• Lillee Jean

BLACKPINK Ice Cream Jennie Inspired COLORFUL EYELINER Makeup Tutorial 2021 | Lillee Jean

"Look so good yeah, look so sweet (hey)

Lookin' good enough to eat"

But make it a Lillee and think the lyrics are "love so good" ANYHOW!!! HI! Welcome back Jeaniez :)! Today I recreate one of Jennie's makeup look's in the BLACKPINK 'Ice Cream', music video, starring Selena Gomez.

Hope you enjoy my take, and maybe even try yourself. I feel this is SUCH a cheerful look that says "brighter days ahead". Since most of the group wears Chanel makeup, to Dior, I felt this was actually ATTAINABLE. You can use whatever you have, just be inspired, and do YOU! Let's go BLINKS.


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