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Lillee Jean Drama 2019

Hello everyone! By this point it has been over 8 months since the cyberbullying began for Lillee Jean. Due to the fact there is a ton of misinformation, and a ton of people who simply want to bend the truth, we decided as a team to put together our own article, to support our point. Our point is not to hurt someone, but to put into perspective, you can’t go around spreading lies, and you can’t go around trying to harm an 18 year olds career as a hobby. Cyberbullying is not OKAY. Let’s begin.

In 2016/17, a forum started on Lillee Jean, via Reddit. Lillee had no idea this was going on, until a fan sent her a DM alerting her that people were talking harshly against her. From making fun of her eyes, to literally editing photos of her eyes gouged out with fake blood, 2016/17 was our first foray into “fame”. The thing is, Lillee Jean was a minor, sitting at 16, and the Reddit group was all men, who were talking harshly then fantasizing about Lillee in graphic ways. Reddit refused to remove the graphic photos these older men edited, in fact it took us contacting IMGUR the image hosting to actually get them removed. They were the first images when you searched Lillee’s name, and were extremely threatening to her. These men in retaliation started to comment all over Lillee’s Instagram picking on her following, her looks, just about everything. That’s called CYBERBULLYING. Following from platform to platform. We responded by blocking and reporting. The hurrah of their hate died out, within 2 weeks. It was silent, and Lillee went back to her blogging, and beauty content.

Flash forward to the Summer of 2019, Lillee was now 18. Doing her content, getting ready for the Fourth of July, and it began again. She got a DM from a fan alerting her that a Reddit forum talking harshly against her started up. Confused, Lillee alerted us, her team, and of course we checked it out. You can see some of the Reddit posts that the MODS took down here ( https://youtu.be/u-FzeOS_3Zs ). However, those same MODS also told the team to “fuck off” when I asked them nicely to take the forum down since the messages were so horrible that off-sprung from their BGC Chatter.

The main focus these people had was Lillee Jean getting PR.

“How could she deserve PR? I deserve it more I have more engagement. All her followers are fake I did an audit”.

This is a sampling of the summarization of their false accusations. Let’s begin. One, Lillee Jean in exchange for PR from brands she works with does free content. Almost everything you see unless it says AD or is mentioned paid, is unpaid. Why? Lillee likes to build organic relationships with brands. She has time to build her brand, and she wants to take that route. Now, debunking the IGaudit.IO — they sample only 500 followers AT A TIME, and then compare likes to other accounts. Are people a number now? IGAUDIT.IO is not only IO, Indian Ocean, an international program, it is not accurate. We use a paid program, HypeAuditor, which shows Lillee’s audience quality to be 699K+ real. It should be mentioned IGAUDIT.IO also gives you a different percentage each time you enter a username. Try it.

Enter Lolli Barr article from Whimm:  https://www.whimn.com.au/talk/people/the-curious-case-of-the-blogger-with-1-million-followers-who-nobody-knows/news-story/0755a54322bf5636d7b61fd5501f632d

Instagram also has had a bunch of ALGO updates, which to support this please visit these websites: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-algorithm/ , https://www.thelovelyescapist.com/2018-instagram-algorithm/. So now, only 10% of your followers REALLY see your posts. Harsh reality.

Everything seemed fine, Lolli had written an article on Lillee Jean…all was quiet, then the “gurus” began again! Now, this is typical in beauty bloggers' world, and celebs alike, BUT these people had a vendetta to “ruin” Lillee very early in her career. They began to say Lillee’s FANS were phony and fake profiles. They claimed all of them were us, or Lillee, and falsely began claiming Lillee is a “transphobic and racist” girl. To put this blunt: We have NO CONTROL over a fans account.

We have no control over what a fan SAYS. If a fan tags Lillee, or posts her, that’s great. We comment, we like, we send some love. However, it’s quite often a fan tells anecdotes about meeting a celeb, but you never see a photo with them together — it makes them feel good to get “one up” on other fans. Look at any Selena Gomez fanpage — it’s all Selena, some telling when they met her, but you never see that proof. Some major Gaga stans put Lady Gaga in their main profile feed from time to time. Thus, Gaga and Selena also have no control over that.

