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Happy ONE YEAR Birthday Beauties!

             Do you sense that? If not, let me enlighten ya’; IT HAPPENS TO BE MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Guess who made all of this possible other than my uncanny spirit and ever-growing makeup skills? YOU GUYS. Each an every one of you, especially those who’ve encouraged me from the start, have been extremely supportive and indefinitely loyal beings, for that, I thank you a million times over! It is unbelievable to grasp how much I’ve expanded in only a twelve month time spam. For example, my blog is at a whopping 40K views, my YouTube at 32K views/ 530 subscribes, and my Instagram at 4,000 stellar followers and multiplying…the best part about all this that makes me feel ungrounded (in other words, flying hehe) is I created “Thaeyeballqueen” ALL MYSELF, no help, no backing, just a passion and a want to spread joy to others no matter their coloring, or racial background, and preferences.

For those of you who’re still “shy” and unsure about wearing makeup, going out on the beach bare bum, or even changing up that hairstyle (yes Saturday I am getting my highlights touched up…going back to my roots), my advice for you is OWN EVERYTHING you do in life, and look at it as a short term endeavor that can be fixed. Anyhow, thank you again beauties, please take the liberty of reading below upcoming postings as well as previous posts to catch up on, love you allll kisses XOXO!

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