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Lillee Jean 2015 Genie Makeup For Halloween

Lillee Jean 2015 Genie Makeup For Halloween

Lillee Jean 2015 Genie Makeup For Halloween

      Hello loves!  This is the last look I will be doing for my Halloween series.  If you couldn’t tell the theme is being a genie!  This isn’t an ordinary genie though- its I dream of LILLEE.  Yes I just re- named the show I dream of Jeannie.  

*Dr Brandt Pores No More Primer

*Nars Sheer Glow- Gobi

*MUFE Full Coverage Concealer- 6

*Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder- 200

*Cover Fx Cream Contour Kit- N Light

*Hourglass Ambient Bronzer-Luminous Bronze Light

*KVD Shade+Light Pallet- Sombre, Lyric, Subconscious 

*Nars Multiple- Portofino

*Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector- Opal

*MUFE HD Setting Powder

*UD Setting Spray- All Nighter

 ***  Before doing anything you should cleanse and exfoliate your skin to remove any impurities!     Today I opted in for a Peter Thomas Ross FirmX Exfoliation Scrub.  This helped remove any dead skin that’d been sitting around all week!  After I did a chemical scrub I went onto moisturizing and used my normal Shiseido IBUKI Refining Moisturizer. ***

      After cleansing and moisturizing I went onto applying a primer.  Today I had chosen Dr Brandt’s Pores No More Primer to cover up any blemishes.  I allowed this to set for four minutes.  Once the primer and moisturizer soaked into my skin I applied one even layer of Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Gobi.  I opted in for a Beauty Blender Pro just to cope with the dry patches I have.

(the cold weather is not my pal)

For a little more coverage I applied MUFE Full Coverage Concealer over blemishes, and over my dark circles.  I honestly just used my fingers to blend the product in because it is has such a silky texture.  To set the concealer I used Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder Foundation in 200.  I used light dabbing motions with my dampened beauty blender for even look.

In the video I went right into contouring- specifically with my Cover Fx contouring kit!  I used three shades: 1, 3, and 4.  As you might of guesses I highlighted with shade 1, and contoured with the other two!  To highlight I formed upside down triangles under my eyes, three lines on my forehead+chin, and a highlight under the contour!  In this look I used two contour shades to create a fluency of shadows.  For example, when I placed shade 4 on the hollows of my cheeks, bridge of my nose etc. I placed shade 3 directly on top!  This made the contour look more natural, and less harsh!  I blended with the same Beauty Blender Pro.

     To add color back to my face I used an Hourglass bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light.  This color has lovely shimmer reflects that reminded me of a genie immediately!  In a reversed “3” I applied this shade along my cheek bones, jaw line, and my temples with an Hourglass Ambient Powder brush!  This brush is super amazing and super soft, so yes it is worth the price #don’tjudge.

     After this last contouring step the rest is a breeze.  I took the Kat Von D Shade+Light pallet rather my normal Marc Jacobs #instamarc because this look required a variation of color.  I used the colors Sombre, and Subconscious to contour and Lyric to highlight.  Again, I used two contouring shades to mimic a natural shadow.  First I took sombre and applied it in the hollows of my cheek and under my chin with a Sephora #74 blush contour brush. After applying Sombre which is a true taupe I went into Subconscious.  This is a deeper brown and I applied it on the sides of my nose alone with on my jaw line.  Lastly, I highlighted with Lyric since as I said in the video, “its a mellow yellow”.  I’m actually super serious- it brightens up the face well.

       I haven’t used Nars Portofino in a long time, and decided today was the day.  I simple took this deep coral and applied it from the tube on-to my cheeks!  I then blended it in with a damped Beauty Blender.  After blushing I went into Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal.  This immediately clicked for me when I thought of Genies because of it’s golden hue.  I swiped this on my cheek bones and bridge of my nose with a Sephora Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush.

After finishing up my eyes I patted on MUFE HD Setting Powder on my T zone and under my eyes.  Then, I had sprayed on Urban Decays All Nighter spray to ensure the makeup stayed on all day.

Lillee Jean 2015 Genie Makeup For Halloween
  1. *ABH DipBrow in Soft Brown

  2.  Shadow in Birkin

  3. Creme Eyeliner in Jet

  4. *Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Bone

  5. *Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet- White Chocolate, Black Forrest Truffle, Triple Fudge, Champagne Truffle

  6. *Urban Decay Ammo Pallet- Oil Slick

  7. *Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow- Grand Tiara

  8. *Too Faced Glitter Glaze- Silver Spark

  9. *House Of Lashes Iconic

     I had done my eyebrows with ABH Dipbrow in Soft Brown.  I had a bad brow day.  I’m talking about muppet brows.  To fix that issue and form sharp lines I used ABH brush in #12.  After doing that I had applied Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Bone.  Lately I have been using this cream shadow because it holds shadow AMAZINGLY and it is comparable to UD’s Primer Potion!  To set the cream shadow I applied White Chocolate over my entire lid.

      To begin on the shadow I used ABH Birkin.  This browned pink adds a soft touch to the entire look.  I blended this in my crease with a Sephora blending brush.  I made sure to evenly disburse the color in large circular motions.  After applying Birkin I mixed Black Forrest Truffle and Triple Fudge.  I applied these two shades in my inner v using the same blending brush.  This creates a nice purple’ed touch and brings a genie effect to the entire look.

  Lastly, to deepen everything up I took Oil Slick from the Ammo Pallet and applied it under my lower lash line, and in my inner V.  This time I used a Mac 239 for a more smudged out effect!  In my tear duct I applied Champagne Truffle with the 239 brush.

       After I had finished up my crease I went straight to the eyelid.  I first took Too Faced Glitter Glaze in Silver.  If I recall this is limited edition so any glitter glue will do!  After applying the glitter glaze and blending it with my finger I patted on Sugarpill’s Grand Tiara.  This really has minimum fall out so a paper towel under the eyes isn’t necessary.

To finish up I lined my eyes with ABH Creme Liner in Jet, and I put on some falsies 😉


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