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Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean

Ahh, I love skincare. Serums, creams, and masks galore, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the “next thing”. I guess that’s something us skincare gals have in common — satisfied, but looking for new holy grails! Today I want to share with you Jeaniez, a line up of some special skin care products, that will WOW you this Summer.


Firstly, this is in collaboration with SCENTBIRD! Personally, being a Disney Princess girl 4ever, anything dealing with birdies, I love. Basically, SCENTBIRD is a monthly subscription service that gives you the opportunity to sample from over 600 brands in the fragrance, cosmetic, skincare, and wellness categories. It actually allows you to try NEW designer fragrance (women/men) monthly, for $15.00 — considering you get a 30-day supply (120-140 sprays and can upgrade to 2 or 3 products a month), that’s prettttty epic to me.

Funny enough, a while back I had a SCENTBIRD sample of Juicy Couture GOLD fragrance, and no joke, it lasted one year, with 3 sprays used every other day. Some brands they have include Prada, Gucci and Tom Ford, and oo la la for the millennial, indie labels such as Glossier, Nest and Tocca! Putting in there, SCENTBIRD also has cologne’s, and you can actually sign your man up too..PHEPPY GET HERE NOW! MWAHAHA.

Skincare + SCENTBIRD

Here is the deal. NOW SCENTBIRD is carrying wellness, in categories such as skincare, makeup, and well…WELLNESS! Some brands they happen to carry include Kopari, GlamGlow, Glow Recipe, and Tarte (really darn cool, I love Tarte and Kopari!).

These items can be apart of your subscription, but are not limited! SCENTBIRD carries candles, bath and body — so I gotchu gals and guys who like to relax, but treat themselves.

Kopari Coconut Face Cream

1…2..3…COCONUTS! Formulated with antioxidants, fatty acids, and all sorts of nutrients, your dry skin will say BUH-BYE real soon.

Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean
Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean

This is cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben free, and silicone free! You can totally use this as a priming base, and feel safe that your skin will just look glowy and hydrated. It’s formulated with a smart emulsifier that allows the product to change consistencies depending on your specific skin needs. For ME, it felt thick at first, then softened, and felt light-weight. Absorption was also pretty quick, for a hydrating cream!

Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean
Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean

This baby deeply hydrates dry spots, but won’t clog pores in more oily ones, such as your t-zone. Besides coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, coffee leaf/seed, and apple fruit help to lock in moisture, soothe inflammation, and protect skin from environmental stressors. Where has this been?!

Patchology Flashpatch Restoring Night Eye Gels

So, this is pretty cool. The Patchology Flashpatch Restoring Night Eye Gels are at a $60.00 “Premium Product” value.

PREMIUM PRODUCT: “Scentbird offers a limited run of super-luxe, full-size products, with amazing savings. Premium Products cost an additional $5 or $10, which you’ll see reflected on your account – for both new & existing members.”

With a SCENTBIRD subscription, these become $14.95/month! The package includes 30 Pairs (60 individual patches), and is a FULL SIZE PRODUCT. Now, I actually got schooled, because just like your metabolism burns calories during sleep, apparently between 10pm and 12am the same effect happens, where skin repairs. Some key ingredients include anti-aging Retinol, as well as Peptides. Cedrus Atlantica Bark, which helps to brighten and overtime reduce dark circles, followed by Arnica extract, which soothes tired eyes. By letting them rest for 5 minutes, a restored, and rested complexion can be seen!

SCENTBIRD Bamboo Charcoal Thermal Face Mask

The first thing I LOVE about SCENTBIRD’S Bamboo Charcoal Thermal Face Mask is it’s cruelty free, free of Parabens, AND Sulfates.

Soooo bunnies are safe, my hormones won’t be disrupted, except for a skin detox erupting up the blackheads and ickies. YAY! We all know charcoal, and volcanic sand help to purify the skin, but adding Tsubaki oil, which is rich in oleic acid, plant collagen and vitamins A, D and E as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids — you have a winner!

Male or female, this warming, clay-based formula smoothly melts into skin, and delivers RESULTS! BYE BYE impurities, SEEYA excess oils and HELLO luminosity. I also like the non-offensive smell, it is very soothing on my sensitive skin, and washed off SUPER EASY!

High High Expectations Cannabis Facial Oil

HIGH FIVE! Or…oh we’re doing High Facial’s now, hehehehehe. Say hello to High High Expectations Cannabis Facial Oil!

No worries, say HIGH to a FREE OF PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES THC AND CBD, oil! This is concentrated (32%) with Cannabis sativa seed oil, as well as sunflower seed oil, bergamot essential oil, cranberry fruit extract, coconut oil, and grape seed extract! It is made to repair and replenish skin. I first hand used this in the morning, and can verify, it absorbs instantly (probably due to the grapeseed, and high concentration) for high-speed results! I noticed a glow, and a really healthy overall complexion.

Loli Beauty Plum Elixir

Retailing at $68.00…but you get it at $14.95/month, this elixir will leave you SHOOK! Loli Beauty...where have you been?

Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean
Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean

At first, it looks just like an orange serum, but this brand is deep. Full sized, non-GMO, vegan, food grade, gluten free, and oh yes soy free! Formulated with French organic Ente plum, a SAFE® certified blend of sea buckthorn fruit, pomegranate and tea seed, you can say this oil is truly multi-purpose!

Best New Skin Care Products 2019 | Lillee Jean