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January Haul: Colourpop, Natasha Denona, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills+Swatches and Review

           Many of you have been waiting ALL night for me to post my haul video and after staying up 24 hours editing, I passed out.  This is going to be a run down of my video (coming out in a bit has to go through YouTube) with much clearer swatches followed by brief reviews!  This is one of my major haul’s so if you guys like how this turned out, let me know.  Just like in my video I am going to separate this into three parts, eyes;face;lips.  I normally would opt in for doing the face first but  I was super eager to test out some of my Colourpop shadows.  Speaking of Colourpop shadows I think they reformulated, these are much creamier and easier to apply with brushes!  While I know many of you will miss my lips I will only be showing swatches of the color with an occasional screenshot from my video of the colors I did wear.  Overall I am super happy with every single product and cannot wait for some of you to try them out (GO FOR THE FACE GLOW!!).

                   Colourpop has my heart, literally.  When I got this, unexpectedly because I forgot about the purchase,  I was just in complete shock!  Minus the minor mishap they had with sending me two “Fizz” shadows (the lime green), there is something really different about the product formulation meaning, they actually apply to the lids with brushes now.  The shadows I had bought were Fizz, Dare, Glitterati, Erotic (amazing amazing sunset color I am absolutely in love with this), Shameless, and Boy Band followed by the Forever Freshmen kit!  It appears some products such as “Dare” and “Forever Freshmen” are hard to find so if you click the word itself (if its pink) you should be directed to where you can purchase them! For the Forever Freshmen kit I believe all the colors are not individually sold, but I will give you a run down anyway since it is at a sale price of $25.00.

              The Forever Freshmen kit which can be seen in the first photo slightly opened with 6 shadows featuring Baby T (Deep blackened blue), Crimper (soft gold), Koosh (Icy silver/taupe), 90210 (Grey taupe with icy pink reflects), Melrose (True rust), As If (Mid tone taupe). These colors are specific to the F.F kit and as said in the into are not available for individual sale, sadly enough. From the photo above they were swatched with my finger and no primer, left to right is Baby T, Melrose, 90210, As if, Koosh, and Crimper.  I will say this, Melrose freaked me out.  From first glance it appears to be just a dirty brown but then once you swatch it, completely rustic, which I don’t mind since it works well with my eyes!  These colors gave me some insight on their matte collection, I was always curious as to how they’d apply since these shadows are sensitive (literally you put your finger in and a print is left, which is why sometimes a dense brush is best).  This is a great pallet for everyday use and they don’t exploit you either since its $25.00 now for 6, $5.00 shadows!  Amazing deal, amazing shadows, amazing brand what can I say?  I’m Super Shocked 😉

        Here are the eyeshadow swatches as promised, and as you can tell some of these are either chalky, not pigmented, or just flat out amazing.  This is a hit/miss pallet with very few repeats in colors besides “White Chocolate” and “Silk Sheets” which can either be found in the Bon Bons pallet or Chocolate Bar. If you’re looking to buy this regardless of anything because it makes a cute display, it sells on Ebay currently for 70+ dollars which in my opinion is just ridiculous.  Used makeup is not always the most sanitary, and plus the fact sometimes especially on Ebay products bought come broken due to poor packaging and severe weather (expands the shadows and cracks them).  Once again I do not regret purchasing this I just would of wished for some more pigment as this was even over their suggested Too Faced Shadow Insurance!  Speaking of which, it is a terrible primer in my opinion.  It holds no shadow, makes blending a pain, and just is…yuck!  I did mention a slight review on it in my video so I figured I’d throw it in here.

