• Lillee Jean

Cranberry Smokey Makeup Tutorial

To the right is an example of the look with House Of Lashes Iconic. It defiantly adds more drama to the makeup compared to the softer, blended, no lash look above.

By the way I have also updated my favorite products of the month which can again, be found to the left column of my blog! Before doing this look I would like to do some pre-worning that a few blending brushes will be needed to smudge the colors together! Many of these shades are interchangeable with cheaper options (although MUG is already at a low price) and I will list those below!

If you guys ever want to message me you can contact me at thaeyeballqueen@gmail.com! *Hourglass N28 Primer *Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, 1N1 Ivory Nude *Elf Shimmering Facial Whip, Golden Peach *Tarte Creaseless Concealer, Light Sand *Cover Fx Cream Foundation, N100 *Mac Mineralized Skin Finish, Cheeky Bronze *Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit, Light/Medium *Mac Mineralized Blush, Uplifting *Becca Champagne Pop *Bareminerals Mineral Veil *Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

First things first, be sure to have an even base! No, I am not talking about acne marks poofing away, I am referring to any dull skin. For today I exfoliated my skin with Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel! I gently squeezed a hefty amount out then in circular motions rubbed it around my face. This stuff is only fascinating because anytime you see bunched up rolls, that is supposedly dead skin! I allowed the product to sit 2 minutes for extra exfoliation since this has lots of enzymes which soften the skin. After I washed it off with warm water and applied Fresh Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face.

Once your skin has absorbed the oil, or moisturizer of your choice, go ahead and apply primer! I have chosen Hourglass N28 Primer because it is my absolute favorite to use and makes my makeup glide on smoothly and last all day! I squeezed out half a pump into the palm of my hand, then smoothed it over my cheeks blending out toward my hairline, and any remaining primer was applied on my forehead, chin, and nose!

As far as foundation goes, I aimed for a super full coverage, and radiant finishing base! As you might of guessed, I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation and mixed it with Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach. Mixing the two together is COMPLETELY optional, I just prefer the extra glow! I simply poured a nickel sized amount of foundation onto the back of my hand, then squeezed the Elf tube for a pea sized amount of “Golden Peach”. Blending before hand is not necessary since the blending tool I am using is a Beauty Blender Pro!

Using the Beauty Blender Pro, specifically the rounder side, I dipped it into the two colors and gradually mixed them. Then, I gently stippled the product onto my left cheek near the side of my nose and blended the products out toward my hairline. I followed the same motion on the other side and made sure to blend right around my jaw as well. Any excess product was used on my chin, nose, and forehead!

Contouring for me is rather simple since I only draw a line from the hollows of my cheeks, and to the sides of my nose. I prefer adding more width than shrinking my face since it looks more real! I used the Cover Fx Cream Foundation in N100 for a nice brown toned contour. Be sure to not choose anything with orange reflects, or anything too taupe.

Using the same exact Beauty Blender Pro, I blended out both the contour and highlight. I first began with the lower half of my face and blended out the chin with light patting motions. Once I patted my way through the chin to jaw highlight I began blending in the cheek contour! To do so I turned my sponge sideways and blended upwards to form a lifted effect. After doing so, I proceeded in patted the highlight under both eyes and I slightly blended it into the contour to tone it down. To tie things together I blended my nose contour first with upwards motions, never down, and finished off with patting in the forehead highlight!

Now, I do know the Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze is not a bronzer but it leaves such an effortless glowy bronze effect that I HAD to use it! This has coral tones so it also compliments Elf Golden Peach beautifully. Using an Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush I swirled it into the shade and swept it under my cheek bones, under my jaw, slightly on the temples, and on the tip of my nose! Since this does has shimmer, stay away from using it as a contour shade.

To set the contour now that color is added back to the face, I used Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit. I was never quite fond about this product, but the contouring shade has been on par with my skin tone since the weather has caused it to lighten. Using the same Ambient Powder Brush I patted the contour shade right in the hollows of my cheeks with upward sweeping motions. Be sure to BLEND until the contour is not noticeable. I am not one of those people who love heavy contour- it looks terrible in regular lighting. After doing so, using the side of the brush chisel the sides of your nose until you get the desired nose shape. Again, be sure to REALLY blend this out! As for the highlighting shade I brushed it down my nose, on my forehead, and between the cheek+jaw contour for a bringing effect.

This is the first time in a while that I’ve decided on using a powder blush, but I figured why not! Using the Mac Mineralized Blush in Uplifting and a Mac 168 brush, I blended it up toward my hairline starting from the top of my cheek contour shade. I have noticed this shade is NOT in stock, so any coral shade will do (NYX Cream Blush Tickled, or Nars Orgasm).

To set my glow I swept my beauty blender across Becca’s Champagne Pop, then patted it in a “C” formation from my brow to cheek bone. Then, I brushed it right down the bridge of my nose and slightly put it onto my cupids bow!

I generally set my makeup after the shadow, just incase there is any errors, however to set I used a Sephora Multi-Tasker Powder Brush and went right into the Bareminerals Mineral Veil. I brushed the powder under my eyes, on my T zone, on my chin, and between my cheek and jaw contour. Then I set everything with Urban Decay All Nighter Spray!