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Lillee Jean Earthy Bronzed Taurus Shimmer Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

Lillee Jean Earthy Bronzed Taurus Shimmer Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

Lillee Jean Earthy Bronzed Taurus Shimmer Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016

                              I gently spoolied through both brows just to tame and shape them a tad.  I then proceeded to lining the upper brow and lower brow to the point where both ends met and the tail of my eyebrow, after doing so I began to fill my brows in with light upward brush strokes.  Everything was topped off with one extra spoolieing! Some people prefer to go over with clear gel OR colored brow gel, but personally this stuff stays all day none of that is needed UNLESS you have very oily skin.

                             Prior to applying my Elf Smudge Pot, I briefly blended in Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to my lid area and up to my brown bone.  I used Milk as a strong base shade for the Colourpop shadow that’ll be added to the crease- blending up Brownie Points will just create a huge metallic black eye. After the shade was fully dispersed I moved onto patting Brownie Points across my lid using an Urban Decay Electric Pallet brush (eyeshadow brush side)!  Though it’s really not necessary to pack up pigment, I did do so just for a metallic sheen. By this point the lid’s are primed, move onto the crease because the lid shades are patted on towards the end as this is the best method for application!

                                There are one of two ways to go about this look, either rustic vibes OR super smokey vibes.  I opted in for the rustic route because it screams outdoorsy and is super sexy on it’s own! Using my Mac 217 brush, I picked up Frappe and began to gently ease the shade into my crease.  Frappe is very similar to Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear, either or will work in this instance!  Be sure to stick with side to side blending motions with the occasional tiny circular motion to blend the product upwards.  If you must build up pigment work in light layers NEVER a lump sum of color!  If you happen to of used the same method I did with a base shade first then the smudge pot directly on the lid, you’ll reap it’s benefits with using Melrose in the crease.  Melrose is a stunning color, but is quite difficult to blend.  Stick with the 217 brush for the purpose of it being coarse, thus it’s easy to pick up the product! Using slight side to side motions I firmly placed this right in the inner V of my eye with fluent blending strokes. Melrose is a few shades deeper than Frappe, don’t get the bright idea to swap the shades BOTH are needed as Melrose gives the smokey copper effect! Once Melrose is fully blended in, the drama starts picking up.  The next deepest shade I had handy was Hot Chocolate from the ABH Self-Made Pallet, and luckily it also mimicked warm tones! Following the same pattern of side to side motions used with the previous shades, I blended Hot Chocolate in. Unlike the previous shades I concentrated it right in the inner V and smudged it down to my outer lid, which formed a gradience and smoked effect!  Too keep up with the drama being created I took Sexpresso and literally went to town. I smudged SOO much of this shade into the inner V it’s not even funny!  In the midst of doing so I took a tad of Corrupt and mixed it heavily into ABH’s Deep Plum (to add a warmth) and placed it right into the inner V, this time closer to my lid.

                                  After you add Corrupt/Deep Plum into the crease leave it alone and move forth to the lower lash line!  The first shade I had added is Subterranean by Sugarpill, it’s a super unique color that mimics blue-green notes WHICH compliments Lumi (inner corners) extremely well.  Using my Mac 219 Pencil brush I harshly smudged Subterranean across the lower lash line stopping at the inner corners of my eye.  A lot of this requires prior placement knowledge because I stopped the smudging process exactly in the area I’d apply Fizz!  Speaking of Fizz, using the same 219 brush I gently applied it right in the inner corners of my eyes, sans the tear duct.  Fizz requires build up, be patient it’s better than using your fingers and making a mess that’ll take forever to cover up!  After I had Fizz applied and built up to my desired pigment I moved forth in applying BH cosmetics Lime Green Glitter right on top.  This requires NO glitter glue, it’s simply a light patting of glitter to enhance the green/yellow shade!  The last color you’ll need to apply is Lumi, this should be placed slightly above Fizz but directly in the tear duct area.  I highly suggest sticking with brushes and NOT using your fingers!

                            Moving back uptown to the lids I patted Boyband across Brownie Points using slight upward and side tug motions, avoid side to side blending motions as that’ll sheer the color out! This is an absolutely stunning color, super ideal for everyday wear and it lasts 7+ hours WITHOUT primer which is pretty damn good.  After applying Boyband generously to my lids I had the bright idea of creating a “halo” eye effect, sort of like with my Bronze Goddess look! Using Honeypot from the Too Faced Natural Eyes Pallet, I gently smudged it in the center of my lids.  I didn’t really worry about a pigment build up as this was a faint sheen of color!

                             This just came to my head now- if you don’t happen to own ANY Colourpop shadows Makeup Geek’s Havoc shadow would be an awesome alternative as it leans copper-green in tone!  Anyhoo, after I had dazzled up my eyes I then moved onto lining and defining for a fierce look.  Unlike my Aries Fired Glitter tutorial where the liner was sharp and in an Egyptian style, this look calls for a more softly blended YET intense pigment!  To get that effect I first lined my upper lash line using the ABH Creme Liner in Jet with my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush.  Surprisingly this brush is SUPER amazing when it comes to applying eyeliner, in fact I even apply Jet to my waterline and was able to smudge it down under my lower lashes! To form more of a “darkness” since Taurus can go from very mellow to dark in their ways I picked up corrupt and smudged it heavily on top of Subterranean using the Mac 219 from before.  Begin to finish up the look by coating you lashes with your favoriiiiiiteee mascara!  Though the Too Faced Better Than Sex is an older love of mine, I couldn’t find my Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes, so I had to settle :(.  Just like the highlighter has a personality, so do the lashes!  If you so much as think lashes are not important, you’re out of this Lillee realm!!!!!!!  Kiss’s lashes in Ritzy are the perfect combo of flirty and intense, choose a lash style that will not cover the eye makeup, only enhance, keep in mind Taurus goes head and head with being natural in style but also very head strong in their opinions, thus a balance of two is needed!


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