              The Tartelette In Bloom pallet has me angered but at the same time alright being the color that CRACKED was not significant to me.  Despite this, I cannot deny the fact over a priming base (TF Shadow Insurance) each color is extremely pigmented like its counterpart, Tartelette Original Pallet.  Please be aware these colors are very sensitive and will break at the slightest drop!  There are ways to fix this with rubbing alcohol but it dries the product out way too much.  Defiantly a winning pallet ranking a 9/10 for me as each color, even the darker ones, exhibit extreme pigment as well as amazing blenditivty power. This is actually a step up from their previous pallet because as many of you know I had the issue of chalky lines and 0 to no blending power occur.  From left to right is Leader, Activist, Smokeshow, Rebel, Firecracker, Rocker, Sweetheart, Smarty Pants, Jetsetter, Funny Girl, Flower Child, Charmer.  The interesting part about these colors is in the pallet they appear rose golden and plum like yet when applied the become brown…and gold?  Super weird but, that seems to be the case with Tarte products.  If you look at my previous Makeup Tutorial you can see some of these colors in action 🙂

          I’m going to be honest- when I see the brand Younique sponsored all around it leaves me wondering how good the products really are since its a known fact Beauty Bloggers over rave things that are not worth the hype.  Well holy hell, these are worth the hype to my surprise.  Shelley gave me the samples for a gold+grey Moonstruck Mineral Pigment‘s and a black cream shadow in Skeptical.  These colors were swatched over NO priming base, which is pretty damn good considering the pigment provided especially from a  cream shadow!  While loose pigments are notorious for being, well pigmented, there is something about these that’s very unique, no pun intended!  They swatch on super smooth, and when applied to the lid area there is little to no fall out.  In fact, I even compared these to my ALL TIME favorite Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows which is pretty big. For a total of $12.50 per shadow I think its an amazing deal especially since they literally shocked me from the pigment provided, plus you guys know how much I adore glitter.

            GLITTER IS MY LIFE.  When I walked in Sephora I had one goal in mind, get glitter products.  Its actually quite surprising how a beauty carrier doesn’t have more glitter varieties, shimmer is widely different, ok?  Besides that I picked up the color ACDC by Urban Decay.  While I was not expecting such extreme pigment, that was a well worth surprise and now I understand why these are constantly sold out!  I decided to get a purple glitter since purple flows with green, blue, black, just about anything!  Their more popular colors such as Midnight Cowboy were sold out but a part of me doesn’t mind that because a gold isn’t my aura at the moment.  This lasts a super long time (6 hours for me), doesn’t effect my eyes (glitter doesn’t fall out), and is just plain out freaking gorgeous!  This deserves a 10/10 hands down!

                Mwahah behold the products I’ve been teasing all of you with this past week!  Every single Natasha Denona Product is simply, a must have no if’s and’s or but’s, well maybe yes on the butt’s ;).  Pictured above is Natasha Denona’s Face Glow Foundation in 20 Light Beige, All Over Glow Face & Body Shimmer in Light, and her Face Glow Hydrating Primer.  For starters the Face Glow Primer revolutionized my morning routines.  I no longer worry about a dry patch being visible, I actively see the product sinking in my pores and evening out fine lines which is rare to find in any primer.  In comparison to my old favorite Hourglass N28, this actually tackles the problem.  I think the N28 was just a light face oil…nothing was hydrated like this, my goodness Natasha where have you been?!

               In conjunction to the face primer (she has an anti aging mattifying one too!) I went ahead and bought the foundation too! This honestly changed me for life being my skin looks healthier, more radiant, and just simply flawless which is surprisingly since it contains SPF (waters down the foundation in most brands).  This only took one pump to give me an even base and it blends wonderfully on the skin leaving no streakage, plus the fact it lasts an incredibly long time.  Normally any SPF foundation I have used before (Hourglass Veil Fluid Foundation) leaves harsh scents and wears off during the day due to sunscreen products needing to be reapplied often. This however has a faint smell, and you can once again actively see it working.  This also contains such a wonderful glow, I though I knew what radiant foundation was before, but guess what I was completely wrong!  Defiantly my new holy grail, simply brilliantly made.

               The last Natasha Denona product I bought was the Shimmer Face & Body Powder in Light 01!  This only is available in two other shades to my knowledge so defiantly check it out.  These are meant to contain mature glows without being too overpowering, the thing here though is I can actually say I receive a lit from within appearance.  Nothing about this product is too shimmering or unnatural looking, it mends with the skin tone and becomes its own, which I absolutely love.  This also contains hydrating properties and has faint rose (NOT OLD LADY LOL) scent, which are both no problem for me.  This lasts incredible amounts of time and it almost rehydrates itself and gets glowier as the day progresses, be sure to use light layers with this one because you can end up looking like a disco ball.

