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Effortless & Smokey Warm Toned Makeup Look

BRRR! Here in New York it not only is super chilly, it’s SNOWING! I’m one of those people who loves snow as it falls, but once the humans come out, I despise it. Anyone with me? Moving aside from my personal foes, today I’ve put together an uber smokey makeup look that’ll only take 15 minutes of your time, and only 6 makeup products out of your caddies. Basically, behind this look is my interpretation of Winter snow storms. I think of fireplaces, burning candles, and extremely cozy environments, thus the warm toned makeup that kinda gives you the vibe of, “HOT TEA PLEASE.” Hahahaha, you thought I’d say hot chocolate, huh? Yeah, not quite the fan of chocolate as being a pre-diabetic, just not in my tasting pallet anymore, and frankly I don’t miss it– cereal with a pinch of cinnamon sounds good.

A few pointers to be aware of IS, you will need at least one blendable cream shadow, or stick since these products form easy dimension. Also, you will need to realize less is ALWAYS more! In the Wintertime, especially with brisk weather people have the misconception that applying more cosmetic products will protect them from harsh weather conditions. NOPE. A good SPF, moisturizer, and foundation that accompanies your skin type is what’ll save you. Cakey makeup will only clog your pores, and in my studies, can sink deep enough to effect hormonal changes (we’ll get into this on another time frame since I’m creating my OWN cosmetic line, Lillee Jean Cosmetics– and oh yes, I WILL be the one mixing, and choosing the ingredients).

Phew, that certainly was a mouth full! Scroll down below for the product list, along with a tiny description of how the product was used. I do not condone affiliate programs, hence why you won’t see a slide show photos, only links. OKAY? OKAY! Let’s get to it!

Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced

Equal parts of coconut oil, highlighter, and foundation pigment.

(YAY, my skin is clearing up finally)

Mac Cosmetics – Lipstick, Brick-o-la

I actually had on coconut oil as a moisturizer beforehand

so the texture might seem more glossy!

Mac Cosmetics – Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill Pan, Brun (brows)

Laura Mercier – Caviar Stick Eye Color: Cocoa, Rose Gold

Ever since I purchased this product, I’ve been IN LOVE!

Cocoa was first smudged across my lids, then blended in with a Mac 224 brush.

Cocoa was then applied once more with a concentration on my crease.

This took a good 4 build ups to form adequate pigment, without a harsh effect!

Whatever was left over, was swooped across my lower lash lines, upper lash lines

and of course was glided on my waterlines for drama. Rose Gold was applied towards the inner corners of my eyes, and softly on my brow bones as a highlight!

L’Oreal Makeup – Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara

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