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Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

Creative, fun, and easy-to-do makeup ideas for Halloween, this 2022!

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

Halloween is a month away! Below are 6 makeup ideas that are simple, yet absolutely showstopping. From princess glamour, to, finding your alter ego, these ideas not only are cost-effective, as you can use things you already own, but, dazzling in their own unique way,

1. Be A Princess (Or Queen)!

Princess makeup is timeless. Not only is there a reality to the "look", but it's nice to feel like a queen for a day, as they say. For princess makeup, you just need well-coifed hair (or a wig), a put-together outfit, some pumps, and very glamorous elegant makeup.

2. Alter Ego

Easy Halloween Makeup 2022 Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

Why not just be you? Or that other you? Have a wig prepared, and have fun with your makeup. Embrace your alter ego this Halloween! For my alter-ego, I chose a deep copper-red wig, and, some fierce makeup.

3. BarbieCore Fashion

Barbiecore Makeup Barbie Halloween 2022 Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

Come on Barbie! Barbiecore fashion has been quite popular this 2022! Embrace your own Barbie girl with shades of pink. A pink gloss, pink shadow, and of course those iconic white sunglasses! A wardrobe of pink, too, helps!

4. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Halloween Makeup 2022 Breakfast At Tiffany's Makeup Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

A classic, but so beautiful! Audrey Hepburn starring in Breakfast At Tiffany's forever has remained iconic. The look is easy to replicate with some pale nude lipgloss, sculpted eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and of course a little black dress!


5. Be A Superhero!

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022
Lillee Jean - Wonder Woman

Superheros are always cool! Wear your boldest red lipstick, and fiercest winged eyeliner, to seize the day. This concept can be as simple as wearing a shirt that makes YOU feel valiant, and strong, or as elaborate as pairing it with a costume, and mask.

She-Hulk Makeup by Lillee Jean

She hulk makeup Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

6. Mermaid

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty

Mermaid makeup is not only super creative, but SO colorful, and beautiful in person! Have fun with a wide array of colors, textures, and even designs. Check out my mermaid here.



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