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Lillee Jean 2015 Glittery Sunset Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Lillee Jean 2015 Glittery Sunset Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Today has been one of those not so great but not so bad days. Rather going on a shopping spree of new products to balance my mood, I decided to dig up eyeshadow pallets I hardly ever use. The only pallet I basically never pull out is Sugarpill’s Burning Heart Pallet, which I honestly have no idea why since it contains super vibrant shades that are comparable to the Urban Decay Electric Pallet. At any rate, once I lay’ed eyes on Buttercupcake which is a vibrant yellow, I was sold and immediately began my look with the shade. While I was hoping to keep this look matte you guys know me, I LOVE GLITTER. Since I glittered this look up the Sugarpill shadows acted more so as a guide, and mixing base since for the crease I toned Flamepoint down with Makeup Geek’s Beaches & Cream.

Speaking of Glitter at the end of this post I’d like to draw attention to these SUPER adorable tiny shoes and pearl decor items sent by Do Wah Diddy along with an adorable Lucite purse. All of these super cool items can be bought, and found on Doug and Shay’s site by clicking the store name above :)!

Between me you and the four walls, I am overjoyed it is still Autumn because that means using golds and bronzy sheens are still acceptable. Winter is one of those odd seasons, similarly to Summer that have endless options, but not quite the best makeup in terms of color choice. Anyhow, my skin has defiantly been under the weather, so before doing my makeup I cleansed my skin and scrubbed with Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains and Murad’s Time Release Acne Cleanser, then finished it off with Fresh’s Seaberry Oil.

Be sure your moisturizer or oil has a few minutes to sink into your pores before moving onto the next step! I normally pull out my products for the rest of the look while letting everything set because I am extremely impatient. Once your skin feels less oily, or conditioned, select your favorite primer. Today I had gone along with Dr Brant’s Pores No More due to me overloading on oil. Simply squeeze a pea sized amount in your hand then just like a moisturizer apply it all over the face. This should set for about two minutes to make sure it does it job and primes.

Finally I have used my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation once more. Long story short, this was my holy grail until I tried the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, granted I still enjoy the buildable coverage once and a while. I put two pumps on the back of my hand along with a pea sized amount of Nars Liquid illuminator for some extra glow. Be sure you choose a liquid illuminator with NO GLITTER as we’re adding it to the foundation for extra coverage and glow! Wether you use a beauty blender or foundation brush the blending process is moreover the same it is just a matter of what you’re most comfortable with.

While many of you might be tempted to mix the two substances together, don’t. Instead, dip your brush into the product and slightly swirled it around then proceeded to applying the product. I chose the Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush because it has a nice angle that hits all spots of the face. I began by patting the product right onto my left cheek, my right cheek, the a tad on my chin. Avoiding the forehead I began to blend the product out towards my hair line on both sides dragging it down to my chin, and from my chin blending out towards my jaw.

Depending on if you need the extra coverage or not, you can make the decision of adding another layer, or not. I decided to add another layer on my right cheek because sadly, mother nature wanted to make its mark. Excess product was stippled and blended right onto the forehead stemming down to my nose and around my lip area.

Contouring was rather interesting today because I mixed two highlighting shades together rather adding another step of concealer. I began by applying Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Concealer from the applicator to my skin. I drew two upside down triangles under my eyes extending towards my hairline and covering much of the apples of my cheeks, then a line going from the left side of my jaw passed my chin to the other jaw, and lastly three lines on my forehead going stemming down to the bridge of my nose and slightly on my cupids bow. Contouring is different for everyone! I like to create width because my face is rather narrow. Once I had the highlight on, or concealer for lack of better terms, I went into Cover Fx’s N10 to layer it right onto those areas with visible breakouts or dry patches. All of this can be done with your fingers, a brush is not needed however you could use a concealer brush. As far as contouring goes I contoured the sides of my nose and the hollows of my cheeks with one line following the curvature of my cheekbone, and of course with Cover Fx’s N100.

A staple cream blending brush for me is Elf’s Ultimate Blending Brush. I literally use this to blend my contour, blend cream blush, and even liquid illuminators. Using a cleaned brush I began with circular motions following the curvature of my face, on the lower half. I typically began by blending and stippling the highlight on my jaw then move up to my cheek contour by brushing the brush upwards and slightly using circular motions to disburse the darker product. Once you reach the under eye highlight you can really use any blending motion you’d prefer. I like to start from the hair line and drag the product down-wards in stippling motions. Following the same technique continue the blending process until you reach the sides of the nose. On the nose use slightly dusting motions moving upwards rather down to prevent a buildup of the cream product. Then, blend up towards the forehead and just like foundation continue the circular and stippled motions. To finish things up I also dusted slightly right under my nose for the added cupid’s bow definition.

