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Glamorous Glittering Turquoise & Vivid Royal Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

I must admit these past few weeks I HAVE NOT been feelin’ color! Peaches, orange tones, and anything warm truly appealed to me however, after one glance at Violet Voss’s Teresa, and Rayne glitter…I was SOLD. I hope you cuties enjoy, and can embrace color in a wearable fashion just as I have! Stay tuned for the short tutorial I shall be posting to Instagram in a few hours love bunnies (this is why there are less photos on this blog post than usual), it’ll help you recreate this bad boy of a tutorial better. Ooh, by the way I wanted to keep this polished, hence my hair sealed back in a ponytail, however you can play up on the hair to make it more “fun”!

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Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em’ clearly! Acts of “blurring” are NEVER done. Skin, is skin. If my makeup is not up to par on the lens, then it is not something I shall introduce to you beauties, though this has never, and will be never the case. Information stated below is both cited, and from my own studies. NOTHING has been copied, everything is my ideas, or shared concepts.

To not include imagery of FALSE advertisement my skin type is dry/sensitive, and any redness, or scabs happen to be hives from sadly…my nerves. With that being said, product recommendations, and your ability to relate might fluctuation, so feel free to ALWAYS ask me questions, this way you don’t end up spending money on the wrong items (for example, I use coconut oil as a base to sooth my hives, but for others this can be too oily, and NOT affective in curing one’s acne, in which I don’t have. Hives come, and go, and can sometimes last only 3 hours, so again, always ask before actually investing in products).

Time to complete this tutorial: 27 Minutes (professionals/myself)

30 Minutes (beginners/ intermediate)

Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Jouer Cosmetics – Luminizing Moisture Tint, Pearl

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer

Coconut oil, extra virgin that is, is extremely helpful in fighting this terrible Winter surge of coldness! Since coconut oil locks moisture in BETTER than normal lotions, and penetrates deeper into the pores than a normal lotion/moisturizer would, it’s favorable for not only coating the skin as a mositruizer, but as a primer!! I like to use Shea Moisture’s Coconut Oil across all main zones of my face, paired with a bit of Jouer’s Luminzing Moisture Tint in Pearl to even out my skin tone. Despite many people thinking glam looks of this nature need “full face beats”, I’d beg to differ– looking like YOU, is the best source of beauty, hence one should work around their so called “flaws” to make em’ visible. Look at my freckles, and even that annoying little pimple on the side of my cheek!

Bh Cosmetics – Liquid Lipstick, Muse

Muse just seemed like the most natural color to use, since the grey tones complimented the smokey eye shadow well! Grey shadow, greyish mauve lips.

Mac Cosmetics – Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill Pan(s)

Brun (brows)

L’Oreal Paris – Matte & Shimmery Gel Eyeshadow, Meet Me In Paris (lids, crease)

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan(s), Mocha (crease, lower lash line)

Urban Decay Cosmetics – Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallet:

Bandersnatch (lids), Heads Will Roll (lids)

M433 Morphe Brush; Morphe E22 Pointed Blender

To make this short, sweet, and effective each shadow will have a tiny description!

Meet Me In Paris was the first shade brushed across my lids with a Morphe E22 Pointed Blender Brush. I concentrated the silky grey from my lids, up into my crease, and below my lower lash lines. To add a bit of definition, I applied Mocha from Makeup Geek Cosmetics into my crease with a M433 bush by Morphe Brushes! Mocha might look a tad odd against Meet Me In Paris, but once you work the warm toned shadow in with fluent side to side hugging blending motions all should pull together. Before smoking things out further, I mixed Bandersnatch with Heads Will Roll from Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallet, and patted the beautiful teal across my lids with ample strokes. Don’t worry about making this extremely pigmented or vivid, the glitter covered up a LOT of space!

NYX Cosmetics – Jumbo Eye Pencil, Black Bean

Ciate London – Wonderland Mascara

Huda Beauty – Classic False Eyelashes, Sasha

As many of you love bunnies know, I work a tad backwards when it comes to glitter! With that being said right after finishing up the eyeshadow portion, I pulled out Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil by Nyx Cosmetics and used it to line my upper lash lines, as well as my waterlines. Once I had visible dark streaks across my upper lash lines, I smudged em’ out using my ring finger with very controlled side smudges– excess was taken across my lower lash lines to add drama! Lash wise I applied Ciate’s Wonderland Mascara, and plopped on Sasha by Huda Beauty. Be extremely careful when adding glitter, especially with falsies on! I suggest waiting an additional 2 minutes before taking on the glitter this way you can be insured nothing will peel off.

Violet Voss Cosmetics – Glitter:

Rayne Glitter; Teresa Glitter

Too Faced Cosmetics – Glitter Glue

With an ordinary brush, and a pea-sized amount of the Too Faced Glitter Glue, I scooped up some product, and proceeded to blending it across my lids in sheer coatings. From there, I picked up Rayne Glitter and began packing it on my lids followed by Teresa packed onto the inner thirds! Keeping the eye makeup a straight shade of royal blue tends to close the eyes up, however by adding a vibrant teal, it makes the eyes more prominent, and the glitter more eye catching.


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