Lillee’s fans began getting harassed. Dm’d, told they are horrible, told they were Lillee, and told to stop following us. Some fans were upset and did unfollow Lillee. They felt cornered, harassed, and upset. Others went private like Lillee’s friend James. James, a good friend of ours, was also under fire. They claimed he used fake photos, and such. We have no control over what James like’s to do with his profile. It’s his profile, why not reach out to him? Thing is nobody did, expect blame him to the point he had enough and went private.

After this heated up, Lillee Jean began getting massive amounts of hate on her YouTube, her Instagram, and her Twitter. Making fun of her teeth, her eyes, her followers, basically LILLEE. They started to email her website, email her PRIVATE email, and the Redditors thought it was hysterical and said we were doing this. When provided with an IP of one sent to our email, they went silent. You can see this in her “I AM LILLEE JEAN” video — the IP is basically blurred, but you get the point. Thing is, before this went down, the Redditors started putting up Lillee’s address, before the MODS took it down. We felt threatened and unsafe.

Screenshotting, blocking and all that Jazz, Lillee in late August was then told a blogger was talking about her. This blogger, Lauren Elyse, put out a tweet on Lillee Jean.

This is what started the new chapter of this drama. A tweet, not by me, by Lauren Elyse. The tweet encouraged her base to jump on and attack me. Whether she asked them to or not, it encouraged them to create fake accounts against me. (2/?) pic.twitter.com/OYEvNMg2Fr — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) September 21, 2019

She told them to go to a website called LOLCOW, which is a website where everyone is ANON, doxxes, and makes fun of others. 3 women, trans included committed suicide from the horrors this website brings. It’s not always the words, but the spreading of hate that goes platform to platform. It’s overwhelming. This website which many confuse, IS owned by Joshua Connor Moon, owner of Kiwifarms. Kiwifarms is as horrible, but worse. Kiwifarms housed the New Zealand shooter, and refused to give documentation to New Zealand.  If you can stomach it, they have put up Lillee Jean’s address, made fun of where she lives, and started up editing disgusting photos again. For all we know Lauren could be an LOL person, since everyone is ANON.

From Lauren’s tweet, random fake accounts began popping up. If you see from the tweet above, one says:

“I found Lillee through beauty influencer Lauren Elyse…”

We were confused as to why this young lady would encourage her fans to talk poorly on someone 10 years younger than her, so Lillee DM’D Lauren, in disbelif. LE (Lauren Elyse), refused to reply, which was quite odd. Lillee is verified on Instagram, thus she saw the Dm.

Here, shows Lauren talking about me, and you can see a fan got riled up, against me. I defended myself because I did nothing wrong. Lauren told her base to go on LOLCOW, a website that is just horrible and bullies everyone.(4/?) pic.twitter.com/RnGUItr8T7 — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) September 21, 2019

Back and forth Lillee Jean tried to reason with Lauren that LOLCOW is a horrible website, and above all she should stop going on there. Lauren refused, and continued to tell her fans “check it out!” Check out the website that doxxed Lillee Jean, and you too can put up a post since everything is anon. Great!

Due to Lauren’s micro following, she does have reach. Everyone knows the smaller the followers the more the engagement. Due to this, the fake accounts became more prevalent to the point they were tagging brands and asking them to not support Lillee. We should actually say, they were and still continue to harass brands.

Because of this defamation, my family and friends have been non-stop harassed. I have had QOB and LE blocked, and still they talk about me. What does that tell you? (6/?) pic.twitter.com/Ma6uoHN4eS — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) September 21, 2019

When the “sock accounts” which we hate that term, began to see Lillee wasn’t losing brands they found a new vendetta. They first started calling her a racist and transphobe, which LE agreed and follows these fake accounts. They began by saying Lillee called someone an “it’ and twisted the statement saying she called a LGBTQ+ member that term. This isn’t true. They kept putting up ONE TWEET, but even when you report, you need the full conversation, to give context. Lillee replied to a fake account. A fake account with NO IDENTITY. It’s fake. It’s phony. However, LE and her 10 fake account family, thought it was a great way to ruin Lillee. Yet, they started the tweets on Lillee.

