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Lillee Jean Holiday Pink Gold Makeup Tutorial 2021 | Lillee Tutorials S07E117

Lillee Jean's latest makeup tutorial for the holiday season features a beautiful pink and gold look. Check out Lillee Tutorials S07E117 and get some inspiration for your next makeup look. Today’s tutorial is sponsored by Focallure, with their new Chameleon Gel Eyeshadow line being front and center and modeled by LJ.

This look show’s your best features off, with a soft apricot flush, and monochromatic soft matte lip look! I truly hope you Jeaniez enjoy.

Hit that sub button down below, and check out the description box for product details. Love you! 💋 xoxo LJ


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Focallure Go Travel Eyeshadow Palette Tokyo | $16.99

Focallure Chameleon Gel Eyeshadow(s) | Tequila Sunrise, Wisdom Glow | $19.99


Focallure Monochromatic Duo blusher, 01 Soft Apricot | $13.99

Focallure DIAMOND GLOW Highlighter #02, Starlight | $11.99


Focallure Mist Matte Clay Lip Cream, 101 | $11.99


What’s Up Beauty Monsoon Collection BRUSHES

SO ECO Tweezer

Kiss Lash Glue Adhesive With Aloe

DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored by Focallure.

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