• Lillee Jean

EXA Beauty High Fidelity Foundation, 530 Terese and PRIMER CREDO BEAUTY REVIEW 2020 | Lillee Jean

Hey Jeaniez :)! Today I test out the new Credo Beauty, EXA BEAUTY collection! Along with the High Fidelity Clean Foundation line, expanding almost 43 shades, and a good-for-you primer, I dive right in, but get to the point in less than 10 minutes.

In short, EXA is a private-label makeup line, created by Credo Beauty. According to Credo, "Exa stands to revolutionize the clean category." I love the way this sounds, and appreciate their approach to inclusive ranges, for ALL people.

Upon researching further, the birth of EXA, is when Credo realized in the "clean beauty category," there was a severe GAP in not only shade range, but makeup tones in general. They stepped up, and born was EXA.

The shade I found matched me best, based on their website, is 530 Terese, a fair neutral shade. For reference I am Swan, in the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Upon receiving the item, my first thoughts are simple. The packaging is divine, and gives the message of being fierce, forward thinking (bold teal, but not too flashy), and yields a "does the job" vibe. I appreciate the expiration date's on BOTH products, and how a "how to dispose" is present. Very important!! Upon opening, you will find a carton holds the foundation (and primer) solid. The foundation bottle itself, and primer, feel like an expensive parfum-- not lightweight, not heavy, but has FEELING. The caps slide on tight, but not too much, while the design is sleek, but still rounded for a ergonomic feel.

Texture wise, the primer is SMOOTH. I have dry skin, so as you can imagine, I'm picky about my primers!!! I felt, upon rubbing in, with gentle circular motions the product developed a lotion/oil disbursement. It isn't quite tacky, but does the job, as it claims to SMOOTH skin out!!! The foundation has an ample amount of oil, which I was delighted by. Dry skin hearts oil!!! If I would have shaken the bottle MORE, as it directs, probably I would have never seen the separation on the back of my hand. The down and dirty is as follows: The foundation DOES NOT oxidize. Gorgeous shade, very satin smooth on the skin. The duo together react well with more creamy concealers, and both do not disrupt one another. I prefer the foundation with a brush as coverage for me was light-medium, but with a sponge, you get a nice "skin like" vibe. The sponge side I easily could have taken a French girl beauty approach with less foundation, and more concealer for spot areas.

Overall I was pleased with results in person, and ON CAMERA!! Let me know down below your thoughts, Jeaniez, and thank you Credo :)!


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