https://t.co/6pTWmIlycL please see my status proving this incorrect and please note Lauren originally screenshotted a fake profile, meant to hurt me, that Instagram removed for harassement. (7/?) pic.twitter.com/Fdh4TovXdc — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) September 21, 2019

They then started listening to Lillee’s podcasts, which thank you so very much! They claimed Lillee is racist for saying we should all come together, and for drawing cultural appropriation education into the spotlight, claiming everyone is a bit picky on everything. Is Chinese food appropriation now? Obviously not, but they did twist that. They twisted a podcast where Lillee Jean and Laur satirically say Ariana Grande went to the Queen of Soul’s funeral to get grouped — satire that SNL does to HIGHLIGHT bigger issues. In this case, sexual harassment. If you listen, we said we love Ariana’s voice, and her. No worries though, they were sure to leave 1 star ratings.


They also picked up on Lillee saying she doesn’t feel Zendaya is the perfect Ariel due to Dutch culture not being fully represented. Lillee does feel this, but did a video on Halle Bailey’s casting with a new outlook on TLM, and who Ariel really is. Please watch.

From the back and forth of over 20 fake accounts that had been created with a sole purpose to harm Lillee Jean, they continued to tag brands. Which, Lauren volunteered to help them with by contacting Colourpop, Lillee’s main brand she works with.

When Lillee Jean tried to settle things with Lauren, LE said she would “maybe” talk to Lillee Jean should she admit to “harassing her, and getting her account suspended”. This isn’t true, so why would Lillee do that? LE instead had this response:

Everything has been settled, tried to work it out with Lauren, but this was her response. I never reported her, she must have had strikes to begin with. Twitter doesn’t just suspend, please look that up. Two, I have no malice towards Lauren, she began a thread on me. Dm’s open. pic.twitter.com/8OnN1tndtK — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) September 22, 2019

We found it unprofessional, since Lillee really would like to come together with LE, just as we did with QOB. Due to Lauren’s want to hold onto anger, a Buzzfeed article came out. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tanyachen/beauty-influencer-lauren-elyse-lillee-jean-mom-harassment. This article is not true, and should NOT BE TRUSTED since Buzzfeed interviewed a fake profile harassing Lillee Jean, and failed to mention that. They failed to mention the amount of accounts these people REALLY do have, yet put up a screenshot of fake accounts Lillee is falsely accused of. See the tweets below for the screenshots of these fake accounts.

Enough is enough. They created multiple profiles in August-September only to talk and harass me, and they so nicely list their own accounts. pic.twitter.com/EtfqzoCklq — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) September 24, 2019

This is all over Twitter. Now, Lillee Jean and I did not “mass report” LE account. She had to have previous violations and perhaps one of Lillee’s fans reported it. Read about suspensions here: https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/suspended-twitter-accounts. So this accusation which is false was horrible. Mean, and deep rooted in hate. LE’s fans began harassing Lillee once again, then LE spun it that she was harassed. We found that interesting.

We felt the need to tell the story the way it happened, since so many…or really 2 people with 20 accounts, seemed interested in this. Lillee will continue on, and will continue being herself. In light of everything that has happened, Lillee gained over 500 subscribers on YouTube, which is a hard feat, since subs come from the heart. We will never understand why these women want to tear an 18 year old down, but we do hope you can get a laugh at Lillee’s Jimmy Kimmel rendition of “Reading Mean Tweets” below.

Join us on Thursday for a podcast on this:

  1. The other young lady mentioned QOB we have worked everything out with and will not include in this blogpost.

2. The definition of cyberbullying is “the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.”


@nonotthecheese, @jmcrisisdept, @influencers_e, @bffdees1, @marioavala, @doolores312, @horse_wheels, @joe93661479 | ALL FAKE sock accounts stalking me. pic.twitter.com/EL3aSxwM9D — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) November 8, 2019

As of November 1, 10 more accounts have come to light. We have filed with the cyber unit here in New York, as they threatened to post bank records, and continue to harass Lillee Jean.