Either switch to another brush or simply wipe off the product of the contour and move along to cream blush! I am using NYX Cream blush in Boho Chic today just to brighten the skin up and keep the attention to my eyes. I swirled my brush into the product and following my natural cheek line, when I make a kissy face, I dabbed the product right onto the area slightly up to my hairline. This just contours slightly more while again brightening up the features.

Next up is bronzing and contouring powders, which are just meant to set the cream contour we had just done. With a Nars #21 Contour Brush I went right into Hourglass’s Ambient Bronzer. The brush I chose has A LOT of hair fall out so beware if you were looking into purchasing it.

I swept the product from my temples, down the the hollows of my cheeks, and finally my jaw line. Avoid the nose area because this has slight shimmer. Switching to a Sephora #74 brush go right into the dark powder provided in the Marc Jacobs Filtering Powder Pallet. Disburse it in the exact area you played cream contouring products and then pinch the bristles together to add definition to the sides of your nose. I avoided the yellow highlighting powder because I used the baking method, so the highlight would cause a cakey effect which is not a good look.

To add a glowy effect I dusted on Hourglass’s Incandescent Light onto the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, right between my brows, on my cheek bones, and finally on my chin with a Sephora Teardrop Highlighter brush.

Lillee Jean 2015 Glittery Sunset Eyes Makeup Tutorial

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Blonde

Like any other day I began by spoolieing through both brows with my ABH #12 Brush. Then, dipping right into the pomade I began to line my brow to the desired shape. I go for a softer arch because it is much easier to manage. After both brows are lined I brushed the product through the hairs with light strokes and finished off with one last spoolieing.

*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk

*Sugarpill’s Burning Heart Pallet, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love +, Poison Plum

*Inglot #42 Pigment

*Makeup Geek Shadow, Beaches & Cream, Corrupt

To begin I applied Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil in milk right to my lids. Depending on if you use a brush to apply or simply from the stick like I do will determine the next step, which is to simply blend up the product to your brow bones with either your fingers or brush.

I absolutely LOVE the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made pallet brush, so I basically used it throughout the whole entire look. First off, start by patting Buttercupcake directly to the lids. I repeated the process twice through just to receive the desired pigment I wanted. Then, using the same flat shader part from the ABH brush I dipped it into Inglot’s pigment. This pigment is freakin’ amazing because while it appears gold it has tiny green reflects, and as you can see from the image above my lower lash line looks almost lime!

Begin by patting this from the center lid all the way out to the inner corners of your eyes and outer lid area. This honestly requires NO glitter glue- that’s how pigmented it is. Do not build up the pigment just yet because we’re going to go right into the crease so glitter fallout will occur.

The first shade I blended in my crease is Makeup Geek’s Beaches & Cream. This color is a nice peachy shade without being too overpowering so it will fit with Buttercupcake and Flamepoint well. Will circular blending motions I blended the color right in the crease area smoking it slightly outwards. If you mess up, it is no big deal because the shade is super light and manageable. With a denser blending brush, specifically the Mac 217 blending brush, I went into Flamepoint. I made sure to REALLY disburse and blend this out so it didn’t overpower the super unique pigment we will be adding onto in a few.

At any rate, with larger circular motions that DO NOT pass Beaches & Cream begin to blend the color in. If it helps you I’d recommend beginning with a smaller amount of product this way you can build up the orange and blend as you go. To deepen this up more and almost turn the color rusty I added Love + with smaller circular motions then with a fluffier blending brush swept the two colors together. It is super interesting how this pallet, full of vibrant shades, can easily be toned down into a wearable smoked out makeup look!

Posion Plum was scarcely used however I brushed it on the outer lid area with slight patting motions with upward strokes. Then, with the same flat shader side of the ABH brush I dragged it under my lower lash line. Speaking of the lower lash line, I applied so much of Makeup Geek’s corrupt it is pretty ridiculous however I enjoy smoking my eyes out quite a bit so, get to smokin’ it out. Using a Mac 219 I began by smudging the black right on-top of Poison Plum blending right towards the tear duct. The more black, the better so build it up as desired. I actually set this with the liner used so do not worry if some skin is showing.

Lastly, be sure to pat more of the pigment onto the eye after the crease is completed just to touch things up. Drag the shade down towards the lower lash line as well.

*Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner

This gel eyeliner is literally, this look. The first thing I had done with it is of course line my upper lash line with extended wings. I had used a Sephora Eyeliner Brush for precision. After my upper lash line was complete I brought the color down to my waterline, and lined, then switching back to my 219 I smudged the color right on-top of corrupt which formed a pitch black effect.


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