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Glittering Rainbow Flag No H8 Campaign Makeup Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone! For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, last night I took charge and released a revealing sneak peak as to what this tutorial would represent, and appear as. Essentially I molded the two concepts of the No H8 Campaign, which fights for equality, and the ongoing fight for gay rights among men, and women! Although I myself am not a homosexual, I do feel more MUST be done to ensure citizens of America whom are gay remain safe and free of criticism. The way YOU’RE BORN should not effect one’s opinion on you, especially things one cannot change such as sexuality, skin color, likes/dislikes, and overall preference! Like I said, it’s much easier to LOVE than to hate.

White people, black people, Asian American’s ALL experience some sort of negative connotation towards em’ at one point in their lives because people cannot forget and move on in peace, a part of them enjoys the turmoil, if you think about it deeply! Heck, some people still bring up the ploy of “my ancestors were in the Slave Trade”, yet when confronted, won’t acknowledged the fact some African’s OWNED THEIR OWN SLAVES, and some owned the largest plantations, pitiful, really. By coming together and putting aside differences, aside color, aside desires, you’d be surprised at how well this large family dynamically could function. The world does not need another celebrity to make teenagers, young adults, MEN, WOMEN feel inferior or indifferent! This world needs a leader, a role model, a savior. Hence, why I support the No H8 campaign formally and gay rights…RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE.

Time to Complete This Tutorial: 1 Hour, 36 Minutes

Notes: Glittery, Impactful, Society Based, No H8 Campaign, HARD TO REMOVE

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk

*Violet Voss Glitter(s): Teresa; Gabriella ; Copperella; Goldie; Pixie Pink; Rayne; Paige; Rose; Electric Coraline

*Bh Cosmetics Glitter Collection: Baby Pink, Platinum, Lime Green; Sapphire, Silver, Deep Red

*Make Up Forever Glitter, N3

*OCC Glitter(s): Mint, Gold

*Glitter Injections, Cheetah Print

*Too Faced Glitter Glue

*Mac Kohl Liner, Smolder

*L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Feline Noir Waterproof Mascara

*KoKo Lashes, Marilyn

Though I would LOVE to explain in depth the steps done to achieve the final glittery effect, in reality it’s impossible since over 20 strips were done! Instead, I shall explain the basis in example form this way you beauties can get an idea of how I got the glitter to stick to my skin in a non irritating and effective manner. First off, you MUST have some idea as to where you want your stripes! Do you want em’ vertical? Or do you want em’ like mine, uneven and mismatched? It truly does NOT matter the order, but I do recommend before you plop on glitter to take a white pencil, such as Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and outline a few areas with simple smudges as a guideline for thickness and density of color. You can apply eyeshadows prior to application to better help the guide, but for me I went right in and began by plopping wads of the Too Faced Glitter Glue onto my skin! Luckily, this glitter base DID NOT make me break out as bad as I expected, it really helped form a barrier between my skin, and the products. As far as application goes, I chose a long haired blending brush to yield fast application, Urban Decay’s Vice Double Ended Brush specifically, and worked in ombre mannerisms! In other words, I started out by applying the LIGHTEST glitter shade in that color spectrum, let’s take light coral for example, then building up towards my hairline got deeper in tone, from coral to bright cherry red, to deep red, this forms DEPTH and dimension to the skin as opposed to straight strips of color. The trick to keeping your glitter long lasting and vibrant is applying THREE coatings, in between each layer a disbursing of more glitter glue, then of course, the glitter! As far as the eye makeup goes, I applied Huda Beauty’s Scarlett falsies with Mac’s Kohl Liner smudged across my waterline this way my eyes were more visible, oooh almost forgot, and a coating of L’Oreal’s Feline Noir Mascara to enhance my features further!! Below I will be listing out the color combinations I used along with a brief method of application statement following, hopefully it’ll make things a bit clearer.

Stripes are disordered to mimic tiger stripes, which represent strength. Stripes are ALSO disordered to shown differences, not a perfect melody singed together, thus representing America. If you take a view at the image presented to your right you shall see my interpretation of HOW mistreated gay and lesbian people are. Before ya’ get excited, the red is not necessarily blood, its the red stripe bleeding down to shown a corrupt and falling nation! While I realize everyone’s input on this subject is different, I think as a generalization it can be said MANY feel like they’re cut at the throat between hate crimes ongoing and inadequacy to do as one pleases all because of a PREFERENCE. You’re only as perfect as you portray to be, always stay true to yourself despite what is going on worldwide, and FIGHT for what feels best for YOU, BUT will impact others drastically in a positive way! Hope you love bunnies enjoyed this rather different blog post, scroll down below for the coordinated color schemes, annnnnddd, love you all XoXoXo, Your Lilz.

Red Stripes

Electric Coraline; Rose; Deep Red

Orange Stripes

N3; Copperella; Cheetah Print

Yellow Stripes

Goldie; Gold; Cheetah Print

Green Stripes

Mint; Lime Green; Gabriella

Blue Stripes

Silver; Teresa; Rayne; Sapphire

Purple Stripes

Platinum; Baby Pink; Pixie Pink; Paige


SIDEWAY pats, hence why a long haired brush is necessary.

Time per stripe:

Around 6 minutes, some stripes were a bunch of colors rather a solid ombre

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