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How To Pre-Plan Instagram Posts

Hey hey, Jeaniez! Today I am going to share with you loves how I plan out my Instagram posts. This does not require ANY money to be spent, except for having a phone, photos, and apps.

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Side Note: No third party apps are included, nor scheduled posting. I personally do NOT like someone having ANY access to my account(s), as servers can be hacked at any time. This is a free way to do things that’ll require your brain and two apps!



Instagram “Layout” App

Photos/Camera Roll


When I pre-plan I like to work with color. Oranges, purples, pinks, you get the idea. People are attracted to BRIGHT feeds, ala color psychology, and I noticed that most Instagram pages are white, grey and just BORING! Not mine, and that’s why I take the time to carefully choose which pictures I want to display. It’s not as simple as “OO OO, THIS ONE!” It goes deeper to the aspects of “does this accent that photo?” or “is this too dark…too bright?” The way I resolve this without having to post non-stop, then remove the photo is simple. First, to clear up space in my photostream, I take my BEST photos and keep them as drafts. You can then delete it from your photostream.


After you save your drafted photos, keep those in mind! Open up the app “Layout”, or any collage app you have, and begin placing your recent feed photos next to ones you seek posting in the future. I always aim for 3 ahead, since I change like the wind. Below is a screenshot of my last 3, with my preferred 3. To accent the blueish greens I chose purples and denim colors! A LOT of people tend to stick with creams…or pick a certain aesthetic. If that is your jam, be my guest, however, I like to add a lot of color as it resembles me best :)! Be sure to drag around your photos, too. Perhaps the center photo really looks visually best on the outer parts of the feed. 

My Feed

Here is what my feed looks like! Thanks to using Layout by Instagram, I was able to work some extra park photos into the feed, while keeping my bright and colorful aesthetic using purple hydrangea flowers.

In the long run, I highly suggest this method — it’ll save time, and make your feed look EXACTLY the way you want, sans 3rd party posters, and spending an arm and a leg for social media managers!

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