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Lillee Jean Electric Makeup 2015

Lillee Jean Electric Makeup 2015

Instead of washing my face and scrubbing like CRAZY I opted in for Fresh’s Rose Mask. I allowed the product to sit on my skin for an elongated 10 minutes, rather the recommended 5, just to capture more moisture in my skin. After washing it for with lukewarm water I proceeded to moisturize with my Fresh Seaberry Oil. I gently dabbed the product on my forehead, nose, chin, and all over my cheeks.

After the oil has soaked into your pores, go ahead and apply only a pea-sized amount of your favorite primer. Today I went for Dr Brandt’s Pores No More because my skin was super moisturized and my normal N28 primer would create an oily complexion. Once the primer has sunken in your skin go onto the next step, which is foundation.

Honestly, this weather is retched. My skin is super flakey and just, yuck! To combat this I went for a super full coverage yet glowy foundation, better known as my new favorite Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. This stuff glides over EVERYTHING. If done right you can easily add some oil to smooth over any dry patches too! I only used one pump and my usual Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush. I began by taking some of the product and patting it onto the left side of my face, then the right. After patting it on I smoothed it out from my nose out to the sides of my face for more natural coverage. Any excess product went towards my chin and forehead!

Even though the foundation has A1 coverage, there were still some spots I had so I touched them up with Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able concealer. This product is also very creamy and radiant. I took my Sephora Multi-Tasker Powder Brush and stippled the formula onto any red spots. Unlike in other tutorials, I did NOT set this with a powder because I’d look like a big dry patch. This works in my favor anyway because the concealer lasts up to 7 hours, from my own experimentation.

I used a small concealer brush by Sephora and contoured under my cheekbones, the sides of my nose, and my jaw line. Then I went right into G10 to highlight under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, my forehead, my chin, and between the jaw+cheekbone contour. As you can see from the left, the highlight I do varies in shape. For example, on the forehead I like to create a wider base. To do so I create 3 thick lines stemming from the bridge of my nose. It basically looks like this: |/ . Right after placing on the product i went to blending heaven and blended in the contour+highlight shades. I used an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and used circular motions to make sure the coverage was even and not patchy. I occasionally wiped off the brush just to make sure the colors stayed distinct from each other.

Before going into a bronzer I just allowed the product’s to set for a few minutes. To maintain a luminous completion I went into my Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny! I used to use this ALL the time last winter as it brings so much color back to the face. I used my Tarte Swirl Powder brush and swept the color under my cheek bones, on my jaw line, and the temples. Since this isn’t matte i avoided applying it to the sides of my nose!

After adding the color back to your skin use a powder contouring product to redefine the areas you’d like to make stand out more! Where I cream contoured + highlighted is the exact areas I powder contoured. For example, using the Marc Jacobs instamarc filtering powders, I took the banana shade under my eyes, on my forehead, and on my chin with a #74 Sephora brush. Then, using the same technique and brush I contoured the hollows of my cheeks, my jaw line, and the sides of my nose!

Going back into my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I applied a cream blush. This brush for only $8.00 is truly amazing and has lasted me two years WITHOUT shedding. I stippled on Nyx Cream blush in Glow then went right into Benefits high beam. I brushed the product onto the Elf UBB and once again, stippled it on my cheekbones in a “c” motions and on the bridge of my nose in a single streak. To set this I lightly dusted on Becca’s Champagne Pop with a Sephora Teardrop Highlighter brush.

Although I save my setting powders for the last step, I dusted on Bare Minerals Mineral veil with the Sephora Multi-Tasker brush. I concentrated it mainly on my underage area and T zone. Then, I went ahead and sprayed Urban Decay’s All nighter to make sure my makeup lasted several hours and remained fresh!

Lillee Jean 2015 Electric Makeup

This part was super fun since I only used about 7 colors total! These type of looks are the best because while it seems I used A LOT when in reality, I did not. It’s all in the blending here so make sure you have TWO blending brushes. One coarse, and another super fluffy and slightly large.

*Anastasia Bev. Hills Dipbrow Pomaid in Blonde

I doubt I am the only human being who shaves my brows- but I do so, before actually applying the dip brow I shaped them a bit, and I must say the shaving method is much easier than plucking 50 billion hairs. Anyhooo I lined and filled in each brow with a #12 ABH brush using the color “Blonde”. While I do alternate between blonde and soft brown, I wanted a more natural brow just to even out the entire look:).

*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

To make “Freak” stand out along with Savage I went for a white base, in specific Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk! I drew on a few dashes then blended up to my brow bone and under my eyes with my ring finger- nothing more, nothing less. Be sure to only use a little product because too much causes A LOT of creasing!

To begin the look I patted on Freak to my entire eyelid. I used the Smashbox Full Exposure brush, but any fluffy shader brush will do! Be sure to pat the color on until the desired brightness is reached.

After doing so, I took a fluffy Sephora blending brush and blended Peach Smoothie by Makeup Geek into the crease. This acts as a transitional shade for the bright pink to come! Speaking of bright pink, in small circular motions I blended Savage into Peach Smoothie with a 217 Mac Brush. Make sure to NOT blend all the way up and concentrate to color in the inner V rather full crease.


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