• Lillee Jean

Is Scentbird WORTH It?

          Mmmh, fragrance! Some fancy their fragrances fruity, others fancy woodsy scents. But, what if there was a way to date your fragrances rather marry them, immediately? Welp, that is what Scenbird is all about. Scentbird is a subscription service where you’re able to select a plan, and based on that plan choose up to three different fragrances to sample monthly. These fragrances are poured to last up to 30 days and are repackaged in Scentbirds “purse spray” container! The container is a twist up system that ALMOST like Hourglass’s lipstick cartridges, can be replaced with your new “test” trial fragrance. The question here is, is Scentbird WORTH IT? Read below for my thoughts on the brand. As a disclaimer, Scentbird SENT ME PRODUCT for a review, but was aware I only was going to give them an honest and thorough review! They did set me up with an affiliate code, but I felt instead of dipping my toes into unknown waters, it’d be best to feel things out. Plus the fact I am not fond of being a salesperson, I’d rather work with and be the brand. Anyhow, that’s for a different day, and different story hehe!

How it works

          Here is how it goes down. You pay $14.95 monthly, with free shipping for a monthly supply of fragrance of YOUR choice! You get to sort fragrances out by your taste in notes, brands, mood, and vibe. In your first order, you shall get their travel size refillable case, and a ready to spray container filled to about 0.27oz/ 8ml. They have over 450 designer brands, ranging from florals to musky scents, and from men to women’s colognes/perfumes. Scentbird claims you can cancel your membership at any time, stress-free!

Is it Stress-Free?

          NOW, I give honest reviews. Although I try not to influence my thoughts based on how nice a company is to me, or how much people might dislike a brand in general, I feel you loves should see the other side of this brand. According to the BBB, Better Business Bureau, Scentbird has an F rating. Why? Apparently many people have had billing issues, delayed shipments, and poor communication between themselves and the brand. I also have read some reviews where people state they had to contact their credit card company to CANCEL outright, due to the fact Scentbird was being negligent and not replying to their cancelation emails. Has this happened to me? No, in fact, they shipped out my sample product for review VERY fast, and I had good communication with their PR lady, however when it comes to PR, let’s be real, brands pay much closer attention.

MY Experience

          My experience will be different than yours since I was gifted this item, but I can tell you loves my thoughts, and what went on behind the scenes! First off, I picked out a fragrance based on their categorization of mood, scent preferences, and notes. I like fragrances that are musky, yet a bit sweet! Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture was my perfect match. I read a few reviews, and all of them seemed superlative, and like many people really enjoyed the smell of this fragrance. Remember, for every outfit you have there is a special scent to fit the personality of your clothing! At least that is how I feel, hehe.  Shipped with a cute velvet bag embroidered with “Scentbird”, slipped out my white (it’s off-white with a shimmery texture) Scentbird refillable case, with my fragrance of choice intact.  On the travel size bottle read “Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture” along with “Made in USA”, and in fine print a disclaimer stating the bottle is filled to 0.27oz/ 8ml, and that Scentbird is not affiliated with the brands they refill, but DO refill authentic fragrances. Anyhow, I twisted up the fragrance and like any travel sized bottle did ONE initial spritz! I loved the smell at first site, and imminently went onto Sephora and bought Juicy’s Gold edition fragrance (I used to love their Noir scent).

The Verdict

          Is it worth it? To answer this would take two parts. Allow me to explain! First off I received much less product than other models, and bloggers, thus I was unable to do a YouTube video demonstrating the product for you Jeaniez. Secondly, I am unable to tell you loves FIRST HAND my experience since I am not fond of subscription services as they tend to keep your card and continue charging. DUE to the fact this is strictly about Scentbird, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that the idea of testing out a fragrance BEFORE you buy it is brilliant! I especially love the logo which is a birdie almost in an apple shape, with the stem being a spritzer atomizer. Normally at Sephora, to name a few carriers of designer scents, you can ask for a sample, but the samples do not last 30 days, nor 30 sprays, let’s face it! That means you get over 5 OZ more than a regular sample size. If you would like a comparison, you get about the same product amount as you would with a roller ball, which is a great way to test a designer fragrance since they cost around $20-$40! The roller balls ALSO are filled on the LOW END between 1ml and 5ml, and on the high-end 8ml and 10ml.

         All in all, I think Scentbird is a wonderful idea, but you SHOULD do your research before you subscribe to any service! Remember, this means they have your credit card on file, and charge it monthly, but in return, you get amazing sample sizes that are deluxe, in my opinion. Will you be trying out ScentBird? Let me know in the comments below Jeaniez xoxo. Also, I want to thank Scentbird for sending me this product for review!