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The Lillee Jean Review: E.l.f. Cosmetics Haul 2017

          Who doesn’t want to be an ELF for the holidays? Uh, I DO! ME! ME! PICK ME! Christmas elves are just the cutest, and due to the fact they also are fabulous gift makers…and between you and I, fabulous GIFT choosers, they make fabu friends! What does that all mean you might be asking yourself? Well, the other day I decided to go on an e.l.f. Cosmetics store haul! I picked up some beautiful lipsticks, paired with a new eyebrow pomade, and a wonderous eyeshadow palette fit with lovely rose gold shades. Being I haven’t done a haul in QUITE some time, I hope you Jeaniez enjoy! To reinstate, EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT was purchased with my own money, and therefore this is not a sponsored blog post. Any opinions expressed, and any experiences said are of my own, and are not influenced by ANY means! Do you wanna’ e.l.f.?

E.l.f. Cosmetics Haul | Lillee Jean 2017

No primer was used! These are all ONE SWIPE swatches done with my finger. The darker colors towards the bottom do appear slightly sheer, however when blended on the eyelids these really do pop! I suggest using fluffy blenders, and really concentrating the darker colors into the crease. For the lighter shades I suggest using a wet brush for optimal shimmer and glow!

Let’s begin with the star of the show, the Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette! Some might say it is quite similar to Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, but others like myself might just say it tis’ outright fabulous and unique in its own way. This palette retails for $10.00, and features numerous highlighting shades, definition shades, as well as shading shades! Like most e.l.f. packaging, it features a sturdy plastic case, printed with “e.l.f.” on the front cover, with “Nude Rose Gold” printed on the back. This palette has 10 glorious colors ranging from matte to shimmer textures, and has a net weight of 14g!

              See my swatches above. All are finger swatched with one stroke (no blends, no brush), and no primer. For 10 dollars the pigment was rather amazing, and of course being the stickler I am for shimmer shades, sensational! I noticed that some colors leaned patchy the darker they became, however on the flip side I noticed when applied to my EYELIDS the colors reacted beautifully and blended seamlessly! Overall I would rate this palette a 7.5/10. The pigment could be better, however, it worked for me.  I am one who does prefer sheerer shades, and more “every day” blends in with your skin like milk color ranges! Please note there is a pop of blue/purple in the mix which I believe might make a mean smokey eye.

E.l.f. Cosmetics Haul | Lillee Jean 2017

Here is Raspberry Truffle Kiss! It leans more red, and does sink heavily into my lip lines, but I must say the gorg color saves it.

E.l.f. Cosmetics Haul | Lillee Jean 2017

Here is e.l.f. cosmetics Red Kiss. You can see a HINT of redness, but overall the color is sheer and truly a lip oil. I do like how there is a hint of shimmer to it! Feathering was not noticeable, and actually nonexistent!

Tinted Lip Oil, MMM! e.l.f. even adds in the fact that it is a nourishing product. WOOP WOOP! I actually picked these up since for some reason I’ve been into that “hint of color” look with a glossy veil topped off. According to e.l.f. the Tinted Lip Oil’s are, “…infused with Jojoba, Apricot, and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your lips with each application.” Now, I must say from the start I did feel instant hydration to my lips, with a SLIGHT tingly sensation. The oil lasted for 2 hours, then faded to a beautiful stain, lasting 10 hours, until I used some coconut oil! The two colors I picked up include Raspberry Truffle Kiss, which online looked a bit more “raspberry”, and Red Kiss which is a sheer and sparkly red color. Above are lip swatches, on my bare lips without any primer, and without any photo, enhancements to improve color!

          Besides Raspberry Truffle coming off more as a BROWNED raspberry than a magenta like hue I was extremely satisfied with the colors I purchased, and the way they wore! The only con I see is that the consistency between both products varies, and thus leads me to believe with other colors this follows through the same way. For example, Raspberry Truffle Kiss is VERY pigmented, however, FEATHERS terribly. You can see this based on the edges of my lips from the swatches above. It sorta created a veined effect and sunk into the natural lines my lips have. On the other hand, Red Kiss is sheer and doesn’t feather to any noticeable level. Overall, they’re magnifique, and a 7.5/10 for me! I am quite the sucker for lip oil’s so, that being said I will be purchasing more. They retail at only $6.00 a pop. Ooo! Yes. I forgot to mention that I really love the “plump” lip effect it gave me, and how succulent the colors appeared. Yummy, and juicy!

