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Lorac Los Angeles Mega PRO 4 Palette Review and Swatches

            A palette that is pink by nature, has creamy mattes, and the shimmeriest of shimmers? UUHHH GET ME ONE, PRONTO! Two weeks ago Ulta was having a sale, and marked down a nearly $60.00 palette ($59.00), to $35.00 FLAT. Weekly, I like to indulge in makeup goodies to keep my feed fresh for you Jeaniez, and naturally, the Lorac Mega PRO being marked down by $24.00 had me SOLD! Below features my honest review, along with swatches, and afterthoughts. I hope each and every one of you enjoys, and I do hope everyone is having a splendid Tuesday!

*Note this retails for $59.00 currently, the sale is over!

Here is the ingredients list magnified. You can get a better idea of what is in this palette. It is NOT fragranced, at least to any noticeable level, thus I had no allergic reaction. SCORE! Carmine IS a color additive.

              Hmm, dare I open this magnificent product? First things first let’s talk specs. The Lorac Mega PRO Palette 4  is nearly a $224.00 value, since one receives over 32 eyeshadows packed with different textures, feels, and even color ranges. I myself was shocked when I saw a sage, talk about rare! Anyhow, this limited edition palette exclusive to Ulta features matte, and shimmer shades that can preform wet or dry, and also can be used to define the eyes, or perhaps shade the eyes, too. With a helpful description of the eyeshadows from Ulta.com, and courtsey of Lorac, below is a copy and paste of the eyeshadow colors, and their descriptions. I will be featuring swatches if you scroll down further, and if I find a color to be described differently, it will be noted!

  1. Cotton (white matte)

  2. Cherry Blossom (blush white matte)


  4. Foam (cream shimmer)

  5. Unicorn (light lavender shimmer)

  6. Cool Taupe (ivory matte)

  7. Flamingo (pink peach matte)

  8. Honey (light gold shimmer)

  9. Lotus (pink mauve shimmer)

  10. Sugar Cookie (cool beige matte)

  11. Light Sage (pale green matte)

  12. Pearl Slate (rose silver shimmer)

  13. Fairytale (lavender blue shimmer)

  14. Butterscotch (light tan matte)

  15. Oat (cool beige matte)

  16. Moss (light green shimmer)

  17. Misty Mauve (warm pewter shimmer)

  18. Cedar (true brown matte)

  19. Blackberry (deep plum matte)

  20. Steel Wool (medium silver shimmer)

  21. Silver Fox (soft chrome shimmer)

  22. Mocha (light brown matte)

  23. Spice (brick red matte)

  24. Copper Pearl (gold copper shimmer)

  25. Plum (purple mauve shimmer)

  26. Denim (muted navy matte)

  27. Mahogany (red brown matte)

  28. Peacock (deep teal shimmer)

  29. Vamp (purple charcoal shimmer)

  30. Shadow (dark ash matte)

  31. Dark Chocolate (deep brown matte)

  32. Lagoon (dark blue green shimmer)

  33. Raven (soft black shimmer)

          Packaging wise I thought the box was EXTREMELY sturdy and felt like luxury. This is actually one of the first times I’ve been SUPER excited for a palette in a while! From first glance, I knew each shade would compliment my skin tone beautifully. I mean, I have NOT seen a sage or even a deep teal color in quite some time!

       When one opens up the package they will see the classic Mega PRO palette style and layout in a lux almost vintagy pink color! The palette itself felt sturdy, this, of course, is before opening, and also felt VERY durable.  Below is a photo of the palette outside of the box, along with the palette opened with its sheer protective cover! Any scuffs or finger marks is due to me swatching prior to taking these photos, I just couldn’t help myself! EEK.

Here we are INSIDE the palette! A handy sheet cover protects the eyeshadows beautifully, and has a sheek “LORAC LOS ANGELES” print in gold across.

Film removed, and each color in their glory! One might have to give the palette a little cleanup with some coconut oil and a q-tip, due to the fact some pigment shifted onto the cardboard itself upon receiving.

         What I love at first sight is that you receive 32 eyeshadows, not in necessarily one color scheme. You have a white, a unicorn color, a moss, even a black with a silvery shade thrown in! I find it interesting how somehow these colors “WORK”. I’ve lately seen a ton of warm neutral palettes, so this def was a breath of fresh air! Despite Thanksgiving and other holidays amongst us, let’s face it, a bunch of oranges does get tiring. Between you Jeaniez and I, what I haven’t said in quite some time is that it’s becoming stressful for me to find palettes suitable for my coloring. Either eyeshadows are TOO primary, TOO dusty, or even just plain out “BLEGH I HAVE THIS ALREADY!” As you can see, I have hero worship. Each color, taking Peacock, for example, is the perfect depth for my coloring, the perfect tone, and even the perfect formula. Below are swatches on my BARE skin without ANY primer. I am sure these would apply “better” with primer, but I feel the only way to show you loves a palette full potential is without any help.

Row 1 – This should read from left to right, but it’s really right to left, oopsie! This is the first row of mattes and I was really loving how creamy each felt upon the first touch. These are buildable, not chalky, and pigmented! The only reason Denim appears to be slaking is because I swatched it ONCE, with blending, to show how far the color stretches.

Row 2 – Oh yes, I can see now that Pink Peony will be a favorite of mine! Just like with row 1, I assume with a primer these would be much more suitable, and I assume on actual eyelids these would appear much less patchy. Please be aware I swatched EACH once, this way no-one is fooled!

Row 3 – Where all the shimmer begins! Originally I was DRAWN in by Peacock, and you can see why. Just look at that beautiful bright teal! It’s not too bright, yet not noticeable. I really dug the formula, and how creamy these felt on my skin! The pigment matches the price!

Row 4 – Row 4 consisted of more cooler toned colors, but don’t let this fool ya’! I noticed that these felt almost like SILK, and actually, all fit the theme of being ethereal. Naturally, Unicorn and Lotus became instant favorites of mine! I love the micro-shimmer. Unicorn has a beautiful violet/lilac shift, and Lotus is just sensational by itself!

A close up at row 3 so one can get a nice few at the amazing pigment, and shimmer reflects!

             Click here to view the Mega PRO in action! I have the last few shades swatches on my wrist, so you loves can see ALL the dimensions these beauties bring. Overall I am head over heels, and truly in love with this palette! It’s unique, and an amazing holiday edition to any beauty mavens stock. You have transitions, pigments, and even smokey colors — what more could any makeup lover need? Will you be purchasing the Mega PRO this season? So far I rate the palette an 8.5/10. Do be noted this blog post like many of my reviews will be updated soon when more makeup looks are done with the palette! Thank you Jeaniez for reading xoxo!!

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