          From Beautylish I also purchased the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Guava/Moonstone!  This is a gorgeous coral that fits with just about any makeup look you can think up.  For quite a while I was contemplating buying this primarily because the shade I originally wanted always seems to be out of stock.  Perhaps this was a sign from the universe, no idea, but holy grail status achieved.  Not only does this creamy blush blend amazingly, it lasts hours, is completely drenched in pigment that isn’t too shimmery, and has no scent whatsoever. Lovely product from a very lovely brand. This also fits super well with the Natasha Denona products because its luminous but muted, not to the extent of looking like a child with glitter.

We’re closely reaching the end of this haul post however I think these swatches will satisfy you enough 🙂 I got a ton of lipgloss since I’m not the biggest fan of lipstick’s and bloody hell, they’re all individually fab.  I have not one single poor thing to say about ANY of the colors pictured above.  Speaking of colors pictured above, the lip glosses with the exaction of one liquid lipstick bought are as shown from Left to Right, Colourpop Scrooge; Colourpop Lippistix in Trixie, Safari, and Wifey; ABH Lipgloss’s in Warm Bronze, Venom, and Electro; Buxom Zoe; Dior Addict Gloss 643.  I’m going to start with the Colourpop products just for the reason being I have the swatches pictured on the right following the order Safari, Trixie, Wifey, Scrooge in an up to down manner.  Each and every color from Colourpop offers extreme pigment I have never once had an issue with any of their stuff besides some minor explosions from Bumble due to the Summer heat. One of my favorite shades bought was Safari just because its such an odd creamsicle shade, it reminds of orange soda from Nyx!  In my Haul video I actually did swatch this color on my lips and for a “sheer” color its on par with the other satiny textures.  In fact I actual used BYOB a couple of weeks ago and once again it was not sheer, yet extremely pigmented when built up that is.  As far as the liquid lipstick goes because I know many have mixed feelings on them it wore a super long 4 hours with no flaking, nor cracking up between the lips and remained the same flush all day I was out.  It really depends on the color you purchase because some such as Limbo wear off very easy!

Just so you guys get a better idea on the other ligplosses bought and their pigment, here is a swatch of  Colourpop Scrooge with Buxom Zoe layered on top!  Zoe is a drop dead gorgeous shade.  The moment I saw it I was in absolute love, plus the fact Buxom makes superior glosses to many other brands.  To my surprise Zoe was an identical color to Scrooge so it all worked out, with the oddness factor of the shade remaining on for that straight 4 hours of me simply speaking A LOT.  I do not have a swatching of the Dior lipgloss however I will tell you this much, 643 is the perfect sparkling melon pink that works for any occasion!  Plus the fact this eases off to a nice tint during the day making it worth every single penny (I love when products fade to tints!).

As an added treat here is the swatching melted Peony on my lips, it was provided by the Le Grand Palais pallet along with the other samples of their best selling mascara and primer, which was previously reviewed.  I honestly have nothing bad to say of the Melted Lipsticks as they apply smoothly, last hours, and are comfortable to wear however I’m not so certain Peony is my shade.

Here is the last few products I bought!  A lot of you know I’m obsessed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss collection.  Not only do they contain intense pigment that you will not find in a lipstick, they lasts hours and fade to gorgeous stains!  These products can be all viewed in either my last makeup tutorial, or my Sugar Plum Fairy tutorial as Retro+Venom was used! I have a super throughout review of this on my blog as we speak and there I go into detail on what to expect from these super amazing lip glosses :)!  All in all I am extremely happy with my purchases, as well as grateful for the samples given to me.  You guys know I am completely 100% when it comes to reviewing and I weight out the pros+cons, if you ever have something you want me to purchase and do a video on, give me a message at thaeyeballqueen@gmail.com or tweet me from @thaeyeballqueen!

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