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Glimmering Copper & Smoked Out Intensive Purple Makeup Tutorial

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To reinstate what was said above, it’s extremely important to ensure your skin is beyond clean prior to any makeup application! With the goal at hand being to use the LEAST amount of product possible, one’s true skin will shine through indefinitely, thus scrubbing with gentle exfoliators and removing any impurities (with the proper tools, please do not try using your hands, it will scar your skin) will be of use. Since I have a terrible breakout due to my hormones raging, I opted in for Murad’s Time Release Acne Cleaner! Within seconds of foaming against my face redness was reduced significantly along with the various pimples present being toned down to a not as putrid state. Personally, the amount of acne I have is NOT substantial, but it relies heavily on that concept where one pimple seems like 500 popping around everywhere! Anyhoooo, after four minutes of rigorously smoothing the acne cleanser around my skin, I washed it off under steaming hot water (opens the pores up), and once all product/residue left center stage I turned the cold water on to seal my pores up, this of course accompanied by a light coating of my beloved Fresh Seaberry Oil. The beauty of this particular oil is it helps conquer any breakouts present, AND absorbs instantly into one’s pores while leaving a light scent behind, that means NO WAITING TIME loves, priming section comin’ right up! There is something so unique about Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base…could it be the non-greasy, radiant finish left behind, who knows?! Using a clean ring finger, I took a swoop of product and proceeded to gently dashing the face base across all zones of my skin, preferably the high points (tops of cheeks, center of forehead/chin/nose) to have an accurate flat-lay of how much primer I’d need total, this method saves on product tremendously. From those tiny dashes, I moved forth in massaging the creamy texture in starting from the center of my face moving slowing out towards my hairline, take your time with this, primers are more important than you think ;)! Being the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base encompasses the same “instant settling” drying time compared to Fresh’s Seaberry Oil, I once again went quickly onto the next step/stage, foundation. While you COULD pull off this makeup look sans foundation, I would still heavily recommend using at least a light coverage one as it’ll form a perfected canvas! I was quite unsure of the coverage I wanted, soooooo I chose Nars’s Sheer Glow Foundation in Gobi, a trusty product of mine hehe. With exactly a quarter sized amount poured onto the back of my hand, I picked up my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer (dipped into the product) and went to blending heaven! I prefer sticking with gentle, light pressurized stipples, however everyone is different, you might prefer sweeps or streaks– just make sure the coverage is EVEN and blended fully out towards your hairline, possibly under your chin too if the skin match is “off”. As far as concealer goes, I went for something that’d give me a beautiful dewy finish WHILE covering up blemishes on the spot, that concealer happened to be the Marc Jacobs Re(MARC)able Full Cover Concealer in 1 Awake (my skin tone thus NO HIGHLIGHTING preformed, only the zones mimicked)! If you take a quick glance at the photo provided to the left, you shall see the basic areas I concealed, once placement was set I took my time blending with a tiny E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush, the duo-fibers help BUILD coverage rather take it away, time spent was well worth it!