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Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick Haul WITH Review and Swatches

*I do not have any affiliate program with LimeCrime, nor do I desire one. My review below is honest, however, has changed drastically since this was written.

I have had numerous LIP breakouts/infections from these velvetines, to the point I threw each of the products above out. If you have sensitive skin, DO NOT USE.

                           Ta-daaaa, the mini haul is here cuties! I have been tempting ALL of you for a few days with the shade Rave, it’s only fair for a surprise posting.  As many of you know I love Lime Crime– straight off the bat I use their Venus Pallet daily along with their well known shade “Black Velvet” for some of my occasional gothic looks! Each Velvetine retails for $20.00 unless stated otherwise for reasons such as sales (like whats occurring now) OR promotional packages (True Love Set). I happened to of purchased the following colors a few days ago: {Saint, Cupid, True Love},  Rave, Trouble, Riot, and just as said before Black Velvet!  Each shade is spectacularly pigmented and very unique in hue, tone, as well as effect for some newer Velevetines (some are metallic or black lit). Do be noted EVERYTHING was PURCHASED WITH MY own money, therefore my review is as good as gold and truthful to the bone, you loves know once I dive in, I got deep, fortunately for Lime Crime over there I have a soft spot :)!

The True Love Set is honestly the only reason why I had a tinnnnnnnyy Lime Crime splurge.  Each lipstick, Saint; Cupid; True Love, retail a total of $60.00, I copped it for $44.00 since Lime Crime is having a HUGE sale to let go of some all time favorites and let in the new loves! These have the silkiest and CREAMIEST texture out of each shade I bought, I believe it is due to perhaps more product being filled in the containers.  Saint is described as a cranberry red, Cupid as a petal pink, and True Love as a vibrant pinky red WHICH drew my attention to Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Coral Crush, both consist of the same vibrancy…or so I thought! Though I got excited for a possible dupe, this was a fallacy as Coral Crush IS MUCH brighter and red in tone, True Love has a very wearable hue, so does the other two shades for that matter, making this a practical set, yes I gave you are excuse to shop SHHH.  One super cool benefit to buying these shades together besides the others listed IS you can create numerous ombre effects!  This seems to be a really long lasting trend going on, understandably so (psssst, try True Love all over your lips with Saint on the outer corners and Cupid centered).

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