• Lillee Jean

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Review (Dragon Mami, Freckle Fiesta)

Fenty Beauty has been all the craze since Rhianna launched the brand about a year ago. I decided to GIVE IN to the hype, and personally buy myself two lipsticks that I felt would really look amazing on me! I not only have done a YouTube video for a live demo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF2kQwDeNac&t=28s) but for a month I’ve been posting with the FENTY lips, to see how you #jeaniez perceive the colors and formulation on my lips.

An ultra slim lipstick with a longwearing, petal-soft matte finish, now in a rainbow of 24 weightless, color-intense shades each designed to flatter all skin tones. www.FentyBeauty.com

Let’s begin with the obvious, RIRI has her name that brings in FENTY, but the product does speak for itself! Dragon Mami, the newest edition to the almost 40 color and counting plethora of lippies, is a BEAUTIFUL bright coral color. Naturally, I gravitated towards it due to the plush finish, and knowing corals make my eyes BLUE.

A few things I noticed is this color goes on almost like…paper? It feels super SOFT, and there is no tugging, yet it actually makes the noise of rubbing your hands on paper. Good news is this is no paper. So yay, save the trees! I loved the pigment, and how long it lasted throughout all my Silly Lillee Jean giggles. Is it worth $18.00? Sure, if marketed right. I mean, the sound did put me off, and how I did have to apply TWO layers, BUT it did last and was a pretty color!

The last shade I bought was Freckled Fiesta! I love the name, and LOVE that burnt orange color. This had a MUCH different feel than Dragon Mami and was LITERALLY one swipe, no paper feeling, and was that matte I hoped for. Creamy…but still! I also was fond of the way this made my eyes SUPER blue and my skin super creamy.

All in all I cannot wait to try out other shades! Dragon Mami was a bit weird in texture leaving me at a 8/10, but Freckled Fiesta was my IDEAL texture of a lipstick, leaving me at 10/10.

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