E.l.f. Cosmetics Haul | Lillee Jean 2017

With ANY product of this nature one shall yield SHEER results! So don’t rule this baby out! Give it a try.

                 A puuurfect berry color. Does that exist? According to e.l.f. it does! They created their own “Gotta Glow Lip Tint” in three shades: peach, pink, and berry. They’re said to react with the bodies chemistry and they’re said to deliver a beautiful and personalized shade of peach, pink or berry! I went with berry since it is autumn! First off this retails for $6.00 and feels extremely smooth on the lips. It features a gel-based formula and includes shea butter which is ULTA moisturizing! Within one coat you shall receive a berry hue, not too pigmented, but with TWO coats one receives an even more pigmented berry color. Now, I’m not quite sure HOW customized the color is since I have heard of products that react with your bodies chemistry, but hey, I’m loving the look it gave me! The color turned into a beautiful stain. See my swatches above. I tried to show how the color looks between 1-3 swatch applications, so you Jeaniez can get a good idea of how cool this product is! I would flat out rate it an 8/10! Oooh, yay. Pink and peach are going to be such fun colors on my next shopping haul…I mean…uh. OOO! You caught me!

                   Matte is matte! I am VERY…no, no, no, EXTREMELY picky when it comes to my liquid lipsticks. I do not have chapped lips, to my luck, so when a formula dries my lips out to no end and CRACKS, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. No pun intended. Going into this little e.l.f. haul I was contemplating purchasing their liquid lipsticks, but that beauty lover side of me said, “ooooh, you know you want to try them.” WELL! As you guys know last week I did an all e.l.f. branded makeup look, which was my first test using the liquid lipsticks and I honestly fell in love. Somehow they created such a formula that is not too drying, is matte, but DOES NOT crack!  With that being the case, I went ahead the following week and purchased Red Vixen, as well as Wine Tour.  If you would like to see Blushing Rose click here!  Red Vixen is like a neutral to cool-toned deep red, while Wine Tour is a beautiful rich purple that reminds me of Catnip by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, both did not adhere to the waterlines of my lips, which creates an odd look. The colors both looked a little odd, and almost TOO creamy. Above are photos with ZERO edits, no lip primer, and no other applicator.

At any rate, these retail for $5.00 and are enriched with Vitamin E. The applicator stick is a diamond shape which helps with getting into the sidelines of the lips, as well as creating the perfect bow! I must say, these are great, feel lightweight, dry down in just the perfect amount of time, and last several hours, but that waterline issue does have me saying “hmmmm.” Simply said, a 7.5/10 rating!

                 Coming to an end to our haul I decided to mix the brow review with the liquid eyeshadow review! First off, I purchased e.l.f.’s Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in the color Rose Gold! I wasn’t certain which color I wanted since they all seemed SO beautiful, but I made amends with a rose gold since it is the best of two worlds. E.l.f likes to say this is a WASH of color and a liquid eyeshadow! One will achieve a metallic look that dries down and does not budge. The formula features Vitamin E, which helps hydrate, and does create a nice and fair game for blending! It softens to product up. My thoughts on this product go as such — it glided on my eyelids without any effort, and blended beautifully! I for one was taken back by the shimmering reflects of rose gold, and two was in love on how brought out my blue eyes. My only thoughts on those testing out this product are to give it a CHANCE! Creasing did not occur for me, and I found the formula quite nice since it easily was built up. Have an open mind, is all I’m saying! I highly recommend using your finger to smudge this baby out, too. See above for my swatch. This deserves an 8.5/10!

        This leaves us with the Lock On Liner & Brow Cream. For a while, I was searching for a replacement on my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, and I feel I FOUND IT! This little gem, which I purchased in Taupe Blonde is BEYOND creamy and is very multi-purpose. Think about it. This can be used as an eyeshadow, taupe defines, and even a pretty eyeliner to lightly define fair skinned girls lashes! Anyhow, I was delighted by the way my eyebrows were naturally filled out, and delighted by the fact it was a HAIR COLOR MATCH! YIPPIE! This deserves a 9/10. It also is quite long wearing, which makes me happy, hehe. Above, along with Rose Gold is the product on my brows. Now, I don’t do “Instagram” brows, I do natural brows, so please note this will look different depending on the eyebrow style you fancy. For $4.00, it tis’ a YES from Lillee!



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