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ColourPop Haul: Review and Swatches

Hello my loves! My Colourpop order arrived today and I must say it put me in the best mood ever. Could it be the corny joke written personalized for me? Or is it the amazingly formulated highlighters I was blown away by? Either way this is WORTH THE HYPE.


Before I get into the swatches I would like to say some of the shades are quite dupable to other more expensive shades; besides BYOB which is a super a unique barbie shade. For example, LBB can quite easily dupe Marc Jacobs Gel Lipstick in Magenta as both hold the same bright berry hue. On the other hand Lumiere is a great dupe for Kat Von D Cathedral despite it being slightly more on the pink side. ANYWAY, lets get to some swatches 🙂

As you can see Stole the Show has a toned down bright gold sheen to it while Smoke N Whistles leans more peachy and champagne like in tone. Both have the same silky texture and have incredible pigment. I found that using a brush with these is useless as for some odd reason product doesn’t cling to synthetic, or even real brush hairs! Best application is to use your ring finger, and build up the product. I did notice from wearing Stole the Show out today it wears off easier than my Becca highlighters however it is only $8.00. The pigment of each is quite comparable to Becca Moonstone, and Opal as the swatches shown are with only one streak, no primer!

Considering how sensitive the formula is to touch Colourpop has some rad packing skills! Each shadow, and highlighter arrived perfectly untouched, and uncrushed- another reason to ❤️ the brand!

The shadows I purchased were rather natural in tone however YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BRONZES. I swear bronzes just speak to me. Moving along, each color has a unique texture as one is Ultra Metallic (La La), Pearlized (Mooning), and Matte (Hustle). My favorite is the Ultra Metallic for the simple reason it is easier to tap onto the lids than the rest. I noticed it is very hard to use any brushes with this shadows as you really have to swirl- best applied with fingers IMO! I was able to manage though, Mooning is too gorgeous.

Each shade has an opaque pigment to it and is silky to the touch. Only complaint is I’d prefer a slightly harder texture as my 219 MAC brush indented Hustle :(! La La really is gleaming here and shows comparable pigment to Mac’s Amber lights- despite this shade being a darker gold. What I will say is Mooning applies much better on the eyelids than on my hand which is odd! To achieve a deep color specifically in the crease I’d suggest a dense brush like the 217 Mac Blending Brush. It picks up just enough pigment without being too sheer.

When it came to pigment the Lippistix surprised me as they were very pigmented HOWEVER the container is a poor color match for the actual shade. For instance, LBB is very megenta in tone, not a deep berry. Also, Lumber appears mauve but when applied it leans more brown/pink. Both are not and issue for me however it was quite surprising. I feel the liquid lip in Bumble fits the packaging of Lumiere much better in the sense that Bumble actually is a bronzed pink.

Each applies to the lips smoothly without any tugging and there is minimal feathering that occurs! I had watched two shades on my lips as I wore both and hour out to see how long they could hold up. BYOB lasted about 30 minutes but left a beautiful stain, which does not bother me! Still a 10/10 in my book. Lumiere lasted the full hour and did not smear or feather one bit! It held up better than my actual KVD Cathedral lipstick!

By the way excuse how Avenue so conveniently is flirting it up with Limbo- such Bimbos.

As you can see each Lippistix has an amazing texture and is opaque (besides BYOB which is part of their Sheer line). Since we’re at it, the lip pencils are similar to Mac Cremesticks and seem to offer more product which is a total win for me since I run out of the cremesticks like I do fruit (I am a fruit fanatic don’t judge). They also prevented feathering which is two thumbs up from me! The liquid lipsticks are actually quite spectacular I prefer them over my ABH ones, which is saying a lot. Today I had worn Limbo (the matte chocolaty brown) and it wore a good 4 hours without getting all funky. Only thing is it doesn’t dry completely matte! There is still a sticky feel to it and transfers easy- but that is fixable with he good ol’ setting powder trick.

As you can see both are very lovely shades and very wearable for the Fall as a transition of out Summer!

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Overall I’d rate this 8.5/10 due to some products being unable to use with an actual brush, and the wear time varying between products. Despite those minor issues I would buy this over E.L.F. and Nyx any day for numerous reasons such as the packaging is 10x cuter, the personalized letters, and the shadows+lip colors are very unique @BYOB. I would defiantly check out the brand and perhaps buy a few shadows as they’re only $5.00 each! I was hesitant at first as a lot of their products are over hyped but after swatching and wearing a full Colourpopped look out today I am defiantly joining the Colour side.


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