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Makeup For Beginners: Best Single Eyeshadows | Neutrals, Vibrants, and Pastels

                          Are you just starting out on your makeup career, and have no clue as to what hues, and or colors will best suit you? Understandably so, you’re not alone. From department stores to mini Sephora’s popping up all over the place, the options truly are endless, and quite overwhelming, especially when you have not an idea in the world on what to purchase! Sure, sales associates can be helpful, but one must know their main job is to SELL. Even if that $12.00 pallet suits your skin tone best, they’d rather bargain a $56.00 pallet, despite the range of colors being alike! Hence, why I fancy shopping SINGLE shadows online. Not only can one customize their OWN selection of shades, it really gives beginners a sense of their own, and a way into viewing the different textures, colors, and formula’s, without the price tag (single shadows can retail between $3.00-$20.00, depending on the pan size, and brand). Read along to discover my top picks for single shadows that any beginner can delve into, with confidence! Please be noted this “Makeup For Beginners” will be a series, so expect a “how to blend” tutorial, and what not.

                   Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em’ clearly! Information stated below is both cited, and from my own studies. NOTHING has been copied, everything is my ideas, or shared concepts.

Neutral/Wearable Eyeshadows

                     The world does not revolve around all shades of brown. There happen to be neon’s, vibrant’s, neutral’s, and pastel’s, although often forgotten by the beginners community! Realizing neon’s can be a BIT difficult blending wise, I shall start off with my favorite neutral toned shadows. Each of these, in my opinion have superb blending quality, and insane pigment!

Mac Cosmetics – Eye Shadow Pan, Copperplate

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Frappe

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Corrupt

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Vanilla Bean

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Rapunzel

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Foiled Eyeshadow Pan, Flame Thrower

Not only can one create intense smokey eye’s with a concrete taupe to vibrant copper mix, one can also create an everyday eye with a wash of vanilla on the lids, and a pop of light gold towards the tear ducts! Having a few mattes, and shimmers in your collection is a SMART idea, because what if you have a ritzy event to go to, and desire a pop of shimmer…but OH NO, you only have bland mattes. Catch my drift? All of these colors are BASIC, and very workable for a wide array of skin tones.

Vibrant Eyeshadows

                       Just because you might be a starter when it comes to makeup, doesn’t mean you can’t be privy to other shades the spectrum holds! Practice makes perfect, so how can one practice WITHOUT the vibrants? Please never fear makeup, nor shadow, and know there always is a way to alter ART. For example, if you apply too much, try smearing a skin toned primer across the crease, then blend out again. You’ll notice the harsh pigment will be gone, and a soften tone will be achieved!

Morphe Brushes – Eyeshadow Pan, Tokyo Tea

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Poolside

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Lemon Drop

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Razzleberry

Morphe Brushes – Eyeshadow Pan, Magical Magenta

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Poppy

                     From bright green, to sparkly red, these are all colors one should have, especially when being new to the makeup world. Try sticking within LIGHT vibrant colors, to medium vibrants, they will be MUCH easier to blend, as opposed to darker hues. Besides the fact, if you interchange them with the neutral colors, you can use a vibrant shade as a lid popper, or lower lash line definer! For example, Poppy, can either be a crease transitional shade, or a lid color paired with Frappe, and Vanilla Bean by Makeup Geek Cosmetics. All of these colors are BASIC, and very workable for a wide array of skin tones.

Pastel Eyeshadows

                         Ohhh, do I love my pastels! I personally always thought of pastel colors as neutrals since they’re so snow light, and beyond pigmented. Now, I am not talking candy pink paired with icy blue, per-say, but light mixes of lavender, with mossy green to broaden the picture, can be beneficial to a beginner’s knowledge of how different tones work together.

Morphe Brushes – Eyeshadow Pan, Pretty In Pink

Morphe Brushes – Eyeshadow Pan, Breakfast At Tiffaneez

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Carnival

Mac Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Steamy

Morphe Brushes – Eyeshadow Pan, Green Haze

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Pan, Day Dreamer

                  Some of these colors mentioned above work best as shadow toppers, such as Steamy by Mac Cosmetics, but once again trying them out with different bases, such as perhaps Corrupt by Makeup Geek as a base, then Steamy on-top, can create uniquely toned shadow looks! Realizing pastels can be JUST as scary as vibrants, know pastels sheer out quicker then a bold, true colors.  All of these colors are BASIC, and very workable for a wide array of skin tones.

                   Below is some swatches WITHOUT primer on my bare skin, along with the shadows in tiny bundles shot WITHOUT any color enhancements, just with a sharpening enhancement was done to make the images clearer.


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