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How to Stay Mentally Healthy This 2022 | The Lillee by Lillee Jean

How to Stay Mentally Healthy This 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
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Often in life, we find ourselves being judged for things that are beyond our control. One of these moments is mental health. Many people with mental health issues are ostracized, discriminated against, and viewed negatively because of their mental health problems. One can feel extremely alone and depressed as a result of this. People have a difficult time understanding that you cannot heal yourself on command, and they feel lost on how to help, without really understanding what you are going through at that moment.

According to The National Institute of Mental Health, mental depression is the most common mental disorder in the United States. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 3.8% of the population is affected by depression, and, that 75% of people in low and middle income countries, receive no treatment for this disorder.

At some point, everyone feels moody or depressed, or they may feel negative about a current situation. However, it's what we do about it that matters most. Even though depression can be debilitating, these tips and tricks may help you alleviate, and possibly channel the negative focus in a different direction. No one should have to live their lives feeling anxious or overwhelmed. There are some extremely simple tips that can help you get through the day.

Any time you are dealing with your health, physical or mental, it is extremely important that you speak to your doctor about what you are going to do to improve your mental wellness.


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The process of writing is cathartic, as well as enlightening. The act of letting go through your words, even if it is just scribbles' on paper, will make a huge difference to your mental health. In writing, you don't have to worry about being judged for the thoughts you put out in words.

You are also able to share your innermost feelings with yourself, the most important person you'll ever know. Writing a poem is a great way to express how you feel, as it allows you to communicate how you feel through words, in free verse. A journal is another great way to express yourself, and can later be looked back upon to realize trigger points for how you felt when you wrote in your journal.


In and of itself, art can be a healing source for anyone, but sometimes, just letting loose your inner child is all it takes. Try doodles, drawings, or coloring in a coloring book. In addition to exerting your physical and mental energy, it allows you to disengage from the world for a little while.


How to Stay Mentally Healthy This 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
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Medical News Today states that “social media has associations with depression, anxiety, and feelings of depression…” Social media apps and websites are designed to keep you engaged. They scroll and interact in order to keep you on the site. In a sense, you can almost consider scrolling through an app as a reward for your efforts to discover content, since you never know what you'll encounter. In addition, social media apps, where you interact with others, can manipulate your mental health. Likes, comments, and replies to your posts give you an immediate sense of power, making you want to be on the site more than you would normally want to be.

Make a habit of keeping a daily diary of how much time you spend on one of the social networks for one week. You may be surprised to find out how much time you are spending with strangers you don't even know.


How to Stay Mentally Healthy This 2022 | Lillee Jean Beauty
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One of the best ways to regain your sense of self is to do something you can control when you are feeling lost. During that moment in time, in your life, realize that you are doing the best you can, and, that you cannot do anything more. It doesn't matter if it is simply rearranging your closet, or simply telling yourself this is all you can do at that moment. As you progress with this ideology, you'll start to regain some of the control you feel you've lost.


Just taking a few moments to pause and ponder what you are doing can often be extremely helpful in helping you move forward. Acknowledge the issues troubling you and the roadblocks you face. There are times when taking no action, even when a deadline is approaching, is the best course of action. This allows everyone the breathing space they need to be healthy. Always inform your physician of any changes to your mental health routine so that they may monitor your progress.

By: Arwen Grant


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