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Lillee Jean 2015 New Years Dark Smokey Eye Makeup | Lillee Tutorials S01E01

Lillee Jean 2015 New Years Dark Smokey Eye Makeup | Lillee Tutorials S01E01

Today was rather usual because I had chosen an eyeshadow and basically worked around it for the final look. Today, ties have mended this is officially one of the best pressed pigment shadows I have used and to be honest I’m a big fan on the fact little to NO FALLOUT was prevalent!  In the video I added some color variation by showing you guys the look with pinkish nude lips (ABH Milkshake), because the eyes are flexible in color due to the purple leaning also grey.   With that being said use whatever makes you happy, after all this is a New Year’s makeup look.  I apologize for having no unclose eyeball image but the header photo above should suffice as change is good :)!  Also be dually noted that the baking method was used and I highly suggest you cream contour and prime your skin before, details on why will be explained below as always!  If you guys happen to have New Years makeup requests hit them my way by emailing me on the left side bar!

*Hourglass N28 Primer

*Too Faced Born This Way foundation, Porcelain 

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, Light (Banana, Cinnamon) *Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, Golden Light *Marc Jacobs instamarc Filtering Powder, Mirage Filter *Mac Well Dressed Blush *Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana  *Mac Mineralized Skin Finish, Lightscapade *BareMinerals Mineral Veil, Mineral Veil *Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

Lips pictured above are a mixture of Colourpop’s Liquid Lipstick in Avenue and Lime Crime’s Carousel lipgloss in Candy Apple

In my video lips are a mixture of Makeup Forever’s Aqua Lipliner in 5C and ABH Liquid Lip in Milkshake

            Right from the gecko I moisturized and cleansed my skin.  This will allow the following facial products to not only apply better, but last longer!  I simply scrubbed and washed off with warm water  Murad’s Time Release Acne Cleanser, then finished it off with Fresh’s Seaberry Oil.  If you’re using an oil like me be sure to allow the product to fully sink in your pores this way optimal skin benefits are reached, plus the fact a super oily base is not too good either!

          Once your moisturizer or oil is set move along to primer!  I know a lot of women/men don’t like using primer because its an extra step and sometimes can effect the foundation itself however for a New Years look in specific, it is a must! Starting from the center of your face spread the primer of your choice out towards your hairline, this is just the same as applying a moisturizer or oil product.  By the way, I found a duplicate Hourglass N28 primer so hopefully this will hold me out until next week!  Allow your primer to set 3-4 minutes, if it contains oil like mine allow it to set for 7 minutes total!

          Now onto foundation, which happens to be part of my favorite steps in makeup!  I began by squeezing out a pump onto the back of my hand.  Be sure to only use half the product as later in this makeup tutorial I use it to add extra coverage for my cream contouring as well as cover up my pesky liner mistake.  At any rate, with my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush I began to stipple the product onto all zones of my face.  While most emphasize the point of starting from the center and easing the foundation out to the hairline, I like to place the product onto my cheeks, forehead and chin.  After doing so I gradually buff and blend it out with a variety of patting and downward stroking motions!

          After the show Jersey Shore many of us got turned off to bronzers, understandably so.  However a bronzer is a necessity especially if you plan on cream contouring, or if you plan to use a heavy foundation.  If done correctly bronzers can add wonderful amounts of warmth to the skin and can give a person such a healthy glow.  Today I used Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Powder in Golden Light!  With my Nars #21 Contour brush, even though it sheds like crazy, I dusted the product from my temples, down to the hollows of my cheeks, and finally onto my jaw line.  Since the powder is matte you can use this as a straight setting contour powder and move along to contouring the nose, or do as I did and went the extra step to providing supreme depth.

             When you use a bronzer and finish with a contour powder duo such as Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powders, it creates a gradience that in my opinion looks most natural.  With that being said I took my Sephora #74 brush and re-contoured areas I had originally cream highlighted and contoured.  Be sure to BLEND until harsh lines disappear, use any motion just be sure the contour looks natural and not fake.  There is nothing more pet peevey to me than unblended contour lines, and trust me on New Years with all the lights going around you want to look your absolute best!

