• Lillee Jean

Dressy casual petite Fashion to welcome august | Lillee Jean

Hey Jeaniez, and as always, WELCOME BACK :)! Today we welcome in August 1st, which is so peculiar to me. It seems just yesterday the Spring was beginning, as flowers began to bloom, and brown turned to green. I wanted to share with you all my petite queen outfit of the day! I paired a cropped dressy top from Forever 21, with some sculpting jeans from Gap, and shoes from Asos.

The pop of color from the shoes, with a squared off toe, really accented the white top, featuring a slight ruffle! The ruffle helps create that "shape" and elongated look, while the mid rise jeans, also cut off, to create a "longer leg" vibe. Hope you love, and as always wear your mask going out, and KEEP SAFE!!!