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Citrus Splash Makeup Look

Yet another stifling hot day here in NY! I wasn’t about to sacrifice my well-off complexion for trying out NEW products, so I decided to take a cue from yesterday’s Ariel inspired look, and from there, I spiced things up with a zesty orange twist. Orange is riddled throughout this look from my dress, to my lips, to even on my waterlines! Although this vibrancy of orange, and warmth of orange is not everyone’s color, one can work around this by choosing shades of coral, or perhaps a more muted orange that fits their skin tone better. From my findings, by going back to my natural coloring, my orange lip color selection has warmed up, and increased in vibrancy. With my platinum highlighted blonde hair, my orange choice was either pastel orange or a juicy red-orange. Both, of course, don’t fit me anyone, which makes me question if they ever did look “right”, but c’est la vie, we live, we learn, right?! For those of you with darker skin tones, aim for either citrus orange’s, sorta’ like mine, but with more yellow added, OR aim for a zesty red-orange, that isn’t “juicy”, just the right balance between an obvious orange, with a bit of red added.

Ofra Cosmetics – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Surfers Paradise

This is a true orange, with beautiful warm undertones, and a slight

gold shimmer, that is VERY subtle!

For those with light blonde hair try out Milani Cosmetics Sweet Nectar (bright orange, red tones), or Anastasia’s Melon Lipgloss (pastel orange). For those with darker skin try out Milani Cosmetics Empress (HOT red-orange; will bring out any warmth in skin), OR Jeffree Star Cosmetics Flamethrower (neon-vivid orange that on skin tones with a lot of melanin will POP, and be extremely citrus like)

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Pallet: Vermeer (inner corners), Realgar (patted on waterlines with ring finger), Warm Taupe (dusted across the lids, and into the crease)

L’Oreal Makeup – Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara


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