             Once you have set the contour completely move onto blush!  I chose Mac’s Well Dressed Blush since it added a nice hint of color that was not too overpowering for most lip colors (the point of this look was to be versatile and fit the needs of any individual).  With a Mac 168, I swirled into the powder and starting from the apples of my cheeks I blended up towards my cheek bones.  Really any baby pink blush with radiance will work however this one in particular works the best since it is a midtoned nude pink, thus working with any shadow or lipstick in store, and it lasts hours!

Lillee Jean 2015 New Years Dark Smokey Eye Makeup | Lillee Tutorials S01E01

After browsing through photos I took I decided this one was decent enough to explain what was done in depth.

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Caramel

*Nyx Black Eyeshadow Base

           Just as always I lined and filled my brows in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Caramel.  To do so I spoolied through each brow, using the Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush, then I lined them in to my desired shape and finished off by filling them in with light brush strokes mimicking natural brow hair.

        With this look in specific a black shadow base is a must!  Wether it be simply a black eyeliner or a literal shadow base like Nyx’s Black Eyeshadow Base, it is necessary.  With a flat eyeshadow brush such as Mac’s 239 evenly disburse the product onto your entire lid area.  If you want to you may pack up the pigment for the shimmery shades to come to appear more reflective!

*Mac Pressed Eyeshadow Pigment, Black Grape

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan/ Foiled Eyeshadow: Barcelona Beach, Day Dreamer, Corrupt

               Once you have applied your eyeshadow pace proceed to applying the pressed pigment.  Many people like to do this as a finishing step after the crease however I really left the work on the lids so I’d highly suggest doing it in this order!  Simply pat the shimmery shade onto your entire lid with either the same flat shader brush (Mac 239) or a cleaner brush.  This has SOO much pigment to it, with that being said work in layers to avoid fall out although its a very rare occurrence with this color.  Pack it on until you receive your desired pigment.  Be sure to drag this under your lower lash line as well for added depth.

         After applying Black Grape move along to adding depth to the crease.  I used Makeup Geek’s Barcelona Beach and eased it in with a Sephora #27 Brush.  You want to make sure the way you apply this color does not affect any of the shimmer particles.  To do so begin by gently patting the sandy brown to the outer lid and by GENTLY following your eye socket creasing ease the product in with side to side motions, if needed slight circular motions!

              After your transitional shade is set move along to a dark true black.  Being the pigment I have worked around is a deep purple incorporating black in the crease is a no-brainer.  To begin take a brush similar to Mac’s 219, I used Sephora’s #14 Pro Shadow Brush, and gently pat Corrupt on the outer lid area.  Once you have a good pigment slightly brush the shadow up while at the same time blending it into the transitional shade, if you must you can also switch to a fluffier brush to smooth the shadow out!  Only use side to side and patting motions when it comes to the black eyeshadow, it will save you the hassle of having a fully black eye, been there done that.

              The crease is simple and is literally the hardest part of this whole look being it is made up of patting variations with light and shimmery shades! Speaking of light and shimmery shades go into Makeup Geek’s Day Dreamer Foiled Eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners of your eye! I used my Electric Pallet brush since it was more convenient but any small shader brush will do.  Be sure that this shadow extends to the lower lash line as well and blends into Black Grape!

*Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner, Black Ink

                  Line your upper lash line with a thick cat eye flick.  If you happened to watch the video I made a slight boo boo, to fix the boo boo I once again took the excess foundation and patted it right on top.  This resulted in my grand idea to slightly smoke the flick out by taking my ring finger and brushing it upwards against the eyeliner.  I then lined my waterline with the ABH #12 brush!  I must say it is one versatile brush as I can not only do my brows but liner as well, and probably even lipliner.

*Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes, So Black!

*Kiss Eyelashes, Looks So Natural 

*HOL Lash Glue

            Finish off the look with mascara, I went for my new fond love Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes!  These give that perfect “plump” and voluminous lash look to the point lashes are COMPLETELY optional.  I actually happened to pick up the Kiss Eyelash set in Looks So Natural a few days ago so I decided to try em’ out.  Basically, hardest lashes ever.  These will break at any sudden tug, that includes removing them.  They lose their shape instantly so if you want to buy these please beware :).  After 15 minutes of applying and reapplying to get the right lash angle the end result was super pretty and not too over the top where it looked absolutely fake or odd!


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