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Lillee Jean Everyday Burnt Orange Spring Makeup Look 2017

Lillee Jean Everyday Burnt Orange Spring Makeup Look 2017

Spring is a season that can bring many challenges to one’s everyday makeup routine! Between constantly having that urge to wear a new lippie each day, which prolongs any morning routine, to being unsure of how to even go about your full-faced makeup due to the ever-changing cool-to-hot weather, your LILLEE understands, and of course has all of you love bunnies covered. How, you might ask? Simply said, burnt orange, with using a popular eyeshadow pallet might I add, is quite flattering on an array of complexions, and is perfect for the in-between Spring-Summer transition. In fact, burnt orange pairs wonderfully with orange reds, warm pinks, light nudes, and so on! One factor I love most about this wearable look is that the way you want this final look to come out truly depends on YOU as a person. For example, I took the route of looking ethereal, but with a more rusted eye shadow, and darker lips, this could turn out to be more on the sultry side of things! Nevertheless, of what you choose, I hope you loves enjoy, AND HAPPY EASTER XOXO.

Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Foundation is a custom blend, I produced

2 parts of coconut oil, and foundation pigment.

Nars Cosmetics – Lipgloss, Striptease

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade, Auburn

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Pallet: Burnt Orange (blended out towards my hairline, from the crease to the lower lash lines), Raw Sienna light definition), Primavera (inner corners, brow bones)

Laura Mercier – Caviar Stick Eye Color, Cocoa (blended up into the crease, as well as on the waterlines with a clean index finger. I built the pigment up gradually until I was satisfied.)

L’Oreal Makeup – Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara


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