@REALlilleejean @JeaniezINC ARE NOT US. These people have created several Jeaniez accounts impersonating and daunting Lillee. Please contact us at help@lilleejean.com to share screenshots.

DECEMBER: Influencer_E, second account, suspended. HarperStanley(6-9), suspended for hateful conduct. 

JANUARY 3-8: OOMANCER, a person trolling Lillee, created bloody edits of her as a baby and decided to sell it on Society6. They were given warnings to please remove. They declined and made jokes. We contacted Society6, and they promptly removed the art. OOMANCER, put the work up on TeeSpring. Teespring banned OOMANCER from selling the horrid un-authorized edits, of Lillee Jean, and Laur.

As of January 19th, Lillee Jean issued an apology to the LGBTQ+ community, for an in-sensitive comment from when she was 15, quote: “People only have two genders, but I don’t care if someone wants to trans over”.

AS OF January 20th, Laur tried to talk to BFFDDES. On DM, Laura explained to @BFFDEES situation by situation, how facts were wrong, or not being put out correctly. @BFFDEES agreed on several points. Including why Laur called an employer (ONE EMPLOYER, since the woman was non-stop harassing Lillee), and how nobody got someone suspended.

Then, @BFFDEES, created chaos on January 23 with CreepShow Art, Shannon.  Creepshow, created a defaming video on Lillee Jean, stating “Lillee got my Twitter suspended and is calling the cyber police”.

Lillee Jean responded:

Lillee Jean and her mother DID NOT make this statement. Lillee has had NO CONTACT with Shannon, expect once, a week ago to talk and work things out. Shannon ignored Lillee’s DM’s, and went on a 10 tweet tirade. Linked below.

The statement was we have the cyber unit involved with a different case, on someone stating they want to harm Lillee.  Lillee Jean did NOT get Creepshow art *TEMP RESTRICTED*, instead this man did, who proudly told everyone.

Let me give you a leg here since you seem to be needing one.. (a joke at my own expense since i'm an amputee). The closest thing i've actually done to you is report you for abuse and harassment in the past. Still not close to actually saying or actively reporting you for doxxing. — Janoria, The A*Hole of Atheism (@OzmanShallCome) January 22, 2020

Lillee Jean was hit with a ton of people accusing her of this, yet the proof was there. Nobody should wield that much POWER, and abuse it by having their fans jump the gun with falsehoods. 

January 29 — Everything DEBUNKED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErNyUylcwjI | We find out this started in February 2019, by a Redditor with an empty account, one post, only on Lillee.   Defango did not DOXX “CreepShow Art”. Defango went to the YouTube section, did the captcha and got her business enquiries email…which is public, and not even something he had to search for. Shannon, has been telling people he DOXXED her, in order to form a new narrative.

Feb – After Defango debunked who is behind the anon account stalking Lillee Jean, we find out the woman @DIANEAWESOMELASER on Instagram dm’ing fans for interviews, and talking to Lillee and Laura for 2 months on the situation, acting sympathetic, is actually, Bffdees. She owns @ronniesawyer_, @j9jenny, @just_jody_lynn, who all have Twitters she created too, including @nonotthecheese @just_jody_lynn, @justjodylynn.

On the day Lillee lost her great aunt, Bffdees, Diane, tricked Laura into going on Skype to only yell at her calling her a “fucking idiot”. This was supposed to be a humble interview. You can see the yelling, because Diane on her YouTube put out content in the same temper, and place mocking Laura.  We would like to mention, Diane has reached cyber stalking status according to NY law, and she told Lillee and Laura she is a New York person.  https://nyccriminallawyer.com/fraud-charge/computer-fraud/cyber-harassment/

Outlined above in the article it states:

  1. Posting rumors and gossip on web pages, in discussion groups, over Instant Messenger, in online gaming, and via text message.

  2. Making repeated contact with someone using social media or other online methods of communication to name call or post offensive comments.

