me be wash free an extra 3 days, without smelling, and I have also noticed that it doesn’t build up on oil! This means hair remains shiny, smellin’ good, and tamed. A must-have for curly haired, or wavy haired beauties. I’m not sure HOW effective this will be if you have straight hair since it is thicker in consistency, however, a little hydration doesn’t hurt ;)!

Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner 

The invisi-babes! What would I do without these two partners? First off, I was a long time user of Moroccan Oil’s Light Oil, and regular oil system, however, I noticed EVEN with a tiny amount my hair felt weighed down, and frankly all oil. When I discovered Bumble & Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, and Primer Invisible Oil through samplers it truly was a godsend!

Beginning with the “Invisible Oil” Heat/UV primer, I like to use this before straightening OR blow drying my hair! It helps to protect follicles from and damage, and it actually creates a sense of moisture to the hair, so that once dry, or to one’s desired finish, the hair is shiny and looks extremely healthy. All one needs is two sprays (the pump sprays wide), and combing through, and voila, a masterpiece in the making is completed.

As for the original Hairdressers Invisible Oil, which truly is invisible as you can only see the benefits, I just am head over heels for this baby! It not only silkens, it has UV protection, it detangles, hydrates, and most important for me is NEVER heavy no matter how much I put on. Take a look at the photo above! As you can see my wet hair is shimmering thanks to this oil, but the best part is my hair doesn’t look oily, it looks like HEALTHY hair and feels like HEALTHY hair.

      Now, I am the first to admit, I don’t do hairspray. However, everyone has come to a point in their life where they need a little “holding”! Since I actually fancy the feeling of not having aquanet hair, that is like a helmet, hairspray was always a big turn-off for me.  BUT, Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Hairspray is another story! It thickens, volumizes, and most of all holds hair within it feeling tangled, or plain out icky. Whenever I use this baby which contains polymers that conditioner and moisturize as one spray, I always have noticed that frizz is tamed, and a gummy feel is NEVER left behind! As an added bonus, heat protection is kept, and once again HAIR feels like HAIR!

From June to October, here is what my hair looks like NOW using all 8 hair care products! Immediately it can be said that my hair looks fuller, thicker, healthier, and shinier. I also (personally), noticed that my hair feels softer and much less brittle towards the ends. I hope you Jeaniez enjoyed this blog post! Hopefully, it can help one of you sistas’ in need of a fix!

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