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Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Season 2 Coming This 2023

Your favorite boost of inspiration, meeting beauty! Mind Over Beaute is a webseries produced by Lillee Jean. Her concept revolves around the notion that beauty is more than merely a surface-level concept. Season 2 will be debuting in 2023 in the Mind Over Beaute category, on excessively.

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean Trueman is an American entrepreneur, filmmaker, director, model, actress, and anti-bullying advocate. Lillee Jean is best known for her creative web series' that include “Lillee Jean TALKS! Live” (IMDB), where award-winning Hollywood entertainers and innovators have guested on, Mind Over Beaute, an empowering webseries, Style Your Lillee, an interactive fashion show and, Voyager, a travel webseries.

LJ newly debuted her recent comedy short film, directed and produced by herself,'The Pauper Of Shoes' (2022). It is about a conniving red pump named Calvinne, that seeks revenge on the leader of the pack, Jennifer. She also premiered online, episode 30 of her show, 'Mind Over Beaute' (2022), which was about dreaming big, and thinking even larger.

Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute Season 2 Coming This 2023

Watch Season 1 of Mind Over Beaute:

Below are some favorite episodes from Lillee Jean: Mind Over Beaute season 1! All episodes stream on excessively under the Mind Over Beaute category.

Clips From Season 1 of Mind Over Beaute:

Mind Over Beaute Season 1 trailer:


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Mind Over Beaute Episodes:

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