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Bold Holiday Red Lips Bare Skin

                  Hey there, Jeaniez! I want to thank ALL of you for the love you’ve been sending me between Instagram, private messages, and Twitter. It means the absolute world having your support! On a second thought, I would like to tell you loves that my postings will be a bit “different” than usual. In lieu of having a reaction, which left just above my right eyelid a painful irritation, this week will have a strong focus on lip colors, and products in general! With that being the case I bring to you holiday red lips, bare skin. This look is so simple, even a toddler could complete it…well, maybe a future artiste toddler, hehe!  All you need is a foundation, which is optional, and a red lipstick.

               First off, the holiday season is above love, and coming together! Of course, beauty lovers alike see the holidays as a way to wear funky colors and bright cherry red lips. However, what if you toned the classic holiday look down, and made a chic, and quite a simple statement that didn’t require much upkeep? Well, that is indeed the point of this makeup look. Minimalistic at best, I used a bit of Cover Fx’s Custom Cover Drops in my shade N10 for spot coverage, and then applied Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in ‘Kiss Me if You Can 06’ onto my lippies.  The formula of Essence’s $2.00 lipstick is a little “tugy” thus, it actually, in the long run, prevents fading, as well as feathering, since it isn’t slick! Don’t be mistaken, though, the formula is indeed a COMFORT matte, meaning you can rub your lips together and be assured they won’t crack. Of course, you can swap this lippie in for your own favorite, but I felt as a fun holiday change up color, a nice warm yellow based red would be a fun, and different way to crank up the holiday season. I hope all of you Jeaniez enjoy and are having a wonderful Wednesday.

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