  3. Intentionally and cruelly excluding people from an online group.

  4. Ganging up on victims online and making them the subject of ridicule in forums or on social media.

  5. Hacking into and vandalizing websites with misleading or defamatory information about a person

  6. Publishing someone’s identity and personal information online, including disclosing someone’s address or workplace.

  7. Posing as someone else online, including creating fake accounts and/or posting while impersonating the victim

  8. Posting offensive and/or demeaning pictures on social media

  9. Making online death threats

  10. Using Google bombs to manipulate search engines to return particular information when an individual is searched”

Diane has a) Posted rumors and possibly the Reddit thread on Lillee Jean that began this mess. b) repeated contact with Lillee Jean through many twitter accounts, when Lillee Jean and Laura asked her to stop. c) isolated Lillee Jean and Laura by contacting fans who did unfollow her. d) ganged up on Lillee Jean and Laura with 100+ Twitter accounts, daily documenting their every move. e) hacked into Lillee Jean and Laura’s Ebay account by putting up purchase history on @jamesdee5311. She also hacked into Amazon seller accounts, posted online petitions to deplatform LJ, and  to belittle and bully Lillee Jean.  f) posted as Lillee multiple times with accounts such as @liljeanbigworld @lilleeJean__. g) posted bloody pictures of Lillee Jean and Laura with an account named @OOMANCER @2FAST2OOMANCER, these images are findable because @BFFDEES retweeted them. OOMANCER, also tried to sell the images on Society6. OOMANCER is not Diane, but a pregnant woman who confirmed it is her. This woman also called Lauras phone, and sent several spam messages. We know it is her because she online told people she is from Texas, and the phone came from Texas, the emails from Texas.  h) posted death threats to Lillee with sock accounts harassing her on DM. I) used Reddit, the hashtag "LILLEEJEAN" "JEANIEZMGNT" to manipulate search.

FEB ON – We now have someone named PRIMINK who did a video in defense of Creepshow Art. PrimInk did not interview Lillee Jean, and used all of her content. According to YouTube, you must ask the creator first. It makes sense, since Lillee Jean deserves royalties on any funds he earns.  Lillee has gotten more hate due to him saying her ER is below 0.4% and spreading more falsehoods. The only upside is she gained subscribers due to his crowd not liking his tactics. He calls them his “cult” (findable on Twitter), and told them to go to Lillee’s page, thus encouraged the hate. He also blocked Lillee after she showed him on Twitter the threatening dm’s.

FEB Updated list of usernames created to torment Lillee Jean on Twitter:

@concernedfan20 , @whateve90293466, @mom_manny, @007littlebirdy, @waxinglyrical1 (@liljeanbigworld, @oomancer, @2fast2oomancer all owned by same girl), @xxild, @sirblahblah1, @pheepywahlah, @waxinglyrical2 (this profile was used to mock petitions against black web sites), @britt57751064, @doxxedawareness, @cair0_c0rgi, @bayqueen3, @carrieroche90 (prevalent at mocking Lillee, we believe it is owned by @BFFDEES), @crisismgntdept, @horse_wheels, @ashleypartner5 (profile pic is from this person does not exist — a sock account), @naala83295833, @celisisiab86Jan, @66eve66 — TO BE UPDATED many more profiles have been created under @BFFDEES helm.

IG NEW: @Pickledrick12345, @oomancerbad, @fuhthedrama, @747.39, @puffnstuff02, @wormarmpit, @ronniesawyer6, @doolores321, @drivingmissdorothy, @lillie_jea, @foreignn.pimpp, @cantstopwontstop4uuuu, @Ihymand (used to be @AKUN12333, this is @OOMANCER, they went on Live video to torment Lillee Jean)

A bffdees profile that I am documenting here. Doing exactly what I am being blamed for, but did not do. Everyone remember when Diane used to use Meghan rather Jody Lynn on Twitter? She for months impersonated someone of Asian descent. pic.twitter.com/8KCHkSpWVi — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) February 15, 2020



This is the best! #covergirl 🙏❤️ pic.twitter.com/QX9QPLm3hm — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) February 15, 2020

BITE BEAUTY LAB: https://youtu.be/BU_GE3chhPE I was invited, not like the rumor I “STOLE” lipsticks, started by @BFFDEES.