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Fresh Faced Spring Makeup with Orange Lipstick ft. lilah b.

     When I think of Spring makeup, the first two things that pop into my mind include cherry blossom pink and coral oranges! However, here’s the catch, I also think of Spring as a time to remove the layers and be free with oneself. What better way to do that than with CLEAN, or “natural” beauty products?

     As you Jeaniez know, a month ago I touted out lilah b. products in my sensitive skin YouTube video. Funny enough, here I am showing you love’s some lilah b. goodies courtesy of Justice, who is a doll. This blog post will be a two-part sorta’ thing! The first part will be on makeup look details, while the second part shall be on the products themselves and my HONEST review of each item.

Disclaimer: lilah b. sent me their beautiful product line, for me to enjoy and share out with you love’s! ALL products that are “lilah b.” brand, besides the Aglow face mist were sent to me complimentary of working w/ Lilah b. Any opinions expressed towards the brand, or product are of my OWN. I was NOT PAID to review or sponsor their product, but to SHARE with you lovies! NONE OF THE LINKS YOU CLICK ON ARE SPONSORED, NOR AFFILIATE. 

“With less, you are more!” is lilah b.’s slogan. Which I totally believe is TRUE. For a while, I walked around like everyone else. A full face of foundation, contour, blush, highlighter…LASHES! Now, I walk as my own person, me. Fresh, and looking like myself. I suppose my message to you Jeaniez is to always stay true to yourself.  Do what feels best, and most comfortable for YOU, but never HIDE who you are with the means of makeup!

Foundation: lilah b. | Flawless Finish Foundation, b. Classic

I was actually SHOCKED that b. Classic, which is a medium shade fit my skin SO well! This foundation is silky smooth and glowy. Most importantly, I enjoyed not having any allergic reactions due to the enriching formula!

Lips: lilah b. | Divine Duo Lip & Cheek, b. Daring

Eyes: lilah b. | Palette Perfection Eye Quad, b. Stunning (light gold for highlights)

Glow: lilah b. | Glisten + Glow Skin Illuminator

Brow’s: Anastasia Beverly Hills | Tinted Brow Gel, Caramel

Mascara: L’Oreal Paris | Voluminous Carbon Black Volumizing Mascara 

Setting: lilah b.| Aglow Face Mist

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