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Bold Violet Purple Spring Lips ft. Revlon Color Charge Collection

               Never thought you’d see me with purple lips, huh? Purple lipstick is generally NOT my thing, but Revlon’s Color Charge lipstick in Violet Rush has me rethinking my purps. Not only is this shade purrfect for Spring, it has given me hope that pretty much anyone can rock a bold shade such as violet. All it takes is a little bit of confidence, the right hue, the right shade, the right formula, the right…okay I shall stop, hehe. To be real, purple has always freaked me out, as I associate it with being crusty, or pastel like. Then I go to the range of WAY too bold, where it looks like clown makeup, in my opinion. However, Revlon’s beautiful violet shade is just the right mix of vivid, and deep! Another thing I would like to mention to you loves is my new iPhone 8+! The photos come out ten times better than they did with my iPhone 6+, thus expect to see more color vibrancy and my actual skin tone. The 6+ washed me out, while the 8+ TRULY displays my neutral/peachy skin! Moving along, below are some details and exciting bits of news on Revlon’s new Color Charge Collection which will be launching very soon. Please note as a disclaimer this was sent to me via Revlon for PR purposes. This is NOT a paid review, instead, the product was given to me for going to their launch party! All opinions/ideas displayed, and photos/thoughts illustrated are of my own.

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#ad Using the new @revlon #revlon Color Charge powder palette 😍! You can use this over your lipstick, as a highlight, and EVEN over eyeshadow. Here I am wearing Color Charge lipstick in Violet Rush Matte xoxo! #makeup #tutorial #lilleejean #liveboldly #colorcharge (song is Stereo Love by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina) #boldlooks

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