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How To Create YOUR OWN Metallic Lipstick

Easy metallic lips with just liquid lipstick, and pigment! This new slideshow is perfect for my blog, so do hang on for a few minutes while I embed it to my blog post on creating your own metallic lippies☺️. @doseofcolors Truffle + @sugarpill Asylum (the moisturizer at the beginning is just coconut oil! My skin is super dry right now, so I kinda coated my whole mouth😂..) #doseofcolors #sugarpill #howto #diy #thaeyeballqueen #makeupvideo #1minutemakeup

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               I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, last week was definitely a BLAST! Over the course of Monday to Friday, I happened to of obtained Milani Cosmetic’s Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in the shade ‘Mattely In Love’, which I’d describe as a garnet red, with a pink frost to it. This product had me swooning from day one, but also had me thinking about the trends! Metallic lips, and liquid lipstick STILL happen to be the “thing”, two years later. What makes this obsession so amazing, and is it really worth it? Find out below my thoughts, along with inexpensive ways to improvise if you’re just not convinced on needing a metallic lippie!

            First things first, what does “metallic” REALLY mean? In the most concise way of mannerisms, metallic is a cross between two shades– not quite duo-chrome, but a frost with a sheen that resembles the appearance of metal. In example, a penny, which is made of copper, has a low shift of a dark bronze when picked up! This doesn’t translate to duo-chrome, because duo-chrome is specifically a cross between two shades such as white, and blue. Silver, and copper are the two best known examples of metallics! These highly reflective colors can double as eye shadows, for a slight pop of color, and highlighters to be blinding.

              Metallic, is within the same family, and has a slight sheen! Understand? Putting this together with lipstick, you get a beautiful range of molten colors that can assort from purple, to even the darkest of browns. Our DIY here is that ANY liquid lipstick, with a coating of pigment on top can become a metallic lipstick– it’s like saying contouring heavily isn’t derived from drag makeup. Metallic lips, derived just from a sheen of pigment, that’s a frost, are easy, and just require a bit of effort, if you don’t fancy spending money! Above is an example with a matte liquid lipstick on top, Dose Of Colors Truffle, with the same liquid lipstick swiped on the bottom for comparison purposes. The second swatch is to show what METALLIC means, and can look like with just a pigment swiping! I smudged Asylum, by Sugarpill Cosmetics across, which is a deep rustic red. Scroll through the Instagram slideshow to see RAW, unedited photos of a quickly done metallic lip, to prove it’s truly as simple as that!

Trying out a new lippie😸! It’s Mattley in Love by @milanicosmetics. Such a beautiful reddish garnet shift! Also yes, letting the skin breathe today. No edits needed. #metalliclips

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            Getting into texture, if you’re more into spending the cash, it seems the liquid lipstick trend has stayed, understandably so. The lipstick will remain put, won’t fade, and is sure to be vibrant as can be! With this all being said, your chances of purchasing a liquid METALLIC lipstick are higher than an actual molded lipstick product in a bullet tube, this however isn’t too much of a problem, because standard lipsticks tend to have transferring, as well as smudging issues, and boy o’ boy, you do not want your metallic lip to transfer, it’s extremely messy. Even in the video, there was some smudging, although I don’t mind! Two brands I recommend off the bat, is of course Milani Cosmetics, see the photo above of “Mattely In Love”, and Sephora Collection with their metallic bronze shade in Magnetism! Both have been spectacular, and receive an A++ from me. Both formula’s, though different are superb in their own ways and glide on just like silk! You won’t be disappointed. Hope this little “do it yourself” could be of some help to you cuties, as not all of us want to spend $30.00 flat on a product we aren’t even sure we’ll like!

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