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Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Episode Beauty Tips 2022 | Confidence Glow, Being Bold

Among my favorite webseries, Mind Over Beaute happens to be one of the favorites, that I have produced and directed! A blend of beauty, with core concepts of inner strength, love, and passion, intrigues me every time I film. Beauty truly is skin deep, and to be able to share that through my show, is quite special.

While the initial air for each episode is on, during the course of the months episodes become available for streaming with ads on YouTube, and Vimeo! That being said, check out fun tips and tricks from episodes 4, and 6 below!

Episode 4 - Confidence Glow: Summer Skincare

Confidence glow, as a show was quite fun to be in! I wanted to convey a vital message of "you're beautiful", and that skincare is fundamental TO ANYONE. What gives me confidence, is when I look my best, and, feel my best. Skincare, as a tool, gives me that power!

1. Masque up!

If I don't plan to wear makeup out, a good masque beforehand is always a good option! It corrects a concern you might have (acne, hives, redness, dryness, oiliness), and gives you the confidence to shine from within, out! When I masque, I feel quite fabulous after.

2. Ingredients matter, read them!

Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Episode Beauty Tips 2022
Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Episode Beauty Tips 2022

Especially when not wearing makeup, you want to glow, and feel amazing! Choosing products with ingredients that are not "so" amazing...could throw off your entire aura. Before jumping into a new product, patch test, and seek out the ingredients list. For me, oatmeal, honey, and rosehip are excellent choices to tame dryness, sensitivity, and redness!

Episode 6 - Being Bold: Summer Blue Eyeshadow

1. Bronzer in the crease, and on the edges!

Bronzer is a funny thing. It can look totally wrong or, oh so right! Once you find the correct shade for you, the next step is to yield a "natural" look. Being someone who freckles, I do believe I have mastered that effect. A bit on the nose, softly, a bit on the outer cheeks, and lastly, a little in the crease of your eye sockets! It creates a stunning, dimensional look. It also makes for a nice soft transition shade.

2. Wear your OWN boldness

Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Episode Beauty Tips 2022
Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Episode Beauty Tips 2022

Being bold is an interesting concept that I might delve into again! It doesn't matter what color you wear, or how brazen you can be, it's about what makes you feel a tad adventurous and the MOST confident.

"...bold is such an important concept that many times, maybe is overlooked. You know, you are uniquely you. You don't have to wear a red lipstick to feel bold, [or] wear blue eyeshadow to feel bold, just doing something that's a little bit adventurous, that makes you feel confident, is that "bold." You are uniquely you" - Lillee Jean


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