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Lillee Jean BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Makeup Tutorial 2016

Out of ALL the dolls produced on the market today and in previous years, it’s pretty safe to say the Bratz win when it comes to dramatic and unique makeup styles! From uber smokey eyes paired with luscious red lips, to soft wintery hues topped off with glitter, how can one NOT take such an inspo from these role model figures?

The Bratz in particular owned their OWN magazine company, entrepreneurs, and always expressed themselves through fashion, makeup, and whatever came their way, practically optimists with a relatable personality stuck to each doll. Focus less on the looks, and more on the inside moral hidden behind the beauty.

*Marc Jacobs Under Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer

*Laura Mercier Luminous Foundation: Candleglow Soft, Ivory

*LA Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick, Plume

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer; Three (3) Pumps of Foundation; One (1) Pump of Primer

*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana

*Nars Highlighting Blush, Miss Liberty

Mac Duo-Fibre 159 brush

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick, Pure Hollywood

*Bobbi Brown Shimmer Gloss, Bellini

*Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation, 1 Warm Ivory

Beauty Blender Pro

*Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+

Striving ta’ look EXACTLY like a doll is absurd, but to mimic certain factors such as the makeup, fashion style, and overall message at hand with your own twist on it is certainly doable! Being I always begin with skin care, I am here to say, my skin is SUPER dried out right now. I suspect this is due to dehydration from being sick a few days ago! With that being said, rather tugging sensitive and broken skin, I instead applied two light coatings of my BodhiTreeNaturals Coconut Dry Face Cream too all zones of my face ensuring dry patches got evenly coated the most, the last thing I’d need is to amp up coverage because of flakey patches. Whenever my skin is in this scaly state, I work at a fast pace, the only time I sat back and relaxed was when I allowed the moisturizer to sink deep into my pores for around 3 minutes time! Yesterday I told you beauties how much I DREADED Laura Mercier’s Candleglow Soft foundation, as a new reformed person, I am here too say I had the foundation completely WRONG, this just goes to prove sometimes things need a few tries as each is created differently. Though the tiny pump issue stands still, the actual application process changed once I found out you have to WARM the product up first prior too applying, something I generally don’t do, but for this I shall! Anyhoo, before physically blending the foundation out, I took exactly ONE pump of my Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, and smoothed the formula onto my skin starting from the center of my face massaging out towards my hairline, the more moisture the better in my case. Now, taking exactly three pumps of my Laura Mercier’s Candleglow Soft Foundation in the shade Ivory, I took my ring finger and softly smoothed the product back and forth “warming” the texture up to a creamy liquid like delight! Picking up my Morphe M439, I began buffing the foundation onto my skin with short stippling motions starting from areas needing most coverage to those needing sheerer finishes– as a quick tip, for those with dry patchers stick with cream formulas as well as STIPPLING motions, this’ll glide over and emphasize patches less as opposed to straight liquids and circular blends. I personally prefer VERY disbursed out blush application, so taking LA Girl’s Velvet Blush Contour Stick in Plume (best match to the dolls blush) I smudged it across my M439 brush by Morphe then proceeded to patting it across my cheeks beginning from the apples stippling up towards my hairline, this forms an uplifted appearance without heavy contouring!

BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Mauve Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean
BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Mauve Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

Dolls typically are NOT glazed donuts, in fact they encompass a youthful sheen, not like plastic, if that was on your mind. To achieve this aesthetic, I first took a pea-sized amount of my Nars Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana onto the back of my hand, then gently blended it across the high points of my face using a Mac Duo-Fibre 159 Brush! Using that SAME brush, I then swept into Nars’s Highlighting Blush in Miss Liberty and applied it onto any areas Copacabana originally gazed upon. Although Meygan has glittery pinkish red lips, I decided to take creative common on this one and use Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood paired with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Gloss in Bellini, shimmering, but not obnoxiously glittery! Too set my skin I FIRMLY patted Bobbi Brown’s Skin Weightless Powder Foundation under any highlighting zones of my face using a Beauty Blender Pro, mainly the under eyes for brightening effects and on the sides of my nose to conceal redness, then sprayed on Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix+ too ensure long wearing shift free makeup would be in my future ;). We’re coming near this point once again where dolls have one feature, but you might not– dolls happen to have matte skin finishes, however that does NOT mean you must too, take inspiration, do not follow in full, especially when matte finishes for someone like me with dry skin makes my face look icky!

Lillee Jean BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Makeup Tutorial 2016
BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Mauve Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, Auburn

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk

*Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet: Cashew Chew (lid, lower lash line); Almond Truffle (crease); Mocha (inner third, outer third); Malted (inner third, outer third); Divinity (center of lid)

Lillee Jean BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Makeup Tutorial 2016
BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Mauve Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

Isn’t it interesting how you can have ONE pallet with similar shades, hues, and textures, yet create so many combinations? I always was fascinated with this concept because in reality the, using the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet as an example, it is full of pink hues, nothing vibrant, nor smokey YET you can create looks of both those natures. To kick off the eye makeup, I first defined and filled my brows in using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Auburn, then smudged Nyx’s Strawberry Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil across both my lids making sure too blend evenly up towards my brow bones and under my lower lash lines! The first shade up is Cashew Chew, this mid-toned pink is PERFECT for an all over lid shade and transitional hue. Taking my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender brush, I softly dusted the shade across both my lids with side to side motions, I then dipped into Almond Truffle and smoked the hue into my crease, both colors were dragged down to my lower lash line for dimension and drama! Switching tools to a denser yet fluffier bristled brush, M433 Morphe Brush, I began creating a halo eyed effect with Mocha by dragging the shade with smudging motions onto the inner third of my lid and outer third, be sure to build up decent pigment with this bad boy to ensure an EVEN disbursing of color is achieved, the same process was taken over using Malted eyeshadow. If given a closer look, Meygan’s eyeshadow has a STRONG center lid highlight, rather taking Cashew Chew onto the center of my lid, I went with Divinity and very gently applied it with smearing motions! As far as a clean up goes, I picked up my Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush and swished through my crease using tiny circular motions, harsh unblended lines is NOT something Bratz dolls have.

Lillee Jean 2016 BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Makeup Tutorial
BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Mauve Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean BRATZ Meygan Pink Winter Dream Glittery Mauve Makeup Tutorial 2016 | Lillee Jean

I wish they made Wet N’ Wild’s Confetti Glitter collection still, this collection happens to be one of the BEST drug store glitters I’ve ever come across yet! Aside from this, glitter can get quite messy, so rather the mess, I decided to take a pea-sized amount of my Too Faced Glitter Glue and place it gently on the center of my lids using a cleaned index finger. Now taking a Mac 252 Shader Brush, I began packing the pink glittery shade onto the center of my lids until I felt adequate pigment was achieved! As far as eyeliner goes, I wiped off the Mac 252 brush onto a clean paper towel, then dipped into Mac’s Creme Liner (activated by water) and applied it to my upper lash line with soft medium thick wings, the waterline was coated twice with Mac’s Teddy Eye Kohl. Mascara wise I smudged on the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara mainly onto my lower lashes, several times, then applied KoKo Lashes in Amore! Try to stick within the range of VERY spikey and dramatic volume lashes, it’ll create width and length to your eyes. Why is that important? Well, if ya’ haven’t noticed the Bratz have HUGE eyes– in no way, shape, or form do I condone using eye enlarging photoshop nor eye enlarging contacts, keep it where you still shine through the makeup, after all the slogan for Bratz Dolls is the following, “Be Confident! Be Creative! Be YOU!”, can’t get bettah’ than that! Typed with love as always, Lillee Jean Trueman XOXO.


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